Again the word of the LORD came to me, saying,
Son of man,
they of the house of Israel say,
The vision that he seeth
is for many days to come,
and he prophesieth of the times
that are far off.
Therefore say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD;
There shall none of my words be prolonged any more,
but the word which I have spoken shall be done,
saith the Lord GOD.
Ezekiel 12:26-28


The prophecies that have found fulfillment (noted in red) are continually updated as each new revelation and confirmation of its fulfillment is manifest.  Updates of these are posted to the blog and if you are subscribed you will receive the update, as well as any new revelation, via E-mail.

If you are new to the site, I recommend you read the “Introduction” below and then scroll to the bottom and read “11.14.1998” The Heavens Opened and I saw Visions of God.  After that you can scroll upward to read them in chronological order or start at the top to read the most recent.

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(About the vessel)

01.17.2017 I heard: “Southern Poverty Law”

(A name I heard repeatedly before waking.)

07.22.2015  “ATTACK!” ~ “This Saturday”

(A word of warning of an attack that would happen Saturday, 07.25.2015)

Fulfilled 07.25.2015: Palestinians on Temple Mount in Jerusalem attack Jewish worshipers at Western Wall on 9th of Av.  

06.29.2015 A Storm Is Coming

(“CASHERING” of the U.S. Government and a spoken warning from the LORD due to same-sex marriage legalization by U.S. Supreme Court.)

Fulfilled 06.12.2016: Massacre at Orlando, Florida LGBT Nightclub

06.26.2015 When SIN is made LAW ~~ God Declares Judgment on America

(A word of judgment from the LORD to America after Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage nationally.) 

Partial fulfillment 07.16.2015: Muslim terrorists attack military recruiting stations killing 5 military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

04.27.2015 Dartmouth

Fulfilled 11.12.2015: Campus protest by Black Lives Matter students at Dartmouth College turns profane and abusive when they take over campus library.  

(A word from the LORD ~~ A sense of warning for Dartmouth College.)

04.21.2015 ISIS in America ~ A Vision


(An attack on U.S. soil by ISIS militants.)

01.05.2015 WATCH!

(A call of the LORD for His people to watch what He will do.)

09.20.2014 GAINESVILLE

(A name given me by the LORD upon waking.)

12.08.2013 Revisiting 911 Again ~A Vision

(A night vision revisiting the events of 9/11 –warning of another.)

Confirmed 5 days later, 12.13.2013                                 

10.25.2013 Long Train Runnin’ ~ A Vision

(An ominous sense of tragedy, a vision, and a song title.)

Fulfilled 12.01.2013: New York train derailment.

08.30.2011 SEATTLE ~~ A Visit ~ A Vision

(The Lord sent me to Seattle to pray, receive a vision, and its confirmation.)

Confirmed 08.30.2011 & 07.30.2015

06.17.2011 Deadly “Super-Bugs”

(A repeated dream of a deadly pestilence in America.)

Repeated Fulfillment: With Coronavirus (Covid-19) Global Pandemic

05.20.2011 An Evil Proclamation

(A word of the Lord concerning the actions of the President of the United States against Israel.)

Partial Fulfillment: Deadly tornado outbreaks in U.S. 

04.14.2011 Buildings Collapsing in a City ~ A Vision

(A vision of the historic and deadly outbreaks of tornadoes in April and May 2011 that ravaged cities across the nation. Fulfillment began on the day of the vision.)

Fulfilled: Deadly tornado outbreaks in U.S.

04.13.2011 Come Near Ye Nations To Hear

(A prophetic Word of the Lord to the nations in this hour, given through His WORD.)

Fulfilled: Record breaking natural disasters and violence worldwide.

01.08.2011 Breaking News of Tragedy in U.S.~A Vision

(A vision of breaking news on TV of a deadly event in the U.S.)

Fulfilled that morning: U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords & others shot.

10.15.2010 The White House ~ The Black Flag of Islam — A Vision

(A vision of the black flag of Islam flying over the White House of the U.S.)

Fulfilled: Same day & 09.23.2012 jummah prayers at Capitol–program insert showing black flag of jihad atop White House.   

10.09.2010 Revisiting 9/11 ~ A Vision

(Witnessing the sights, sounds, and feelings of 9/11)

Partial Fulfillment: Dry run uncovered.  Bombs in planes. 

09.23 & 24.2010 The Tail of an Airplane ~ Visions

(A repeated vision of a commercial airliner and the colors of a terrorist nation.)

Partial Fulfillment: Plane with this tail a threat. 

09.12.2010 Washington Doesn’t Lose Sleep At Night

(A word of the Lord concerning the Obama administration.)

Fulfilled: 09.11.2012 Benghazi Embassy massacre. Obama administration complicit and cover-up.

07.03.2010 Until Shiloh (Messiah) Come

(Was awakened hearing this Word from the Lord concerning His soon return.)

06.29.2010 Muslims Beheading People In America

(A night vision of people being beheaded by Muslims in the U.S.)

Fulfilled: 09.25.2014 Vaughn Foods Moore, OK.  Muslim beheads coworker & attempts a second. 

06.11.2010 Who is Douglas Kysar?

(I awoke hearing this name I’d never heard before.)


05.05.2010 Vision of a Supreme Court Justice

(God showed me the next supreme court justice ~ a warning.)

Fulfilled: The president’s appointment of Elena Kagan.

03.29.2010 We Are On The CUSP

(God spoke this word to me and revealed that the U.S. was at a CUSP–a point of change, and a point of no return.  This was not a good thing.)

Fulfilled: Passover 2010

03.23.2010 The Handwriting on the Wall

(God spoke this word to me concerning the U.S.)

02.20.2010 The Day of the Lord ~ A Vision

(God confirming repeatedly through His Word and through a vision that His coming is near.)

01.23.2010 Indebted to the Enemy

(God spoke a word to me concerning the relationship of the U.S. to China)

Fulfilled: Already there & rapidly increasing deepening of debt.

03.08.2009 Desolation in the U.S.

(A dream of complete ruin and desolation in the U.S.)

10.23.2008 SIGNS

(A dream revealing that Barack Hussein Obama would win the presidential election.)

Fulfilled 12 days later 11.04.2008: Obama elected President of U.S.

08.21.2008 “Lord, who is this man?” ~ Barack Hussein Obama

(God gives a vision, a word, and revelations revealing the spirit of Barack Obama eight years before he ran for president.)

Fulfilled 11.04.2008: Obama elected President of U.S.

06.02.2008 Jerusalem Day ~ Warning to the U.S. & the Nations

(God showed me in repeated open visions what I would do prophetically in Israel and then He fulfilled these prophetic events and revealed why.)

Fulfilled: 06.02.2008

00.00.0000 Bombing on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem

(A dream of a bombing in Jerusalem before it happened in a place I’d never been or seen before and then took me there and revealed all of the dream and where it took place.)

Fulfilled 12.01.2001: Ben Yehuda St. bombed by terrorists.

01.16.2008 Terrorist Bombing School Buses

(A dream of repeated terrorist bombings of school buses loaded with children.)

Fulfilled same day 01.16.2008 and again 2 weeks later 01.29.2008: Sri Lanka school children killed by bus bomb. 

07.21.2007 A Beslan Type Attack in the U.S.

(A warning of U.S. elementary school children being killed by terrorists.)

Possible Fulfillment 12.14.2012: Sandy Hook Elementary massacre Newtown, Connecticut. 

07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium

(A vision of something catastrophic happening at a football stadium.)

06.29.2007 What I Show You Will Not Be Thwarted

(God spoke this word to me concerning the things He shows me and tells me.)

06.26.2007 Another 9/11 ?  The time is 11:55!

(A vision of another attack like 9/11 and that time was short.)

06.26.2007 Communists Controlling U.S. Economy

(A dream of communists running corporations in the U.S. and controlling the economy.)

Progressive Fulfillment

06.13.2007 Terrorists in Rural America

(Dual dream of nuclear bombs being detonated in rural America.)

06.05.2007 Missile Burns Asian Children

(Night vision of a U.S. missile burning Asian children in a city.)

06.04.2007 The Trump of the Lord ~ Prepare for the Shaking

(God’s warning of the Great Recession in America)

Fulfilled beginning 2008: The Great Recession

05.23.2007 Nuclear Bomb in the U.S.

(A dream of a nuclear bomb detonated near my home.)

05.16.2007 Guillotine in Iraq

(A vision of multiple beheadings in rural Iraq that was fulfilled 43 days later.)

Fulfilled 06.28.2007: Twenty men beheaded in Iraq.

04.16.2007 Hunted Down by a Gunman

(A dream of the Virginia Tech massacre only hours before it happened.)

Fulfilled same day 04.16.2007: Virginia Tech massacre

04.10.2007 Woe to America!

(A word of the Lord concerning judgment coming to America.)

Progressive Fulfillment

12.10.2006 Race War in America

(A dream of a brutal and Islamic barbaric style of warfare in the U.S.)

Multiple confirmations of the escalation of racial tensions in the U.S. fueled by the Obama administration and funded by such as George Soros.

11.21.2006 Suicide Bombers

(An open vision of suicide bombers hitting soft spots such as malls in the U.S.)

11.12.2006 Men Burned Alive in Iraq

(A vision of men being tortuously burned alive in the city street of Baghdad, Iraq.)

Fulfilled 12 days later 11.24.2006: Men soaked with kerosene and burned alive in city of Baghdad, Iraq. 

07.27.2006 Massive Death of Americans ~ Dead & Desecrated Bald Eagle

(A dream of mass death of Americans and the desecration of the nations symbol.)

11.10.2005 The King is Coming!

(The angel of the Lord whispered this loudly in my right ear concerning the soon return of Christ.)

06.11.2005 Hurricane Surge Drowning People in Building

(A prophetic dream of a hurricane surge drowning people.)

Fulfilled 07.10, 08.29, 09.24, & 10.24.2005: Record breaking deadly U.S. hurricanes; Dennis, Katrina, Rita & Wilma.

03.06.2005 A Song in the Night

(A word of the Lord warning God’s people to wake up, that His judgment was coming upon the nations.)

Fulfilled: 07.07.2005 four London bombings & four U.S. Hurricanes 07.10 through 10.24.2005

02.18.2005 A Stone Bridge Over Ragging Waters

(A dream confirming God’s fearful judgment coming to the U.S. and the U.K.)

Fulfilled: 07.07.2005 London bombings and 07.10.2005 four U.S. Hurricanes

00.00.2005 Jesus Is Coming!

(An angel of the Lord whispered this loudly in my right ear of the soon return of Christ.)

11.25.2003 Volcano & Massive Earthquake Split the U.S. In Two

(A dream of a volcano and earthquake that splits the nation in two and transforms the geography of America.)

09.01.2003 Troublesome Times

(A warning of coming trials and judgments on the nations.)

Fulfilled: Beginning 09.01.2004 Beslan, Russian school massacre, 07.07.2005 London bombings & U.S. multiple hurricanes.

08.15.2003 A Nation Unraveling

(An open vision of the undoing of the U.S. and why.)

Progressive Fulfillment: U.S. sin in parting the land of Israel.  Disengagement 08.15.2005 and many other events connected.  

03.14.2003 Iran and North Korea Serious Threats

(A word of the Lord concerning these two nations.)

Fulfilled 2006 to current day: Ongoing threat of Iran going nuclear, threatening U.S. & Israel as well as N Korea’s ongoing threats of attacks and both countries ties with China, Turkey, Russia and other powerful militant nations.

03.14.2003 War With Iraq

(A vision of what would happen with the U.S. war in Iraq.)

Fulfilled 03.19.2003 through next 10+ years: U.S. war with Iraq.

02.18.2003 Bombing in London by Muslim Terrorists

(A very detailed dream of Islamic terrorists bombing London.)

Fulfilled 07.07.2005: Four Muslims bomb three subway trains and a double-decker bus in London.  

11.03.2002 A Warning of Judgment ~ A Call to Repent

(A word of the Lord concerning the U.S. — a warning)

Fulfilled 6 years later 11.04.2008: Election of Barack Hussein Obama as America’s 44th president.

09.17.2002 Bicycles in the Sky ~ Hailstones of Fire

(A dream of America being attacked by an Asian country and the judgments out of the book of Revelation.)

07.11.2002 Political Conspiracy In America

(A dream 6 years before it happened, of a political conspiracy to put their man–a Manchurian candidate so to speak–into office in the U.S., and its devastating affect on America.) 

Fulfilled 11.04.2008: The election of Barack Hussein Obama as U.S. President

03.31.2002 Terrorists Target School Children In Israel

(An open vision of Palestinian terrorists targeting Israeli school children.) 

Fulfilled 05.28, 06.18, & 07.31.2002: Multiple terrorist attacks involving and targeting school and college children in Israel.

03.21.2002 Pakistan’s President Musharraf ~ A Two-Headed Snake

(An open vision of Pakistan’s president’s deception to the U.S.)

Fulfilled: Confirmed repeatedly and fulfilled in the years that followed.

09.10.2001 God’s Judgment Coming Upon America

(A dream of God’s judgment coming upon America the morning before 9/11, and of the rapture of the Believers of Jesus.)

Fulfilled 09.11.2001: Terrorist attacks on NYC

08.15.2001 A Warning of Coming Judgment to a Great City

(A word of the Lord warning of judgment from the Scriptures.) 

Fulfilled 09.11.2001: New York City terrorist attacks on World Trade Center

11.14.1998 The Heavens Opened and I saw Visions of God

(A dream of visions of the return of Christ Jesus.)

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