The Sound of Sabers

24 Jul

July 24, 2010

For the past few days North Korea has been rattling her sabers–AGAIN .  Each year when the U.S. carries out joint military drills with South Korea, the North issues dire threats.  Since the recent sinking of a South Korean military ship by the North, in which forty-six sailors were killed (the worst attack by the North on the South since the Korean War), the DPRK’S latest rhetoric threatening “nuclear deterrence” and a “sacred war” has the U.S. and other nations in the region on alert.

According to “The Canadian Press”:

The North’s Foreign Ministry said Saturday that Pyongyang will further strengthen its nuclear deterrent and again mentioned “powerful physical measures” in response to the U.S. military provocations and sanctions.

In an apparent bow to China, the George Washington will participate in the exercise in the Sea of Japan, but there are no plans for it to enter the Yellow Sea for the subsequent exercises.

China, a traditional North Korean ally, has voiced concerns that military drills in the Yellow Sea could inflame tensions on the Korean Peninsula and also fears exercises too close to its own shores could breach Chinese security.

Each time I hear of either Iran or North Korea rattling sabers to threaten the U.S., I am reminded of the word that the Lord spoke to me concerning these countries in “03.14.2003 Iran and North Korea Serious Threats”. North Korean threats inevitably pulls China into the scenario and causes me to think of the prophetic dream  “09.17.2002 Bicycles In The Sky~Hailstones of Fire”.  Just as in this dream where our war planes were responding to an Asian attack in what seemed to be slow motion, has our nation heard one-too-many “clang” from their sabers and been lulled into a false sense of security–causing even praying people to become insensitive to the sound–and are our nations leaders dragging their feet concerning the threats from these countries?

The war-games have begun, for it is already Sunday, July 25th in Asia.  May God’s grace and mercy be given us and may our military and national leaders operate in His wisdom.

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