Race War Dream Update

19 Aug


While watching the ongoing news of the mayhem caused by many of the protesters in Ferguson, MO after a policeman shot and killed an African-American, of course my thoughts went to my Race War dream from 2006–a dream of barbaric Islamic style violence in a small, mostly African-American populated town.  What brought my attention to the dream more than just the protests was what I witnessed as I watched the footage of the looters. Many of the black looters had their faces covered, and some covered their heads as well.   This reminded me of the violent Islamists, Hamas and ISIS, that have also been in the headlines for the past weeks.  These cowards also cover their faces and their heads so as not to be recognizable while committing unspeakable crimes against humanity.  After noticing this I contemplated bringing attention to the Race War dream, but felt I should wait.  Now I understand what I was waiting for.  Tonight I read multiple articles showing someone in the crowd of protesters carrying a sign that read, “ISIS HERE”.

Screenshot from CNN footage

Screenshot from CNN footage

The bearer of the sign followed closely behind a CNN reporter as he was interviewing another protester.  Also, there has been many posts on social media declaring that ISIS is in America and are calling for all fellow comrades in America to converge on Ferguson in order to dominate the town in the name of Allah.  Ferguson ISIS

Also noticed in the crowd of protesters in Ferguson was this guy waving a Palestinian flag.   And you thought they were protesting on behalf of slain Michael Brown?

Screenshot from FoxNews video

Screenshot from FoxNews video

When you consider the unspeakable atrocities committed by ISIS in Syria and Iraq–especially targeting Christians–then yes, such threats warrant rehearsing my 2006 dream.

I find it also interesting that the small southern town where my dream took place is very similar to Ferguson, MO.  Heidelberg, MS is about 5 square miles.  Ferguson, MO is about 6 square miles.  Heidelberg, MS is about 75% African-American.  As of the 2010 census, the population of Ferguson, MO was about 70% African-American.

You can go here to read the dream.

You can read more concerning the infiltration of radical Islam into the Ferguson crisis in a WND article here.

I do not have to tell you that our nation is in a mess, and that Christians across this land must take seriously the warning signs, repent, and pray for God’s mercy.


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