Iran and North Korea: A Reminder of God’s Warning

17 Jun

June 17, 2009

As I have watched and listened to the threats to the U.S. coming from both Iran and North Korea over the past months, and as I have witnessed the escalating and most ominous state of affairs of each of these nations recently, I am reminded of the Word of the Lord concerning them both back in March of 2003.  (See: 03.14.2003 Iran & N Korea Serious Threats–FULFILLED)

I posted that this warning from the Lord was fulfilled, for the “threat” was indeed manifest.  Over the course of the past six years, these threats have risen up and died down, but since the beginning of 2009, the threats have become more than just threats.

Both nations are defying not only the U.S., but the rest of the world with their Nuclear armament and threats to develop and use their weapons of mass destruction against us and Israel.   North Korea continues test firing missiles and have ratcheted up their war rhetoric.  The most recent threat came yesterday and their leader was quoted saying:  “If the US and its followers infringe upon our republic’s sovereignty even a bit, our military and people will launch a one hundred- or one thousand-fold retaliation with merciless military strike,” said a commentary published by state news agency KCNA. This bring to mind my dream: 09.17.2002 Bicycles in the Sky~Hailstones of Fire

I encourage you to stay alert to what is happening with these two countries, and with China.  I encourage you to read or re-read these posts, and to seek the counsel of the Lord concerning the days ahead.  We are not to live in fear of man, but in fear of the Lord our God and in the power of the Holy Spirit.  As we abide in Him and He in us, may our lives radiate HIS LIGHT in a very dark world.  And when the world is in chaos, may His Shalom–His Peace be upon you.

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