Wallstreet in Free-Fall

20 May

May 6, 2010

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) stood there in disbelief as they watched the market free fall.  In only sixteen minutes, the market fell a record 1,000 points.  On the trading floor of the NYSE, traders shouted or just stood there open-mouthed as they watched the prices plummet on the screens and heard  the phones ringing constantly.  Some referred it to being in “The Twilight Zone”.

On Wall Street and across this nation, investors watched in disbelief as blue-chip stocks plunged.   According to news sources, within minutes, Procter & Gamble fell from more than $60 to below $40, Phillip Morris plunged, and Accenture dropped more than 90 percent in that sixteen minutes.   Everyone was frantic to understand, but no one, including the White House, knew why.  Had what is happening in Greece hit home?  Thankfully, the free-fall stopped and the market began to recover, but not before it shook the nation and the world economically and emotionally.  NBC Nightly News anchor and managing editor Brian Williams said as he watched the free-fall, that he got the same feeling in the pit of his stomach that he got on 911 as he watched the attacks on the WTC.

As I heard of this, I could only think of the prophetic word the Lord spoke to me concerning the U.S. on April 10, 2007.  I believe this economic crisis that we have seen manifest since 2008 is fulfillment of this prophecy.  The media continues to question when it will end–where is the bottom?  I don’t believe we have seen the bottom, and I believe that this recent free-fall is a warning sign for those who are paying attention to what the Spirit of God is revealing is to come.  Our government continues to say peace, peace (declaring that our financial market is stable and our economy is recovering) when there is no peace.

As I researched this, there is always the question of “why”?  Why is this happening at this moment in time?  It didn’t take much looking on the web to see the connection.  The actions of the President of the United States three days prior was enough to answer that question for me.  The Non-Proliferation Treaty conference is being held at the UN in New York from May 3-28.  On May 3rd, the US and Russia proposed a ban on WMD in the Middle East.  The following is an excerpt from Joel Rosenberg’s post concerning this action:

While Iran is feverishly trying to build, buy or steal nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, the Jewish State is currently believed to be the only country in the region that has actually has nuclear weapons. While Israel is believed to have had an arsenal of 150-200 or so nuclear warheads since the 1960s, the country has never formally acknowledged having them, a policy it calls “strategic ambiguity.” But no one has ever truly worried about Israel having nuclear weapons because everyone knows the weapons are for defensive purposes only. Israeli leaders have never threatened to annihilate its neighbors, much less do so on a daily or weekly basis.  (http://flashtrafficblog.wordpress.com/)

What makes the new U.N. announcement so dangerous is that it does nothing to stop Iran from continuing to build its own nuclear weapons. Rather, it turns the world’s attention away from stopping Iran from getting offensive nukes and towards pressuring Israel to give up its defensive nukes. The world will now ramp up unbearable pressure on Israel first to disclose and second to dismantle all of its nuclear arsenal, and claim that no more action can be taken to stop Iran until the “double standard” of Israel is dealt with.

Also, on Monday, May 3, 2010, in an unheard of act, the Obama administration announced to the world how many nuclear warheads our nation has.   Our enemies can retire their “spies” who are trying to obtain “Top Secret” information about US security.  The Obama administration is doing their job for them.  People here in the U.S. and abroad are still scratching their heads wondering WHY would our president do such a thing.  I believe that the unwise decisions of our government’s leaders and the free-fall of the stock market in the same week is no coincidence.  Every time we touch Israel in a negative way, it just brings more of God’s judgment on this nation.

You can read the prophetic word of the Lord that is being fulfilled through this economic crisis at “04.10.2007 Woe To America” .

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