More to Come

11 Apr

April 11, 2011

I hesitated at first to share this because it is “after the fact”, but I’m not trying to maintain some form of reputation, so I’m going to share my feelings about what has continued to unfold in Japan.  A few days after the March 11, 2011 catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, I suddenly had the strongest feeling that it wasn’t over–that there was more to come.

The only thing that appeared to be of grave concern and being reported by the media was the looming danger posed by the damaged nuclear power plants, but I sensed that it was more than that and that it would not be long in coming.  I sensed that more earthquakes that could possibly trigger another tsunami could take place soon.  In watching the daily recordings of seismic activity on the USGS site, I was very concerned to see such strong aftershocks–hundreds of them over the course of the first week and still continuing to date.  This is not unusual after a strong earthquake.  The same took place after the earthquake in Hatti.  But I did not sense this after the Hatti earthquake.  I also learned of the instability of the Japanese economy.  Some experts have stated that it was reported to be in a very vulnerable state a year ago, and is now teetering on the brink of collapse.  This strong, ominous feeling that more devastation was coming to Japan and possibly from multiple sources would not leave me.

When the 7.4 earthquake that brought more destruction to an already ravaged country and set off a tsunami warning happened April 7, I instantly knew that this was part of what I had been shown.  Though I did not post this in advance when I knew it, I will tell you now that the foreboding feeling has not lifted from me.  This is not a “thus saith the Lord”, for He has not shown me anything specific, but I know what I have felt in my spirit and all that has and is happening in that area is just confirmation of it.  Pray for the people of Japan.  Pray that they will lift their eyes to the One True God and cry out to HIM and seek salvation and deliverance through His Son, Jesus, the only Savior of mankind.

As I watch what is happening in Japan, I get an even stronger feeling concerning the U.S. What we are seeing in Japan will pale in comparison to what is coming to America.  I say this with no sense of satisfaction or to provoke people to fear or panic, but I do share this to provoke the Body of Christ–the true Believers–to wake up, and for unbelievers to listen up.  We are all without excuse before God.  The Gospel of Jesus is openly preached and the Word of God is available to anyone who wants it.  Ungodly leaders and lukewarm Believers have turned the course of this nation from being what God raised it up to be, to a nation who has forsaken the Fountain of Living Water and continues to poke their finger in the eye of God by touching God’s people and His LAND!  Pray for yourself and your family.  Pray for this nation.  Rend your heart before the Lord before He rends the heavens and comes down.  The Day of the Lord is near.

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