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10.15.2020 Judgment on Jackson

25 Oct

At 5:30 am this morning (October 15, 2020) I awoke from a dream I knew was from the LORD.


It was daytime and I was standing in the street of a large city. I was looking upward and could see the tops of buildings and though I saw the tops of trees around these buildings, I knew I was in the downtown area of this city. I looked to my right and there was an enormous black funnel cloud moving quickly and low across the city, about a mile or so away from where I was. It wasn’t just dark as I’ve seen in the past, but actually jet black in color. Much like this:

It was not headed directly toward me, but remained to my right. I could not see if it had touched down but appeared that it would and that it would bring great destruction. Immediately after seeing the tornado, a huge black storm cloud suddenly appeared above the buildings directly in front of me and 2 or 3 blocks away. It too was as black as the tornado and moved quickly until it reached where I was standing. Much like this:

Suddenly, I knew I was standing in Jackson, Mississippi–our state Capitol. As this huge black cloud began dropping down I did not personally feel threatened or fearful, but knew I was there for a purpose. Although I never saw anyone, for I was always looking upward, at that moment I started shouting–prophesying for the people to repent and turn back to God and declaring that this was God’s judgment coming upon this city.

I woke up.

After I awoke and replayed the dream in my mind, I sensed strongly that the black tornado moving over the city of Jackson and the black storm cloud that moved over the downtown area of Jackson was not literal, but represented the violence and destruction that has resulted from the “Black Lives Matter” riots and takeovers in other cities. The Holy Spirit did not “say” that these were not literal or what they represented, but this is what immediately came to my mind. He did not reveal the “why” judgment would come upon this city. Another thing. In the dream I knew I was in the downtown area but it seemed strange to see the tops of trees among the tops of the buildings.

It has been at least 20 years since I have been in Jackson. I live almost 100 miles from Jackson and just have no reason to visit. After this dream I did some research on the city and it’s government, especially considering that Jackson is our state capitol. Since I’ve never seen these buildings in person or in photos, and although I did not see these government buildings in the dream, in looking at some of the images of the city I couldn’t help but notice all the trees surrounding the state capitol building and the Governor’s mansion which are about three blocks apart, and the many trees in the downtown area. Here are some pictures.

Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, MS
Mississippi Governor’s Mansion, Jackson, MS

God has instructed us through His WORD to pray for all of our government leaders. May the LORD show great mercy even in His righteous judgment.

Dreams, Visions and Words of the LORD Given Me That Were Fulfilled in the Past Year

29 Jul


Listed below are links to prophetic dreams, visions, and words from the LORD that God gave me in 2015 that have been fulfilled over the past year.

04.21.2015 ISIS in America ~ A Vision

04.27.2015 Dartmouth

06.26.2015 When SIN is made LAW ~~ God Declares Judgment on America

06.29.2015 A Storm Is Coming

If you wish to see the entire index of prophetic dreams, visions, and words of the LORD given me, go to and click on the PROPHETIC tab.

Blessings & Shalom,

2006 Race War Dream ~ Confirmation

10 Oct


Back in September a friend forwarded me an article by Rick Joiner that was published on the Elijah List.  In his attached video he shared a horrific prophetic dream of a war coming to America that exceeded the barbarism that is happening in the Middle East. It was confirmation of my 2006 Race War in America dream.  I just received an update on Rick’s dream in which he recaps what is in the video message and expounds on it.  The following excerpt from his update caught my attention.

Rick said, “When the Lord was asked about the signs of the end of the age, one of the first things He said was, “Nation will rise against nation” (see Matthew 24:7). The Greek word translated “nation” in these verses is ethnos from which we derive the English word “ethnic.” He wasn’t talking about countries fighting each other, but that one of the biggest events at the end of the age would be ethnic conflicts.”

Even if you have seen his video, if you haven’t read his update I encourage you to take the time to go HERE and read Rick’s dream and updated commentary on it.

Race War Dream Update

19 Aug


While watching the ongoing news of the mayhem caused by many of the protesters in Ferguson, MO after a policeman shot and killed an African-American, of course my thoughts went to my Race War dream from 2006–a dream of barbaric Islamic style violence in a small, mostly African-American populated town.  What brought my attention to the dream more than just the protests was what I witnessed as I watched the footage of the looters. Many of the black looters had their faces covered, and some covered their heads as well.   This reminded me of the violent Islamists, Hamas and ISIS, that have also been in the headlines for the past weeks.  These cowards also cover their faces and their heads so as not to be recognizable while committing unspeakable crimes against humanity.  After noticing this I contemplated bringing attention to the Race War dream, but felt I should wait.  Now I understand what I was waiting for.  Tonight I read multiple articles showing someone in the crowd of protesters carrying a sign that read, “ISIS HERE”.

Screenshot from CNN footage

Screenshot from CNN footage

The bearer of the sign followed Continue reading

Black and White

12 Sep

September 12, 2012

On December 10, 2006, the Lord gave me a dream of a race war in America.  The dream itself was very disturbing, but that it was happening in a very small, rural town was even more disturbing.  Since 2008 we have seen an escalation of black on white, and black on Jew attacks.  It would be bad enough if these were isolated incidents where one or two attacked another, but these are actual mobs of large numbers, and most of them are black youth.  At a time that they should feel empowered by the election of a black president to be the best they can be and take advantage of every opportunity afforded them, we are seeing just the opposite. Continue reading

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