More “Super-Bug” Threats

1 Aug


On June 17, 2011 I had a recurring dream of deadly “super-bugs” escaping from a box.  You can read it here.  Because it was a repeated vision/dream, I knew that there would be multiple events in its  fulfillment.  This vision has already been confirmed and shown to have been fulfilled in part, and over the past few months there have been two distinct events that have brought this vision to mind. The first is the massive  migration of thousands of illegal children flooding across our southern border who have been proven to be bringing diseases with them that have been virtually eradicated from the United States. Most recently, the record-breaking deadly Ebola outbreak in Africa that has become a threat to our nation. With both of these I could see the diseases (the bugs) being brought here as if in containers (the children dispersed all across the U.S. via planes and buses, and those carrying the Ebola virus via planes) thus the “box” in my vision that the bugs kept getting out of.  It has been realized that President Obama created the environment for the mass influx of children and young adults from Central and South America to flood across our border, and this administration has refused to do anything to stop it.  It has been baffling to watch the news reporting how these children and young adults by the thousands are being dispersed all across this nation.   Then, at the same time that President Obama is proving his allegiance to Hamas’ terrorist regime by demanding our ally, Israel, cease all its offensive in the war on Gaza (which only came due to Hamas’ relentless attacks on Israel), the Ebola virus threat has been revealed. Watch and pray, for God (Yehovah) continues to bring judgment upon our nation not only because of our sin, but especially because of how this nation treats the “apple of His eye”, Israel.  It is sickening to watch how President Obama and his administration are treating Israel as she very humanely tries to protect herself from attack.  For more information concerning God’s judgment on America you can read posts under the Prophetic tab.

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