10.15.2020 Judgment on Jackson

At 5:30 am this morning (October 15, 2020) I awoke from a dream I knew was from the LORD.


It was daytime and I was standing in the street of a large city. I was looking upward and could see the tops of buildings and though I saw the tops of trees around these buildings, I knew I was in the downtown area of this city. I looked to my right and there was an enormous black funnel cloud moving quickly and low across the city, about a mile or so away from where I was. It wasn’t just dark as I’ve seen in the past, but actually jet black in color. Much like this:

It was not headed directly toward me, but remained to my right. I could not see if it had touched down but appeared that it would and that it would bring great destruction. Immediately after seeing the tornado, a huge black storm cloud suddenly appeared above the buildings directly in front of me and 2 or 3 blocks away. It too was as black as the tornado and moved quickly until it reached where I was standing. Much like this:

Suddenly, I knew I was standing in Jackson, Mississippi–our state Capitol. As this huge black cloud began dropping down I did not personally feel threatened or fearful, but knew I was there for a purpose. Although I never saw anyone, for I was always looking upward, at that moment I started shouting–prophesying for the people to repent and turn back to God and declaring that this was God’s judgment coming upon this city.

I woke up.

The Holy Spirit did not reveal the “why” judgment would come upon this city and I do not know if this that I saw was literal.

In the dream I knew I was in the downtown area of Jackson, but it seemed strange to see the tops of trees among the buildings. It has been at least 20 years since I have been in downtown Jackson. I live almost 100 miles away and just have no reason to visit. After this dream I did some research on the city and its government, especially considering that Jackson is our state capitol. Although I did not see these government buildings in the dream, in looking at some of the images of the city I couldn’t help but notice all the trees surrounding the state capitol building and the Governor’s mansion which are about three blocks apart, and the many trees in the downtown area. Here are some pictures.

Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, MS
Mississippi Governor’s Mansion, Jackson, MS

God has instructed us through His WORD to pray for all of our government leaders. May the LORD show great mercy even in His righteous judgment. I pray that the Holy Spirit will move upon God’s people in the Jackson area to intercede for their city.

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