More “Troublesome Times”?

23 Jul

July 23, 2010

Will September 1, 2010 bring more “Troublesome Times” that the Lord spoke to me on September 1, 2003?  This September 1st will be the 7th anniversary of that Word of the Lord.  I ask this because of a news article I read tonight.  The headline read: “US-Iranian combat looms in Iraq as US plans UN role for US troop remnant”. The article begins by saying,

“Military tensions rise in Iraq as pro-Iranian Shiite militias appear to be planning attacks on American forces, debkafile’s exclusive sources report. Tehran is furious over Washington’s decision to retain a number of US troops in Iraq, possibly as UN peacekeepers, after the pullout pledged by President Barak Obama to start on September 1.”

The moment I read this date I remembered what the Lord spoke to me on this day seven years ago.

In Biblical mathematics, the number “7” is associated repeatedly with and represents “completeness, spiritual perfection”.  I was not aware that the U.S. administration had scheduled this withdrawal to begin on this day, nor do I know that something else will happen on this , the 7th anniversary of the Lord speaking this word to me.  I have just learned through experience that you must pay attention to anniversaries of such–especially when something of vital importance is about to take place on that anniversary.  September 1, 2010 may come and go without incident, but I admonish you to pray for our young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Pray for God’s mercy to cover them as they serve valiantly and sacrificially in the name of our country.

I encourage you to read the article in its entirety at , for such as this is very slow, and sometimes never reported by our news media here in the U.S.

You can read the prophetic post concerning this date here: “09.01.2003 Troublesome Times”

I encourage you to also read my post: “03.14.2003 War With Iraq”, of the open vision the Lord gave me showing me that we would indeed go to war with Iraq and what would happen afterward.

As I stated in a recent post, I do not set dates, for God does not normally give me dates, but God has many times confirmed the prophecies by the dates involved.  In saying this, and because of the nearness of it, I encourage you to also read, or re-read, the prophetic post titled: “07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium” and it’s updates–especially the update of 01.01.2010.

I’ve reiterated many times in my prophetic posts that I do not share these things with you to make you fearful.  I share what the Lord tells me and shows me in order to exhort and admonish you to draw near to our Lord, to humble yourself before a Holy God in repentance, to sanctify yourself and be the spotless Bride of Christ that He desires and requires.  I tell you these things because He has instructed me to.  His coming is near and He wants His Bride to be ready and watching with great anticipation for His appearing.  May He find us so.

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