Long Train Runnin’ Vision Fulfilled?

3 Dec
Similar to what I saw in the vision.

Photo very similar to vision
(from original post 10.25.2013)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New York train derailment kills four, injures 63 (11 critically)

A New York commuter train that derailed Sunday morning, killing four passengers, was hurtling at 82 mph as it entered a 30 mph curve, a federal investigator said Monday. The train was only half full with about 150 people on board when it ran off the rails around 7:20 Sunday morning while rounding a bend in a wooded area where the Harlem and Hudson rivers meet in the Bronx.  New York City Fire Commissioner Salvatore Joseph Cassano commented at the scene, “On a work day, fully occupied, it would have been a tremendous disaster.” Five of the seven passenger cars left the tracks along with the locomotive pushing from the rear of this long commuter train–the first car coming to a stop at the rivers edge.

Photo of Metro train crash 10.01.2013 by Reuters

Photo of Metro train crash 12.01.2013 by Reuters

Long Train Runnin’?  I believe it is.  This still leaves a train named Zypher.  However, I have been shown things that have come to pass progressively or repeatedly–

Terrorists Targeting School Children in Israel” fulfilled three times within four months, “Bombing in London by Muslim Terrorists” where four terrorists hit four different locations, as well as others such as “Troublesome Times” and “Come Near Ye Nations to Hear” where multiples were involved. After seeking the Father concerning this, and seeing the strong similarities of this train and this site to my vision, (notice in the original photo I found that was very similar to what I saw in the vision, the train is also in a curve) I do believe that this wreck is one fulfillment of the vision and word given me on October 25, 2013. I only wish I could say there would be no more.

So, is there a why to this tragic event?  Very possibly.  Let’s look at the timeline.

Friday, September 27, 2013   President Obama’s historic telephone call to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani–the first in 34 years by a US leader.

One month later on the same “day”:
Friday, October 25, 2013   The “Long Train Runnin’ ” vision

One month after the vision and 2 months after the presidential phone call:
Sunday, November 24, 2013   P5+1: The U N Security Council (U.S., Russia, China, U.K. and France) + Germany signed a deal–as Israel declared “a very bad deal”–with Iran concerning its nuclear program that lifted sanctions with virtually nothing concrete from Iran in return. This emboldened Iran and they celebrated their “victory” over Israel and the U.S. 

7 days later (#7 represents “Divine completion” in Scripture. I also couldn’t help but notice that this “deal” was signed on a Sunday and the following Sunday is the crash.)
Sunday, December 1, 2013  NY commuter train crash.

I praise Yahweh for His great mercy in this tragedy. As reported by officials, there were four deaths and dozens injured, but it could have been so much worse.  These people were like you and I.  They were simply going about their normal day of traveling to their destination.  I can only hope that those who perished were prepared to meet GOD (Yahweh).  Are you?  Did the Holy Spirit try to warn some to wait or to not board this train, only to be ignored?  Would you have heard that still small voice?  Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice.”  Do you hear His voice? Do you obey His voice? Are you truly one of HIS?

I fear that this crash is only a precursor–a warning of something far worse if our leadership continues on this path.  Yahweh (Almighty God) is very clear concerning His judgment upon nations that touch Israel–Joel 3:2.

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