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Coronavirus–Covid-19 Fullfillment of a Vision

15 Apr


As the Coronavirus spread globally over the past month, and especially here in the U.S., the Holy Spirit brought back to my mind a night vision He gave me nine years ago–June 17, 2011.  I read it and the updates again and knew that this was that.  In fact, as I re-read what I had written about the vision, the wording I used to describe it is exactly what has happened with the Coronavirus.  I am reposting the original and adding red highlights showing some specific details that fit what is happening currently.  Last night the LORD gave me confirmation and revelation concerning the symbolisms in the vision that are quite troubling. Continue reading

Catching Up, Confirmations & Catching On

30 Jul

Wednesday, July 30, 2015

Catching Up: I wanted to post this ahead of my next blog posts and also new pages under the PROPHETIC tab in order to explain why some will be dated in arrears.  The LORD reminded me of some things that He had shown me in the past that I had never written up and posted onto the site.  When I found these in my journals and in drafts that I had started working on but never finished, I knew I must finish them and get them online.  So, when you see a prior dated post you will understand why, and you will also understand why the sudden upsurge in my posting articles.  He has prompted me to “catch up”.

Confirmations: You will also see some updates, for previous posts and even the most recent ones, that are confirmations.  These have come quickly and I am working hard to get these out to you.

Catching On: Lastly, please bear with me if you receive duplicate posts. (my wonderful FREE web hosting service) made some changes in how the posts and the pages are published and because I missed the “memo”, it caused you to receive a duplication of my last post.  Sorry ’bout that.  If it happens again (and it very possibly could until I get the hang of it), please bear with me as I “catch on” to these changes.

Shalom and blessings,

“ATTACK!” “This Saturday” ~~ UPDATE

24 Jul

Friday, July 24, 2015

I was given confirmation concerning what I heard spoken to me this past Wednesday concerning “ATTACK!” “This Saturday” and tomorrow (Saturday, July 25th).  A prophetess that I highly respect, Penny Castro, (who posts her prophecies/revelations via NotzrimWoman on YouTube) shared a vision the Lord gave her this morning while in prayer and gave me permission to share it with you.   Continue reading

“ATTACK!” “This Saturday” ~ Correction Update

23 Jul

I am SO THANKFUL for beloved brothers and sisters in Christ who come along side me on this journey with the LORD.  Soon after posting this, one such sister and friend sent me an e-mail advising me that the 9th of AV is actually SATURDAY, JULY 25th and not today!  I have no idea how I read the date wrong.  But, WOW.  That it is on the same day makes this connection to “ATTACK!” “This Saturday” VERY relevant. Thanks Penny!  I encourage all of you to subscribe to Penny’s prophetic YouTube channel: Notzrim Woman.

Long Train Runnin’ Update

29 Oct

UPDATE: 10.29.2013

Tonight, around the same time that the LORD showed me this vision last Friday night, approximately 9:55 pm, He gave me the word Zephyr.  I then remembered that I had seen a photo of one of the Amtrak trains where the caption had the name Zephyr.  I knew I must look this up.  I did a search for Amtrak Zephyr and have added the amazing information to the article. Click HERE and scroll to read the UPDATE.

2016: Obama’s America

16 Aug




August 16, 2012

The Surrender of Ethan Moses

29 May

May 29, 2011
It is with great joy that I can recommend this book to my subscribers and visitors to my site.  Terry Goetz is a precious brother in the Lord and dear friend.  I loaned Terry’s first novel, “The Surrender of Ethan Moses”, to a friend last week.   She walked up to me at church this morning and stated emphatically,
“Tell me this man is about to publish his second novel!”
That’s probably the best compliment one could give an author.
Terry doesn’t mention it, but what makes this novel so inspiring is the fact that many of the characters are based on real people that he knew.  In fact, the main character is based on a mutual friend of ours.  And though the story line is fiction,  the supernatural events that took place in the main characters life was in fact, real–some I learned first hand and some I actually witnessed.  This is truly a work of the Holy Spirit– filled with anointed teachings and powerful revelations from God’s Word.
I just want to make you aware of it and encourage you to pre-order your copy.  It is set to be released mid June and you can find it at the Books-A-Million and Amazon web sites by simply following these links.  You will be blessed.
You can also find the books Facebook page by its title.
The following synopsis is from the books website:

My name is Levi. I am an angel prince sent to Earth to protect the fold, ensure God’s providences, retaliate against God’s foes, and do God’s bidding for the redeemed in Christ. This is the story of one of my charges as he endeavors to glorify God and humbly serve man.

Ethan Moses does not live the typical sedentary Christian life. In his quest to serve God, Ethan meets with many obstacles. He builds a church only to see it burn to the ground. He encounters racism and bigotry of the worst kind. He struggles to find his soul mate after losing her once before. But through all this, Ethan never loses sight of God’s wonderful ability to turn what seems disastrous into a marvelous blessing.

The Surrender of Ethan Moses, in a story that spans almost a century, follows Ethan through mysterious rendezvous in Venice, bait and switch scams in Chicago, and even a few chance meetings with the angel Levi himself. Even when Ethan finally settles into his golden years, there is still adventure ahead as he mentors energetic young pastor Hudson Taylor. Hudson discovers, just as you will, that there is much more to this old pastor than meets the eye.

The Surrender of Ethan Moses is a truly inspirational story, told by one of God’s angels about one of God’s humble servants. It offers a compelling, intriguing account of how all of us should endeavor to live our lives as Christians.

More to Come

11 Apr

April 11, 2011

I hesitated at first to share this because it is “after the fact”, but I’m not trying to maintain some form of reputation, so I’m going to share my feelings about what has continued to unfold in Japan.  A few days after the March 11, 2011 catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, I suddenly had the strongest feeling that it wasn’t over–that there was more to come.

Continue reading

Former US General Warns of Iranian Preemptive Strike on Israel

20 May

May 20, 2010

News that you need to hear, but will not hear from U.S. media concerning the threat to Israel.  An interview with a former U.S. General, posted May 6, reveals plans to attack Israel before Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities .

Watch the alarming interview with former U.S. General here.  It is time worthy to watch this very revealing 12 minute video.

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