Unrighteous Decrees by U.S. President

15 Jun

June 15, 2011

“Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees,
and that write grievousness
which they have prescribed”
Isaiah 10:1

I have been very prayerful about responding to the “natural” disasters over the past two months.  I knew that the tornado outbreak May 22nd was an immediate result of President Obama’s “Arab Spring” speech in which he called for Israel to give up the land won back during the 1967 Six Day War.  Because I did not have understanding regarding the tornado outbreaks in April, I did not want to be guilty of presumption so I continued to seek the Lord concerning these events.

Three days ago the Lord led me to two prophetic revelations I had documented but had forgotten about.  I have added these to the prophetic pages titled:

04.14.2011 Buildings Collapsing in a City


05.20.2011 An Evil Proclamation

Even though He led me to see these, I did not feel released to bring attention to them through a blog post until yesterday when our President issued an ULTIMATUM to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to respond to Obama’s decree that in order to restart negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel must first agree to go back to the pre-Six Day War boundaries.

Obama has given Netanyahu thirty days to respond.  I shudder to contemplate what this arrogant and relentless bullying of Israel by our President is going to bring upon our nation.  Many innocent’s in our nation will continue to suffer and some will die because of the ungodliness of this man who rules and speaks for our nation.

As you read the two revelations above, be sure to first read 04.13.2011 Come near ye nations to hear…  for these three are connected.

This morning as I sat before the Lord He led me to the Scripture above: Isaiah 10:1.  It confirmed all that He had shown me.  Thus, I knew it was time to make these revelations public.  The “WOE” in this passage is a most serious indictment and it speaks of those in power whose decrees and written proclamations are unrighteous and have angered the LORD.  We MUST pay attention to what our leaders are saying and doing that is contrary to God’s Word, thus, detrimental to our nation and to the nation of Israel.  God’s people–His Church–must do as our godly examples in the Bible–those such as King David, child king Josiah, and the prophets.  We too must repent for the sins of our forefathers and our leaders.  We must repent for our own sins, turn from our selfishness, and cry out to Almighty God for mercy.  If you’ve read Biblical accounts such as the twenty-second chapter of II Kings, you understand that it DOES MATTER to God how we respond to His TRUTH and how we respond when we witness His Truth being violated in our land.

GOD IS FULL OF MERCY and desires to show mercy to even the most vile of mankind if he will only turn to Him.  None of us deserve the love and grace that our creator, Yehweh, Almighty God, offers us.   With everything within us, let us seek this one who sacrificed everything–by offering up His Only Begotten Son, Jesus (Yeshua)–so that we who are unholy can commune with and be blessed by the Holy One.

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