Update to “07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium” Vision

1 Jan

January, 1, 2010

The Lord has never given me a “date” for the fulfillment of any of my dreams and visions, but I have noticed patterns from the fulfillment of many of these.  In the past, I have noticed that God does things in ways that usually confirms the prophecy due to the day it is fulfilled on in relation to when the revelation was given or in relation to what the prophecy was connected to.  I am not setting a date concerning my July 2007 vision of death angels at a football stadium in the U.S., but I feel it necessary to, at the least, make you aware of what I believe the Lord showed me today.

I haven’t thought of this vision in a very long time, but it came in my mind strongly today, and it would not leave me.  Although I am not good at drawing, I kept desiring to draw this vision in its stages.  As I pondered on it, I suddenly felt I should look at the football schedule for California State that would be held in Memorial Stadium for the 2010 season.  I find it very interesting, and troubling, that they will host a home game on Saturday, September 11, 2010–the 9th anniversary of 9/11.  If you have read my dream from 9.10.2001, you know that contrary to popular opinion, what happened on 9/11 was judgment from the Lord.  I also find it significant that what could possibly be the time of the fulfillment of this stadium vision from three years ago, would be shown to me on the first day of the year.

As I mentioned, I kept wishing I could sketch what I saw.  In the past, I searched the internet for photos of the entrances of Memorial Stadium at Berkeley, but could never find what I was looking for–a photo of the entrance into the stands at this stadium.  I found photos of the entrance into other stadiums, but, though similar, they were not what I saw.  I even tried to sketch from these.  Again, the Lord gave me what I needed to see.  Six days after this post, on January 6, I again was looking for photos of the entrances into Berkeley’s stadium.  This time, I  worded the search, “California Memorial Stadium interior”, and there they were–photos of the dark tunnel entrance into the stands at Berkeley!  Not only did I have what I needed to help me draw it or Photoshop it, I had more confirmation as to what I saw and where it could happen.  I do not find it a coincidence that the entrances into the stands at Berkeley look exactly like my vision.    As I looked at these photos of the actual entrance–the dark tunnel and the bright light at the entrance into the stands–I realized that I needed to edit my posting of the dream.  The fact that it was bright daylight at the end of the tunnel reveals that it was a day game taking place.  This coincides with the fact that these college games are usually played in the afternoon, and California State’s schedule show them playing at 1P.M.  This is also confirmation.

If you have yet to read this dream, I recommend that you read it and pray concerning what the Lord has revealed in it and what I feel the Lord could be revealing concerning this upcoming September 11th.  The Lord is full of mercy and grace toward those who love Him and seek to do His will.  I do not know if anything concerning this will happen on this upcoming anniversary of 9/11, but due to the connection, I encourage you to seek the Lord concerning this and to pray.  If you are in the area that could be directly affected by the fulfillment of this vision, I believe the Lord is allowing you to see this in order to prepare you and to protect you.  If you would not be directly affected, you are reading this in order to intercede for those who will be. The Lord says to His own–Fear Not.

Link to: 07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium