More Confirmation on “Woe To America”

12 Aug

August 12, 2009


A Christian brother emailed me a few days ago after reading “Woe To America“.  He shared how early in 2008, the Lord gave him a prophetic dream/vision revealing the fall of America’s economy.  Here is what he saw.


You might be interested in a dream I had about 16 months back that included this (what I believe) was a ‘vision’.  I believe it was around March 2008.  2008 was a ‘very’ active year for me spiritually, as the Holy Spirit moved on me like never before in other dreams and visions, while I fervently sought the Lord to heal my dad from a terminal disease (which, HE did!)

THE DREAM/VISION:  I saw a dollar bill floating around in front of me (as if to get my attention for a moment). I remember looking at the dollar and thinking about the power it (its value) represented for America, then I watched as it floated around the world into foreign countries. As it passed by various people of different ethnicity (Asian, Muslim, European, etc), I clearly saw them point and laugh at the dollar and ridicule it. It was a very unsettling dream and I remember how strange it was for me to dream that dream because I have never really been one to get too involved in economics.   The dream was very disturbing to me as I felt the Dollar had life, as a representative of our people, more than merely a piece of paper with a monetary value. I remember, toward the end of the dream as the Dollar completed its journey around the world suffering great ridicule, that it actually looked sad. Immediately, I awoke and dwelt on the meaning of the dream…and knew without a doubt that I had just seen the coming demise of our wealth, visa vie, influence as a super power.

You may read “Woe To America” in the PROPHETIC pages.

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