Recent Earthquakes Near Berkeley

15 Oct

October 15, 2013

UPDATE to 07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium

There was a 3.1 quake centered at Tilden Regional Park near Berkeley on October 7 and another set of quakes in the same area today, 10.15.2013.  There was a 3.2 followed by several after shocks, then another 2.6 quake.  These may seem minor, but considering the most dangerous Hayward fault is overdue for a much more powerful rupture, it is worth paying attention to.  Could these be warnings of what is soon to come?

In light of the vision the Lord gave me in 2007 and the thought that this could be the precursor to a much stronger quake in the Berkeley area caused me to be curious of the football schedule at Memorial Stadium where the fault runs from goalpost to goalpost.  And sure, with this quake activity on the Hayward in the Berkeley area, it concerns me that there is a home game this weekend, October 19, another on November 2nd and another on November 9th.  Do I predict this is when this vision will be fulfilled?  NO.  I’ve learned that even when everything is pointing to the probability such as it did on 9/11/2010, I cannot warn of such unless the Lord specifically says it.  I’m just being aware of all that is taking place and watching the signs in order to pray.  I pray that all will be safe throughout this year, and I pray that God remembers mercy when this vision finds fulfillment.

Click this link to read the vision: 07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium

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