Update on Woe To America

22 Sep

September 22, 2009

Last night I was sitting at home with my husband watching the news.  I had my laptop in my lap (as usual) and was pondering on and desiring the Lord to continue to reveal to me anything that I may have failed to post concerning these dreams, visions, and words of the Lord that HE wanted YOU to see.  Suddenly, He brought to my memory something I had forgotten about since I built this site and began posting these things.  I remembered that  God had confirmed the 04.10.2007 WOE TO AMERICA Word of the Lord with Scripture soon afterward.  I looked back in my journal on the date of Woe To America to see if I put it there, but it wasn’t.  All I could do then was to open the folder that held my journal documents for the past thirty years and do a search for the name OBADIAH, for I remembered that the Scripture He confirmed it with was this very book in the Bible.  I was relieved to find it and thankful that it only brought up one document–June 2007.  When I found my documenting this on June 10th, I immediately saw that God gave this strong Biblical confirmation exactly 2 weeks to the day after He spoke this word of judgment.

If you’ve already read other of my articles, you know that God is a God of order and His timing is not to be ignored.  He does things on anniversaries, and I have come to understand that He does this many times so that mortal man can SEE and understand–in other words–connect the dots.  I know that by God bringing this to me again, He desires not only that I see and understand this, but that YOU see it as well.

Because this was the first confirmation that came after the Word, I have posted the confirmation directly under the Word of the Lord.  At the bottom of the page, I have added the additional revelation that followed.

May you be blessed in revisiting this Word of the Lord.  May you understand and not be left in the dark, confused, deceived and bewildered by what is happening all around us.  He desires that you understand so that you may know how to pray.  He is looking for those who will stand in the gap for this nation, who will cry out in repentance and seek God’s mercy in His judgment.  GOD is the only hope of this nation’s survival and it is through the humility and repentance of God’s people who He will turn His face back to America.

Link To: 04.10.2007 Woe To America

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