Race War Dream Update

19 Aug


While watching the ongoing news of the mayhem caused by many of the protesters in Ferguson, MO after a policeman shot and killed an African-American, of course my thoughts went to my Race War dream from 2006–a dream of barbaric Islamic style violence in a small, mostly African-American populated town.  What brought my attention to the dream more than just the protests was what I witnessed as I watched the footage of the looters. Many of the black looters had their faces covered, and some covered their heads as well.   This reminded me of the violent Islamists, Hamas and ISIS, that have also been in the headlines for the past weeks.  These cowards also cover their faces and their heads so as not to be recognizable while committing unspeakable crimes against humanity.  After noticing this I contemplated bringing attention to the Race War dream, but felt I should wait.  Now I understand what I was waiting for.  Tonight I read multiple articles showing someone in the crowd of protesters carrying a sign that read, “ISIS HERE”.

Screenshot from CNN footage

Screenshot from CNN footage

The bearer of the sign followed Continue reading

Super-Bugs & Bio-Warfare

10 Aug


And yet another confirmation.  Less than twenty-four hours ago, another SEER, Penny, whose YOUTUBE channel is under the title “NotzrimWoman”, posted a video titled “MARV” describing a word from the LORD where He spoke the word MARV to her.  Upon researching this word (of which I also researched extensively) she saw that this is the official abbreviation of a hemorrhagic fever virus named the Marburg Virus–so named after the German town where it was first discovered in 1967.  The connection I see to my dream is not only that this rare disease is much like the deadly Ebola that has just recently become an international threat, but that the former Soviet Union had an extensive biological weapons program that included MARV,  and since the collapse of the Soviet Union they have continued their quest to weaponize the deadly Marburg Virus.


The Soviet Union had an extensive offensive and defensive biological weapons program that included MARV.[48] At least three Soviet research institutes had MARV research programs during offensive times: the Virology Center of the Scientific-Research Institute for Microbiology in Zagorsk (today Sergiev Posad), the Scientific-Production Association “Vektor” (today the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology “Vektor”) in Koltsovo, and the Irkutsk Scientific-Research Anti-Plague Institute of Siberia and the Far East inIrkutsk. As most performed research was highly classified, it remains unclear how successful the MARV program was. However, Soviet defector Ken Alibek claimed that a weapon filled with MARV was tested at the Stepnogorsk Scientific Experimental and Production Base in Stepnogorsk, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (today Kazakhstan),[48]suggesting that the development of a MARV biological weapon had reached advanced stages. Independent confirmation for this claim is lacking. At least one laboratory accident with MARV, resulting in the death of Koltsovo researcher Nikolai Ustinov, occurred during offensive times in the Soviet Union and was first described in detail by Alibek.[48]After the collapse of the Soviet Union, MARV research continued in all three institutes.  

I trust what Penny sees and hears from the LORD.  Though we do not know each other personally, this is not the first time the LORD has confirmed through her what His Spirit has revealed to me.

Considering how our relations with Russia has rapidly deteriorated over the course of the past few months, I believe we should pay close attention to what the LORD is saying to us in this hour.  There is a very informative article by “Capitol Hill Cubans” revealing how the “Cold War” has risen from the ashes and our old enemies are too close for comfort .  This administrations high-ranking leaders have scoffed, and while debating Mitt Romney in his re-election campaign, this president made sport that Romney would even suggest that Russia was a threat to the U.S.

The LORD gave me the dream of “Deadly Super-Bugs” three years ago in June 2011.  As you read the updates,you see that  it has been confirmed repeatedly over the past three years and has been confirmed yet again.  Although the LORD did not call what I saw “super bugs”, that is the revelation He gave me concerning what I witnessed repeatedly.  The colloquial term “super bug” refers to a pathogen that has become resistant to multiple antibiotics/drugs.  Such pathogens are being tested for use in biological warfare along with other deadly viruses such as Ebola and MARV–viruses with a 90% kill rate that scientists have failed to develop a vaccine or discover the cure for–viruses this nation is woefully indefensible of.

As I mentioned in my posting the dream “Deadly Super-Bugs”  it brought back to mind the attacks of 9/11.  As I watched the attacks and cried out in repentance for the sins of our nation and the sins of our fathers, the Lord spoke to me and said, “It’s not over. This is just the beginning.”  Immediately, I sensed strongly that America would be attacked with chemical or biological weapons in the future.  With each judgment, Almighty God, Yahweh, is calling us to repentance.  Will you repent and seek the LORD with all your heart, mind and strength, or will you simply scoff at such as this as have our foolish and arrogant leaders?  The choice is yours.

More “Super-Bug” Threats…Confirmed!

3 Aug

August 03, 2014

Considering I just posted an update concerning this just two days ago, this article comes as strong confirmation to not only the dream, but also to what I have been sensing.  The following are excerpts from the WND article along with the link.  I highly recommend you read it in its entirety.



Exclusive: Dr. Elizabeth Lee Viet warns of ‘global array of viral illnesses’

Posted on WND.com  August 3, 2014


Ebola. Chikungunya. Dengue. Norovirus. Hantavirus. Swine flu. Varicella. Variola. The names sound like something out of a sci-fi movie. Yet, threats to Americans are real, and escalating by the week.

…DHS, reported on Aug. 1 that serious diseases are spreading at detention centers for Illegal border crossers. Health-care workers and Border Patrol agents, plus their children, have tested positive for tuberculosis (TB), swine flu, chicken pox, lice and scabies. Instead of being quarantined, illegal border crossers are being dispersed rapidly across the U.S., with those of school age being registered in public schools opening soon for all.

Ebola’s use as a weapon of terror and mass destruction has been documented…the former Soviet Union biological weapons program had weaponized the Ebola virus…Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese terror group, recently sent members to Africa to harvest the virus during an outbreak.

If risk is so low for the U.S., why is the CDC quietly setting up Ebola Quarantine Centers in 20 cities across the U.S.? Why did the Congressional Record report that Ebola bio kits have been deployed to National Guard units in all 50 states?

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/illegals-bring-risk-of-ebola/#rOMup7t4ZGX1zf48.99


More “Super-Bug” Threats

1 Aug


On June 17, 2011 I had a recurring dream of deadly “super-bugs” escaping from a box.  You can read it here.  Because it was a repeated vision/dream, I knew that there would be multiple events in its  fulfillment.  This vision has already been confirmed and shown to have been fulfilled in part, and over the past few months there have been two distinct events that have brought this vision to mind. The first is the massive  migration of thousands of illegal children flooding across our southern border who have been proven to be bringing diseases with them that have been virtually eradicated from the United States. Most recently, the record-breaking deadly Ebola outbreak in Africa that has become a threat to our nation. With both of these I could see the diseases (the bugs) being brought here as if in containers (the children dispersed all across the U.S. via planes and buses, and those carrying the Ebola virus via planes) thus the “box” in my vision that the bugs kept getting out of. It has been realized that President Obama created the environment for the mass influx of children and young adults from Central and South America to flood across our border, and this administration has refused to do anything to stop it.  It has been baffling to watch the news reporting how these children and young adults by the thousands are being dispersed all across this nation.   Then, at the same time that President Obama is proving his allegiance to Hamas’ terrorist regime by demanding our ally, Israel, cease all its offensive in the war on Gaza (which only came due to Hamas’ relentless attacks on Israel), the Ebola virus threat has been revealed. Watch and pray, for God (Yehovah) continues to bring judgment upon our nation not only because of our sin, but especially because of how this nation treats the “apple of His eye”, Israel.  It is sickening to watch how President Obama and his administration are treating Israel as she very humanely tries to protect herself from attack.  For more information concerning God’s judgment on America you can read posts under the Prophetic tab.

When the Wicked Beareth Rule…

10 Jul

July 10, 2014

I was reading an article today by WND (World Net Daily) of an interview with former U.S. Rep. Allen West concerning President Obama’s handling of the Middle East.

The Obama administration is waging a “schizophrenic” Middle East policy that is aiding jihadists at the expense of people who believe in “liberty and freedom,” 


…West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and went on to become a member of Congress, told WND in an exclusive interview that President Barack Obama has taken an “unnerving stance of siding with Islamists.” 

I encourage you to read the entire article where West sites multiple very specific events, HERE


I’ve heard many other leaders who have this same opinion. Reading this article however, caused me to think of the vision from the LORD of the black flag of Islam/Jihad flying atop the White House and the Holy Spirit prompted me to look up the date of when the Arab Spring began.  It began 12.18.2010, only two months after the LORD gave me the 10.15.2010 vision.  (You can read the vision HERE)

As I watched the Arab Spring spread like wildfire across the Middle East, and watched as our President fanned the flames as the fire leaped from one Arab nation to another, I knew then that he was purposely aiding the enemies of Israel and the U.S., and I knew what spirit was controlling the White House.

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Warning of Another 911 Confirmed

13 Dec

December 13, 2013

Suffice it to say, it gave me pause to hear the breaking news that a terrorist plot to bomb the Wichita, Kansas airport was thwarted this morning.  Obviously, my first thought was thankful that the plot was foiled.  The next thing that came to mind was that I had posted my vision of December 8, 2013 (5 days prior to another attempt at mass destruction) titled “Revisiting 911–Again” just after midnight last night. Continue reading

12.08.2013 Revisiting 911–Again ~A Vision

13 Dec

December 08, 2013

This is the third night-vision revisiting 9/11 that the LORD has shown me in the past six years.  You can read of it here.



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