Ebola–Out of the Box

12 Oct


Ebola was brought to the U.S. via air travel because President Obama refuses to seal the borders to those traveling from nations where the Ebola epidemic is the largest in history.  And now, he is raising the threat level for the U.S. even more dramatically by ordering 4,000 U.S. troops to go into the Ebola hot zone to build treatment facilities.  Though all precautionary measures were in place at the Dallas hospital where an infected patient who flew here from Liberia was being treated, those measures did not stop the spread of the deadly virus to a healthcare worker here in the U.S.  Also, with all our advanced medical resources made available to this Liberian man once the virus manifest…he still died from the disease.  The following is an excerpt from a CNN report today:

The deadly Ebola virus has been contracted by someone inside the United States for the first time.

A nurse who had worn protective gear during her “extensive contact” at a Dallas hospital with an Ebola patient who died tested positive during a preliminary blood test, officials said Sunday.

The woman had on a gown, gloves, mask and a shield during her multiple visits with Thomas Eric Duncan, but there was a breach in protocol, health officials said.

The patient is a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, an official who is familiar with the case told CNN.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta conducted testing on the blood sample, and confirmed the results Sunday, marking the first known transmission of Ebola in the United States and the second diagnosis in the country.

She was involved in Duncan’s care after he was placed in isolation —


The Dallas hospital staff had everything they needed and maximum conditions to contain this virus, yet it was still spread.  Just imagine how much LESS than adequate the conditions are for our military personnel in the affected areas of Africa where thousands are infected and thousands have died.

Because this virus is being transported here via airplanes, I couldn’t help but associate the plane with the rectangular box that contained the deadly bugs in my night vision: 06.17.2011 Deadly Super-Bugs. Just like in my vision, over and over again, once the box was opened, there was no containing the deadly bugs, there was no stopping them from escaping to do their harm.  Once on American soil and the planes open their doors, and the infected person/persons enter the populace, there is no putting Ebola back in the box.

Walid Shoebat has a very informative article concerning the rapid spread of Ebola HERE.

So why take such risks? I just couldn’t wrap my head around these decisions being made by our government.  That is, not until I read this article from WND: Military’s Ebola Mission: Edge Out China in Africa?

PRAY for wisdom for our nations leadership.
REPENT and pray for the mercy of Almighty God on the United States of America.

UPDATE, the morning after…10.13.2014

Just before I awoke this morning I was shown someone’s hand holding U.S. dollar bills and was given the revelation that Ebola could be transmitted through our currency.  A couple of hours later I thought of doing a search on the internet to see if there were any findings or research concerning this.  The first hit on the list was an article on the Daily Independent website that was not uploaded until today. Here is an excerpt.

Paper currency and Ebola transmission

By Onche Odeh

Fears that Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) could be transmitted by exchange of paper currencies may not be completely wrong, as scientists have found that paper currency and coins may be a public health risk, especially when associated with the simultaneous handling of food.

Although it has not been established that Ebola virus could be transmitted through handling of bank notes, researchers have said it could help in the spread of infections within the hospital.

The researchers, including those from Université de la Méditerranée, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, France, Special Infectious Agents Unit, King Fahd Medical Research Center, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah and Department of Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Applied Medical Science, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia particularly noted that banknotes recovered from hospitals may be highly contaminated by infectious bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, while Salmonella species, Escherichia coli (which cause gastro enteric disorders) are commonly isolated from banknotes from food outlets.

Laboratory simulations from the team has also revealed that methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus can easily survive on coins, whwhile E. coli, Salmonella species and viruses, including human influenza virus, Norovirus, Rhinovirus, hepatitis A virus, and Rotavirus, can be transmitted through hand contact.

However, they say, on the large-scale, 16S rRNA, metagenomic studies and culturomics could dramatically expand the known diversity of bacteria and viruses on money.

In Nigeria, the fear that the deadly Ebola virus, which recently broke out in the country, could be transmitted by paper money is rife.

A team of researchers from the departments of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, had, in a recent work published in International Journal of Advanced Biological Research, isolated and identified some disease-causing microorganisms on Nigerian currency notes obtained from bankers, beggars, market women and bus conductors in Lagos, Onitsha, Enugu and Abakaliki.

From the samples analysed, they found plethora of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus and some fungi that are capable of causing diseases in man.

They found that the currencies used by beggers were extremely contaminated with various disease causing microorganisms followed by the currency used by hawkers and market women, advising that adequate care must be taken by those handling these currencies.

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