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More ways to behold Him

18 Apr

April 18, 2010

As you visit my site, you will notice a few visual changes, as well as some added features.  There is now a tab for “Teachings” where I will be sharing both in-depth Bible study, and short “nuggets” (as in nuggets of gold) that the Lord has revealed through His Word.   I pray that you will be encouraged and equipped for the journey through these teachings.

I have also added a “Photography” tab.  Photography has long been a joy to me, and I wanted to share some of what I see though the lens of my camera with you.  As you click on the banner to enter, this section will open in a new tab.  You can navigate through the photos by clicking back or forth on the arrows below the photo, or move forward by clicking on the photo itself.  Because it is a separate site, instead of having to backtrack, you can simply X out of it at any point and still have my main site as you left it.  I hope you will enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoyed shooting them, and above all, may God receive glory and praise as we behold the beauty of His creation.

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