When the Wicked Beareth Rule…

10 Jul

July 10, 2014

I was reading an article today by WND (World Net Daily) of an interview with former U.S. Rep. Allen West concerning President Obama’s handling of the Middle East.

The Obama administration is waging a “schizophrenic” Middle East policy that is aiding jihadists at the expense of people who believe in “liberty and freedom,” 


…West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and went on to become a member of Congress, told WND in an exclusive interview that President Barack Obama has taken an “unnerving stance of siding with Islamists.” 

I encourage you to read the entire article where West sites multiple very specific events, HERE


I’ve heard many other leaders who have this same opinion. Reading this article however, caused me to think of the vision from the LORD of the black flag of Islam/Jihad flying atop the White House and the Holy Spirit prompted me to look up the date of when the Arab Spring began.  It began 12.18.2010, only two months after the LORD gave me the 10.15.2010 vision.  (You can read the vision HERE)

As I watched the Arab Spring spread like wildfire across the Middle East, and watched as our President fanned the flames as the fire leaped from one Arab nation to another, I knew then that he was purposely aiding the enemies of Israel and the U.S., and I knew what spirit was controlling the White House.

When I had the vision two months earlier I wrote that I was not sure if the spirit of Islam was already ruling this administration or if it was prophetic of what was to come.  I truly felt that it was already ruling, and events have proven that at the time of the vision, the spirit of Islam was indeed already ruling this administration and this president, and soon after would begin to manifest itself even more.  Being shown today that the LORD revealed this two months before our president would cause our nation to be directly involved in the overthrow of multiple governments and their leaders and actually aiding  radical Muslims such as the Muslim Brotherhood to take control, is only confirming of His prophetic vision and word.

The LORD ALMIGHTY does not want us to be ignorant.  He desires that we His people hear and see what His Spirit is revealing so that we may humble ourselves before Him and repent and pray for His intervention.  The masses have already been, and continue to be, deceived by this man and those like him.  Sadly, millions of professing Christians have aligned themselves with this deceiver, either blindly or knowingly through the lust of their flesh.  I pray that the eyes of their understanding will be opened and that the shroud of defiance will be loosed so they can repent and turn back to the LORD.   Our nation is under the judgment of Yahweh-Almighty God.  May we all humbly repent of our sins and the sins of our fathers, and cry out night and day for the mercy of the LORD on this nation and deliverance from this spirit of anti-Christ.   Pray for our leaders, from the President to our local government officials, that they will believe in and submit themselves to the One True God–the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY–YAHWEH, and to His Son, YESHUA–JESUS–the CHRIST.

 When the righteous are in authority,
the people rejoice:
but when the wicked beareth rule,
the people mourn.

Proverbs 29:2 –The Holy Bible

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