Catching Up, Confirmations & Catching On

30 Jul

Wednesday, July 30, 2015

Catching Up: I wanted to post this ahead of my next blog posts and also new pages under the PROPHETIC tab in order to explain why some will be dated in arrears.  The LORD reminded me of some things that He had shown me in the past that I had never written up and posted onto the site.  When I found these in my journals and in drafts that I had started working on but never finished, I knew I must finish them and get them online.  So, when you see a prior dated post you will understand why, and you will also understand why the sudden upsurge in my posting articles.  He has prompted me to “catch up”.

Confirmations: You will also see some updates, for previous posts and even the most recent ones, that are confirmations.  These have come quickly and I am working hard to get these out to you.

Catching On: Lastly, please bear with me if you receive duplicate posts. (my wonderful FREE web hosting service) made some changes in how the posts and the pages are published and because I missed the “memo”, it caused you to receive a duplication of my last post.  Sorry ’bout that.  If it happens again (and it very possibly could until I get the hang of it), please bear with me as I “catch on” to these changes.

Shalom and blessings,

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