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More to Come

11 Apr

April 11, 2011

I hesitated at first to share this because it is “after the fact”, but I’m not trying to maintain some form of reputation, so I’m going to share my feelings about what has continued to unfold in Japan.  A few days after the March 11, 2011 catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, I suddenly had the strongest feeling that it wasn’t over–that there was more to come.

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Former US General Warns of Iranian Preemptive Strike on Israel

20 May

May 20, 2010

News that you need to hear, but will not hear from U.S. media concerning the threat to Israel.  An interview with a former U.S. General, posted May 6, reveals plans to attack Israel before Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities .

Watch the alarming interview with former U.S. General here.  It is time worthy to watch this very revealing 12 minute video.