“ATTACK!” ~~ Was This It?

26 Jul

Sunday, July 26, 2015

When I woke Wednesday morning from hearing “ATTACK!” and “This Saturday”, I immediately thought of an attack on America.  Perhaps that is where I missed it.  Considering the violent ATTACK by Palestinian Arabs on Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem just after midnight Saturday night, perhaps this is that “ATTACK” for Saturday that I was being shown.  Perhaps I was mistaken to think it would be in America.  The Jewish “day” begins at sundown, so the 9th of AV would begin at sundown on Saturday and end at sundown Sunday evening.  As I brought out in my original post, “ATTACK! An Interrupted Dream”, I saw a strong significance in that Saturday began Tisha B’Av.  I knew that was not a coincidence, but rather a strong sign that it had to do with Israel, and I should have paid more attention to it. Continue reading

“ATTACK!” An Interrupted Dream ~~ UPDATE #2

26 Jul

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I do not take the ministry of the prophetic gift lightly.  My greatest desire is to have absolute confidence, to know that I know, that what I am seeing, hearing, and speaking forth is directly from the Spirit of Yahweh/God.  And with that, my greatest fear is that I am wrong–that I will speak for the LORD something He has not spoken and greatly displease Him, and in turn cause others to stumble in their walk with the LORD.  The other side of that double-edged sword is the fear that if I operate in fear and fail to speak what He has revealed, I will greatly displease Him.  So, needless to say, though I prefaced my warning with “this is NOT a ‘thus saith the Lord’ “, I feel badly that I included the second specific part of what I heard Wednesday morning–of it happening yesterday–for as you know, it has proven to have been untrue. Or at the least, there was no attack on America Saturday.  As I already stated in my original post, I know that an attack is coming to America and it may be imminent.  Many of you know this as well. Only the LORD knows for certain when that will take place.  I have since received news reports of an Arab attack in Jerusalem last night.  After reading these reports I believe perhaps that my thinking that the “ATTACK!” that I heard was for the U.S. was incorrect.   I will be updating with a post concerning this attack in Jerusalem last night.  I feel that this is the attack of which I heard.

“ATTACK!” An Interrupted Dream ~~ UPDATE

24 Jul

Friday, July 24, 2015

I was given confirmation concerning what I heard spoken to me this past Wednesday concerning “ATTACK!” An Interrupted Dream and tomorrow (Saturday, July 25th).  A prophetess that I highly respect, Penny Castro, (who posts her prophecies/revelations via NotzrimWoman on YouTube) shared a vision the Lord gave her this morning while in prayer and gave me permission to share it with you.   Continue reading

“ATTACK!” An Interrupted Dream ~ CORRECTION

23 Jul

I am SO THANKFUL for beloved brothers and sisters in Christ who come along side me on this journey with the LORD.  Soon after posting this, one such sister and friend sent me an e-mail advising me that the 9th of AV is actually SATURDAY, JULY 25th and not today!  I have no idea how I read the date wrong.  But, WOW.  That it is on the same day makes this connection to “ATTACK!” An Interrupted Dream” VERY relevant. Thanks Penny!  I encourage all of you to subscribe to Penny’s prophetic YouTube channel: Notzrim Woman.

“ATTACK!” An Interrupted Dream

23 Jul

I want to preface this post by saying that this is NOT a “Thus saith the LORD”. I am simply relaying what I heard said when my dream was abruptly interrupted.  Though the LORD has so many times in the past shown me things prophetically in this same manner that have indeed come to pass, He has never given me the “date” that it will happen.  Thus, my hesitation to disclose publicly what I heard in its entirety. That said, if you choose to share this with anyone in a different format than this post, I ask that you make certain that this preface is included. Continue reading

04.27.2015 Dartmouth

27 Apr

Around 4  a.m.  this morning I awoke and heard the name “Dartmeth”.  I thought, “Dartmeth?” What is “Dartmeth?” Then, the next word that came to me was, “It’s a college”.  Then I thought, “Yes, I’ve heard that name before.” I know nothing about a Dartmouth College.  I suppose the only time I may have even heard this name would have been on TV, and as far as I know, it’s been many years since I would have even heard it.  However, anytime the LORD speaks a name to me without explanation, I take it seriously, because normally it doesn’t bode well. It is always a warning.

Continue reading

ISIS In America Vision Confirmed

26 Apr

Within four days of the vision from the Lord, “04.21.2015 ISIS in America–A Vision”, World Net Daily reports the following FBI and TSA warning of the imminent threat of an attack by ISIS on U.S. soil. Continue reading


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