6.5 Earthquake Hits Northern California

10 Jan

January 10, 2010

I know that Californian’s felt quite unsettled as they swayed to the earthquake that hit near them yesterday, but, in light of what the Lord has been showing me since New Years day–on January 1st and again on January 6th– concerning my vision of the death angels in a football stadium,  this earthquake happening on January 9, 2010 is quite unsettling in the spiritual realm.

A moderate earthquake almost 250 miles north of the stadium I believe God showed me in my vision–Memorial Stadium at Berkeley–would not normally throw up a spiritual red flag, but due to the emphasis that I feel the Lord has given to this dream in the past 9 days, I feel that it is worthy of noting.  The following is the accumulation and summary of what has been reported concerning the quake.

A powerful 6.5 earthquake struck offshore near the Northern California coast Saturday afternoon around 4:27 P.M. PST.  Eureka and Ferndale, California, which are about 240 miles north of San Francisco were closest to the strike zone. Several people were treated for minor injuries, and a few more serious. For several hours after the initial quake, there were more than a dozen aftershocks with magnitudes as powerful as 4.5 which had a depth of nearly 10 miles. This quake struck in an area where much stronger earthquakes have stuck in the past.  Periodically, since the 1800’s, some have ranged from 7.0 to 7.3 and caused much damage and injuries.  With as many as 300 faults crisscrossing the state, California registers about 10,000 quakes each year.  Most of these are too small to be felt, but the reason for so much activity is because the state sits on top of two of the earth’s major tectonic plates–the  Pacific and North America plates.

Is this a “warning sign”?  I do not know if it is, or if it has anything whatsoever to do with my vision.  I just know that I was amazed when I heard it reported on the news.  I have not been able to find anything stating which fault it occurred on.  When I do, especially if it was indeed the Hayward Fault, I will update this post.  That in itself would be a strong confirmation and warning of what is soon coming.

If you have not read the vision, please use the link below.  God does not want His children of light left in the dark.  Do not fear, but pray and share the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Link to vision:  07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium

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