The Tipping Point–Update to WATCH!

12 Jan

First and foremost, I want you to know that I DO NOT agree with or support the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo.  It is most vile in its depictions of everything and everyone it targets.  I have yet to find a depiction of Islam’s prophet Mohammed that is as offensive, despicable and wretched as what I have found of the God of Christianity, Yehovah, and of His Son, Jesus.  The truest description is simply, demonic.  It takes a wicked and perverse mind of a God hater to draw what these people at Charlie Hebdo have drawn and said of my God and of His Christ. (With a simple Google search, their magazine cover depicting the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit committing the act of sodomy with each other at the same time can be found along with other wretched drawings of Jesus.)

I also want you to know that though I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press, I am not as those who marched in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, holding signs that read: Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie).  For I am NOT CHARLIE!  And, because of how they have blasphemed my God and my Lord and Savior, Jesus, and His Holy Spirit, they didn’t deserve over a million people rallying to their cause and some forty-plus leaders from around the globe standing arm-in-arm on their behalf.   I agree with standing with others against Islamic terrorism, however, I will not stand with those who blaspheme the only One True God, Yehovah and Messiah, Jesus/Yeshua.  That said, such provocation does not justify violence. Instead of standing in solidarity with freedom of the press and Charlie Hebdo, why don’t the world leaders fly to Nigeria and stand arm-in-arm against Islamic terrorists who just massacred another 2,000 innocent women, children and elderly? Like ISIS in Iraq, Boko Haram  is committing genocide of Christians in Nigeria and the world is busy defending the right to free speech of a loathsome magazine? What about the right to “life” of the Christians in Nigeria and Iraq and in other countries where they are persecuted, tortured and killed by people of violent cults?

So, with that preface, and in light of what the Lord spoke in “Watch!”, I want to share this relevant update with you.



I had been in my study for a couple of hours before dawn this morning.  I opened the door and came out into our living room where my husband was watching Fox News.  At the instant that I stepped into the room and could see and hear what he was watching, I saw this on the screen:



and I heard the commentator telling of how people from around the world were criticizing President Obama for not attending the anti-terrorist rally in France.  The idea that he would not even send a high ranking official from his administration was appalling to people around the globe.

Immediately, I saw the first words I had written in this post — the prophetic Word of the Lord where He said:

Watch as I turn this house upside down.

and the words “tipping point” came in my mind.  I felt that this was the beginning of the fulfillment of this word from the Lord.  I sensed that what the Lord had spoken to me just seven days earlier was already beginning to manifest.  The airways were filled with chatter concerning this offensive decision by the President of the United States.


By early afternoon, breaking news of ISIS, or ISIS sympathizers, had hacked into CENTCOM’S (U.S. Military’s Central Command) social media pages, changing the banner and editing and adding posts of their own–threatening and mocking our government and our military in the name of their god and their Caliphate/government.



Accomplishing such a breach into a U.S. military site is damaging enough, but, this cyber attack was taking place at the same time that President Obama was addressing the FTA in Washington, DC about the need to stop identity theft and cyber attacks.

President Obama makes speech before FTA on cyber security while CENTCOM accounts being hacked by ISIS 01.12.2015.

President Obama makes speech before FTA on cyber security while CENTCOM accounts being hacked by ISIS 01.12.2015.

An official told Monday afternoon on condition of anonymity that the incident is

‘a complete embarrassment that has the EOP [Executive Office of the President] freaking out.’

Though this breach has been downplayed by government officials as a mere inconvenience, specialists have stated that it has served to embolden other terrorists and wanna-be terrorists.

I also find it worth mentioning, that today is the 12th day of the month, and in Biblical mathematics the number 12 is associated in the Scriptures with GOVERNMENT.

So, we must WATCH!
and see what our LORD will do in this hour.

UPDATE 01.13.2015

I love how Holy Spirit moves to see to it that the Word of the LORD is confirmed.  When I was writing the above update to WATCH! and was typing the information concerning the date of the “12th” and how the number 12 is associated in Scripture with “government”, the thought immediately came to me of what the date on the Jewish calendar might be.  My next thought was that this was regarding the U.S. which uses the Gregorian calendar, therefore, I didn’t take time to look it up.  I should have.

I was so blessed when I read an email from a subscriber who had read the post.  She was indeed led by Holy Spirit to write me and share even more confirmation.  Thanks Cathy!

Hi Jan,

I just read your latest post.  You might find it interesting to note that although today is the 12th day of the month on the Gregorian calendar, on God’s calendar (the Hebrew calendar) it is the 21st day of the month of Tevet.  The number 21 in the bible symbolizes the “exceeding wickedness of sin and rebellion” (see 2 Tim 3:1-5).

Tevet is the tenth month of the Hebrew calendar.  It is linked with the Hebrew letter Ayin which takes the form of an eye or a well.  The bible says that the eye is the lamp of the body (Matthew 6:22-23).  Ten/Tevet is also connected with the tribe of “Dan” whose name means “to judge”.

Thank you for sharing your insights.




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