North Korean Ship Threat To U.S.

18 Jun

June 18, 2009

North Korea has been rattling sabers at the U.S. more than ever in the past several weeks threatening repeatedly, “An offensive without mercy”, and the latest news today is even more serious.  U.S. Military is monitoring a North Korean ship that left the NK harbor yesterday.  It is traveling near China’s coastline but is suspected of carrying missiles or possible nukes that could reach Hawaii.  North Korea has warned that if the U.S. attempts to board the ship it will be an act of war.  The UN has ruled that no nation can board without the ships permission.

John McTernan, author of “As America Has Done To Israel”, has a very thought-provoking article concerning North Korea’s threats.  The article is dated June 17, 2009 on his blog:  He takes a comparative look at the circumstances surrounding Japan just prior to their attack on the U.S. during WWII.