Beheadings by Muslims in the U.S.–Vision Fulfilled

29 Sep

Monday, September 29, 2014

Five days ago, September 25th, a black, male, U.S. Muslim, walked into Vaughn Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, attacked a former female co-worker, 54-year-old grandmother, Colleen Hufford, with a knife and then decapitated her.  Alton Nolen (aka Jah’Keem Yisrael) then attacked and injured a second female employee with the knife but was stopped by a gunshot wound before he was able to kill her. Law officials are calling it work-place-violence and have so far refused to label it terrorism associated with radical Islam, but there is much proof that Nolen was indeed a self-converted, radical, Muslim.   He had been trying to convert his co-workers to Islam and several of his Facebook entries reveal his radical beliefs, his name change, and his agreement with the ideology of terrorist groups such as ISIS with a photo of him giving the one finger salute of ISIS.

On June 29, 2010 the LORD gave me a night vision of Muslims beheading people inside the U.S.  I have dreaded the day that this vision would find fulfillment, for I knew that once it did, it would continue to happen.  Whether the vision will be fulfilled literally, or that it was symbolic of the nature of things to come, I believe that this is indeed just the beginning.  The day after this horrific beheading, another black, male, Muslim from Kenya who worked and also lived in Oklahoma (OK City) was arrested for threatening to cut off the head of a co-worker at Bellevue Nursing Home in Oklahoma City.  He claimed he represented ISIS and that ISIS cuts off the heads of Christians, and he was going to cut off her head.  She reported him to the authorities on Sept. 19, and he was arrested September 26th, the day after Nolen’s attacks, and charged as a terrorist. I couldn’t help but notice that it was not until after Nolen decapitated Mrs. Hufford that the FBI took Murithi’s threat serious enough to arrest him the day after Nolen’s attacks (a week after the threat). You can read a detailed report HERE.

As I was seeking the LORD to understand why both of these took place in two cities in the state of Oklahoma, I looked at a map of Oklahoma and quickly saw that Moore, OK is a suburb of Oklahoma City.  Two other things concerning these two cities also intrigued me.  Oklahoma, City is where home-grown terrorists bombed the Federal building and Moore is the location of a devastating tornado.  In fact, Alton Nolen’s decapitation victim’s home was destroyed in that tornado. I read that Bellevue Nursing Home and Vaughn Foods is only 18 miles apart.  I will continue to gain understanding of the significance of these facts from the LORD.

Pray for our nation.  Pray for the persecuted Church abroad who are systematically being tortured and killed in the name of Allah.  Much worse than what we have just gotten a glimpse of here in America has been happening to entire villages and churches every day. Pray for our leadership to speak the truth and call it what it is instead of covering it up with false labels that serve to deceive our citizens and protect those who seek to destroy this nation. Pray that Christians will WAKE UP and REPENT, and maybe the LORD will show great mercy in His judgment. May we be as King David who prayed that God would not give his nation over to its enemies.

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