00.00.0000 Bombing on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem

Dream of a suicide bomber downtown Jerusalem.

FULFILLED December 1, 2001

Revelation and confirmation of dream revealed
May 10 – June
 4, 2008


The reason this post has no date of the dream is because I cannot locate it in my journals.  This has bewildered me ever since I realized it was not to be found.  I remember documenting it years ago, and remember the details vividly, but due to having to reload my documents and files into new computers over the years, I’ve somehow lost some of the files into oblivion, and assume this was one such file.  Without the date, I cannot be sure if this could have already been fulfilled.  I can only hope that it has, in the bombing on Ben Yehuda Steet, downtown Jerusalem on December 1, 2001.  What I saw while in Jerusalem for the first time causes me to believe that God showed me this just prior to it happening and that it has indeed already happened.

While in Jerusalem during May and June of 2008, God had me right where this dream played out.  God had never confirmed anything to me in this way before.   I had never been to Jerusalem and had no knowledge of a place called Ben Yehuda.    But, as I walked along this street, everything in the dream, multiple things I saw and heard, began to appear before me.  As I saw these things, I had such an ominous feeling that it had not happened yet.  As the month wore on, God would repeatedly confirm more and more of this dream.  I would research and see that there had indeed been a bombing on Ben Yehuda, and would come to realize that the bombing was very possibly the fulfillment of my dream.  But I was not sure. If it had not, I knew that it would, and so I prayed for God’s mercy.  Regardless, my hope would be that it would have already happened.  We must always remember that God’s Word tells us that we only see “in part”.



I dreamed that I was in Jerusalem for the first time.  I had parked my car on a street in downtown Jerusalem. In my car were groceries as if I was staying there for an extended time.  I got out of the car and was walking across the street to try to find a place to stay.  I was there for the first time, alone, and did not know anyone or know where to stay.  Suddenly, I looked up, and a woman I knew from my home town was standing a few feet in front of me.  This was a woman who went to a church I had attended years before, and I had not seen her in many years.  She and her husband were very involved with the church and held prominent positions with  Charismatic ministries state-wide.  I tried to respect this woman and love her as a sister in the Lord, but her personality was not one that I enjoyed being around.   She was a bit arrogant and self-righteous.  She had a pious attitude and came across quite condescendingly. I’d heard her make remarks that revealed that she felt spiritually superior to most anyone else.  I was shocked to see her standing there, but not as shocked as she was to see me.   In my dream,  I knew that she came and went frequently–that she had some sort of ongoing ministry there (Though in the natural, I do not know if the woman has ever been to Israel).  With that familiar, condescending tone she asked, “What are YOU doing here?” , as if to imply I was somehow too inept to be doing anything in Israel.  I told her that God had sent me and I was looking for a place to stay.  At this, another woman walked up beside her.  I had never seen her.  She was about the same age of the women I knew and it was obvious they were very close friends.  At this, the woman I knew told me that if I would carry her friends luggage to the hotel, (which was more than a block away) they could tell me a place I could stay.  I didn’t like the attitude of this woman or her friend who had this same condescending attitude. Even though I felt that I needed someone to help me, because of what I sensed off of these two women–that they only wanted to use me–I declined their offer and turned to walk up the street.

I walked up the hill  onto the sidewalk on the left of the street, and came upon a small group of people of different ages.   They were singing along with a larger group of young people who were standing together on a slightly raised platform to our right, in the middle of the street facing down the hill.  I joined in with them, for they were singing Christian praise choruses and hymns that I knew. They were singing in English, but they looked Asian.  As I stood there, I couldn’t help but notice the building we were standing in front of.  To my left was a row of old buildings that were connected to each other.  This one that I was directly in front of was different from the others, in that it had three large arches on the front of the building–over the door and the window on each side of the door.  I looked up at it and wondered if it was a church or maybe a theater.   I then turned and looked several feet further up the hill where the sidewalk stopped and an ally or street crossed.  I saw a delivery truck slowly entering into this side street, moving from my right to my left.  I watched as if in slow motion as the truck driver, a middle-aged, middle-eastern  looking man with dark skin and hair, turned and looked straight at me just before the cab of his truck slowly disappeared past the building.  The moment we made eye contact I knew he was a bomber and he knew who I was.  I didn’t feel personally threatened by this, but felt that God was allowing me to see what was about to happen.

I woke up.



The first time I went to Jerusalem was May 9, 2008. I was there, as in my dream, for an extended stay.  I was there almost a full month–until June 4, 2008.  The night I remembered this dream while in Jerusalem was May 10th.  I was walking down Ben Yehuda Street in downtown Jerusalem with the woman who invited me to accompany her and some of her friends on this trip to Israel.  It was Saturday night–the end of Shabbat.  Ben Yehuda is a very popular area for Jews, especially Jewish young people, and tourists.  This old part of the city that has been converted into an open air pedestrian mall–Ben Yehuda and intersecting streets that have been closed off to traffic–is a very busy and crowded place.  As we walked down the hill, I suddenly had what some would call “Deja vu”.  Just below us, in the middle of this pedestrian street, was a large group of young people standing on a slightly raised concrete platform, singing Christian songs.  They were facing down the hill.  Immediately, a dream I had not recalled in years came back to me.  I looked at this lady and ominously said, “I’ve seen this.  I’ve heard this.  I’ve seen it in my dreams, and it’s NOT good.”  I would realize later in the month that at that very moment when I realized this, I was walking across the intersection where I saw the bomber driving his delivery truck in my dream.  I was facing everything backward from my dream.  The main thing that stood out to me at that moment was the fact that there were young Christians standing together in the middle of the street singing Christian songs and people were gathered around them listening and singing along.  Another thing that I remembered in my dream was that I had groceries in my car as if I was going to be there for an extended visit and that it was my first trip there.  This indeed was my first trip to Israel and I was staying a month.  Another part of the dream that was literal was that this street was on a hill and the kids singing were facing downhill.

I would visit Ben Yehuda many times during the month that followed, and always at night.  Many times during the month, I would search my computer diligently trying to locate the dream.  I wanted desperately to find out the DATE of the dream.  I wanted to see if it had already happened and that God was just giving me confirmation of it.  The date could confirm this or reveal that it could possibly happen while I was there.

At the end of the second week in Jerusalem I was walking up Ben Yehuda again and came upon a different group of young people singing Christian songs.  These young people looked and sounded Asian, possibly Korean, and were singing in their native tongue.  This was only the second time I’d witnessed a group in the middle of the street singing, and they were on the very same platform as the others had been.  And, as in my dream, these were Asian young people.  This time though, I was walking up the street and was standing directly across and on the opposite side from where I was standing in my dream.  I stood there among the crowd that surrounded them and joined in clapping as they sang.  I even sang along in English, for I recognized the melodies to the praise choruses and hymns they were singing.  Suddenly, as I was doing this, more of my dream came back to me.  I remembered that this was exactly what I was doing in my dream–joining in and singing with the group in a crowd of people.  I also realized that some of the events that had taken place in those first two weeks were the same that had happened in my dream. In fact, the most literal had happened within the hour prior to me begin back in that location.

I would return to Ben Yehuda on other evenings during the final two weeks of my stay there.  My last day in Jerusalem, Tuesday, May 4th, the Lord instructed me to go to Ben Yehuda alone to pray.  He did not say when, so mid-morning I began walking up the very familiar route I’d taken many times before from the Jaffa Gate of the Old City.  I had only walked a  few yards from Jaffa Gate when the Lord spoke to me and said, “It’s not time.”  I stopped, turned around and headed back toward the Old City.  As I walked back down the hill toward the Old City the Lord instructed me that I was to wait and go in the afternoon  while it was still daylight.  I had no idea why, but I knew there had to be a reason for His timing.

Late afternoon the Lord prompted me that it was time to go to Ben Yehuda Street.  Although I was not afraid to be on Ben Yehuda, I still wondered if my dream had yet come to pass.  I could not help but wonder if God would cause me to witness its fulfillment as He had caused me to witness the bomber in my dream.  As I reached the entrance from Jaffa Street the Lord said, “Take pictures of your dream.”  I always kept my camera in my purse, so I pulled it out and as I walked up the street I began to take these daytime photos.  I walked, I snapped, and I prayed.  I prayed for God’s mercy on all who would experience or may have already experienced this horrific attack.

Entering Ben Yehuda Street from Jaffa Street

I reached the empty platform where I had twice witnessed a group of young people singing Christian songs and joined in singing with them.  I took a shot of it with the buildings on the left and the cross street in the background.  In my dream I was standing between the woman on the left in the blue shirt and the guy in the black shirt sitting on the stone flower-box, and I was looking up the street.

Raised platform the young people were standing on and singing Christian songs.

Then another showing the side street going off to the left just beyond the platform–the street the bomber was driving onto.

The street the bomber in the delivery truck was slowly entering.

The Lord said, “Look at the name of the street.”  When I looked up and saw the sign and read the name of the street, I was taken aback, for the very name of the street was so symbolic of the murder of innocent Jews.

The name of the street the bomber drove onto.

The name of the street is Mordekhi Ben Hillel.  Mordekhi was the uncle of Hadasha, who became Queen Ester.  Both were used mightily by God to save the entire nation of Israel from another man who hated the Jews and desired to kill them all–the evil Haman.

I took a few more shots that were not in my dream–a shot beyond and also one across from the intersection.  Though I did not see this in my dream, I felt I should take them.  I would find out later, why.  I had finished taking pictures that were relevant to my dream, but as I began walking back down the street, the Lord instructed me to take another–to take one of the platform and buildings from a reverse view of my dream.  I did not realize it at the time, but I was literally standing at the same place I was my first night on Ben Yehuda when the Lord began to show me my dream.   And again, God would reveal even more how literal my dream was.  I quickly raised my camera and aimed it down the hill.  I didn’t focus on anything in particular.  I just pulled it up and shot in that direction.  When I lowered my camera and looked at what I had captured, what I saw almost knocked me off my feet!  For the first time in all the many times I’d been on this street at night, and even today in daylight I had already taken pictures of them from the opposite direction but had not noticed them, THERE THEY WERE!  THE ARCHES!

The first time I saw the arches on the building and remembered them from my dream.

I suddenly noticed the front of the building that I would have been standing in front of  in my dream.  There were the three arches on the front of the building!  I cannot tell you how seeing these made me feel.  Not only had I failed to see this before, I had not remembered this part of the dream until that very moment.  It was such a powerful confirmation added to what He had already shown me.  I thought I’d remembered all of the dream, but again, He was bringing more of it back to me.  If you recall, in my dream, I specifically noticed these three arches on the building.  Here I stood, amazed at how many times I had seen this building, how many times I had walked past it at night, stood across from it, and had even taken pictures of it before this one minutes earlier, yet, had not “SEEN” it.  (If you scroll back up and look at some of the pictures I took before this one, you can see the arches on the building.)  It is only by the revelation that GOD gives us at the TIME that GOD gives it to us, that can we truly SEE.  When I finally SAW this, I walked across the street from it and stood there in amazement.  I then took this next picture in order to get a full view of the front of this building from my dream.

The building I stood in front of in my dream had three arches across the front of it.

There were the three arches I had seen on the face of the building I was standing in front of in my dream.  I could not read the Hebrew sign and had no idea what business this was.  The door was open so I stepped inside.  All of the exterior and interior signage was in Hebrew, but I noticed what looked like several ATM’s inside.  I walked back out and asked the young man sitting in front of the building if he could tell me what it was.  I asked if it was a bank, and in his broken Hebrew he said that it was.

I asked this young Israeli sitting in front of the building in my dream if this was a bank.

I asked this young Israeli sitting in front of the building in my dream if this was a bank.

Where I was standing when I took the above photo was where I was standing in my dream and the vantage point I had of the intersection just a few yards further up the hill where I saw the bomber in a covered truck slowly crossing beyond the building, and of the raised platform that the Asian youth were standing on as they sang Christian songs, as well as the building with the three arches that I saw on my left.

It was so surreal.  Here I stood, right in the very place that I was standing in my dream when I witnessed and participated in all that I saw and heard.  THIS was my vantage point when I looked up and saw the delivery truck pull into the street to the left of this row of buildings just beyond where the youth were singing.  This time, I was seeing everything–everything except the bomber in his delivery truck.

The bombing that took place on Ben Yehuda December 1, 2001 was done by two pedestrian suicide bombers, and about 20 minutes later, a car bomb just off of Ben Yehuda.  Vehicles are not permitted on Ben Yehuda Street and considering that everything in my dream was literal except the truck bomber being on Ben Yehuda, it left me desperately seeking the Lord for understanding and more confirmation.  Of all the times I’d been on Ben Yehuda I’d never seen a delivery truck nor any other vehicle.  But considering that all my other visits there were at night, it is understandable why there would not be any deliveries being made.  With the barriers, I assumed there was no way trucks could enter these streets.  There were also police posted at the entrances.

During the month that I was there I would ask the Lord for revelation and understanding concerning all of this.  It was a bit overwhelming to see all of this replay before me , not knowing for certain if it had actually already been fulfilled.  However, I knew that whatever happened, it would be God’s will and I had peace concerning my own safety.

After having this last, yet very important piece of the picture revealed to me, I began walking down the hill toward my favorite outdoor restaurant near the entrance onto Ben Yehuda from Jaffa St..  Because of these latest revelations, I paid close attention to detail as I strolled down the hill.  It was then that I noticed that my car would have been parked right in front of where my favorite Falafel place was located–a place I had visited many times during that month.  It was the area–the distance from the building with the arches–where in my dream, I parked my car full of groceries. Not only was the groceries in my car representative of me being there for an extended period of time, but it also represented that I had parked at a place of food, a place that I would frequent often during my month in Israel, and a place on the very street where the bombing would take place.  I got my meal and walked into the street directly in front of the food place to sit down at one of the tables.  I sensed the Lord wanted me to sit so that I would be facing up the street toward the bank and platform area.  Although it was several yards from me, and there was another eating area between me and the bank and performing platform, I could still see it from where I was sitting.

As I sat there eating, I felt led to take my camera back out and take a picture from that vantage point.  A couple of minutes later I heard something that shook me to my core.  I heard those all familiar, long, and repeated beeps of a commercial vehicle backing up.  I looked up and what I saw almost took my breath away.  Right there in front of me, across the middle of Ben Yehuda Street where I had just taken a picture, in front of the platform, was a red armored truck backing up to the front of the bank–the building I was standing in front of in my dream–the building with the triple arches!

In almost disbelief, I raised my camera, zoomed in and took a picture.

Armoured truck across Ben Yehuda St. backing up to the building I stood in front of in my dream, and directly in front of the raised platform the youth were singing on.

For the first time in a month of being there, I was witnessing a DELIVERY TRUCK on Ben Yehuda Street.  And it wasn’t just “anywhere” on Ben Yehuda.  It was directly in front of that platform that the kids were singing on, and backing up to the very building I was standing in front of in my dream.  It wasn’t pulling into the side street just beyond the platform as I saw in my dream, but, if it had been as in my dream I would have possibly never even seen it.  If this delivery truck had not been backing up and making the beeping sound, I might not have noticed it.  Just the fact that God saw to it that I witnessed this happening and realized that this part of my dream–this part about the delivery truck that I thought was very possibly the only part that wasn’t “literal”–suddenly became a very LITERAL possibility!

This was so overwhelming that within a minute of seeing the delivery truck I told the Lord that I couldn’t sit there anymore.  I no longer had an appetite for my favorite Israeli food.  I gathered up my food and drink, picked up my purse, and turned and walked back down the hill to the entrance of Ben Yehuda.  I was in tears.  It was just heart wrenching to see the last missing puzzle piece fall into place.  Suddenly, my hope that this was all just confirmation of a dream already fulfilled was suddenly lost.  What had appeared to possibly be symbolic became literal and what I’d hoped was just confirmation seemed even more prophetic.  I had the overwhelming sense that this that I had dreamed and was confirmed to me so vividly was still to happen.  At that moment it was very hard to discern if what I was feeling was me or if the LORD was revealing this.

Just as I was about to reach the barricades something else happened I’d never witnessed before, and this showed me that not only did they allow delivery trucks on Ben Yehuda, but that the security in this area was not what it “appeared”.  As I was walking down the street to leave Ben Yehuda, a motorcycle came zipping by from behind me and a young female police officer who was standing at that end of Ben Yehuda stepped over to flag the young man down.  He obviously wasn’t supposed to be on Ben Yehuda.  But he was.  This breach that I witnessed gave additional credence to this part of my dream.   It was staggering enough to see this delivery truck, but it made me understand how, as I saw  in my dream, a bomber could get a truck bomb onto this street.  The driver was someone they “trusted”–someone who had been doing this a long time.  Seeing this obvious breach in security at this very moment was just more revelation.  God’s TIMING in all of this was incredible.

I walked off of Ben Yehuda and sat down on the steps of a large bank building in the square just a few feet from the barricades.  I sat there facing Ben Yehuda and prayed.  I prayed for mercy.  The Lord had already told me a year earlier that the things that He shows me will not be thwarted, that they WILL come to pass.  I kept watching the policewoman talking to the young motorcyclist and then let him go.   I got up and walked over to the two police officers–the woman and a man.  I asked them about the previous suicide bombing and if they knew exactly where on Ben Yehuda that it took place.  They weren’t certain, but just that it was somewhere near the platform in the middle of the street.  I explained to them that I was a Christian, of my love for Israel and the Jewish people, and why I was asking about this.  I briefly told them of my dream and how I truly hoped it had already happened.  If it has not, and my dream is fulfilled, this will be a testimony to these two Israelis.  They seemed to appreciate what I shared and I walked away.

As I stated at the beginning, I cannot find the documentation of this dream to know exactly what day I dreamed it, and can only hope that the December 1, 2001 bombing on Ben Yehuda was the fulfillment of the dream.  I continue to pray for confirmation of this.  If the 2001 bombing was not the fulfillment of my dream, and because the Lord has told me that what he shows me will not be thwarted but will come to pass, I pray that God will show great mercy to those on Ben Yehuda when it does.  Again, my hope is that it has already happened and this is just the most amazing confirmation I’ve ever experienced.

UPDATED: 01/30/2009

The Lord had me researching my dream again and this time He led me to sites and to people–two Messianic Jews in Jerusalem–to gain the information that I needed to finally cause me to feel that this dream has in fact already been fulfilled, and that His taking me there and literally seeing all but the actual bombing being reenacted in front of me, was to reveal to me that it had indeed already happened.    Through these sources I have found that the bombing on Ben Yehuda Street December 1, 2001, happened in the very area where I saw the bomber traveling–the very street that crosses Ben Yehuda. I have seen photos of the victims with the surrounding buildings and it confirms what I saw in my dream.  There are photos of victims lying in the street that crosses Ben Yehuda–the street the bomber in the delivery truck was on and right at the location where twice God had me stop and realize, on my first and last time to be on Ben Yehuda St, that I was standing in the very place of my dream.  There are also photos of victims lying on Ben Yehuda St. near the bank and the platform.   I have chosen out of respect for those killed to not show the graphic photos of the bombing aftermath.  You can easily find them on the internet if you need confirmation of this.

One of the things that I found in all of my researching was that there had been a horrific bombing on Ben Yehuda Street February 22, 1948.  Three British military trucks bullied their way through a checkpoint without the trucks being searched, drove up onto Ben Yehuda Street in the heart of Jerusalem, abandoned the vehicles via an armored car and detonated the bombs in the 3 trucks.  The picture below was taken from the same perspective as some of mine, and if you look on the left of the picture, you will actually see the building with the 3 arches as it looked 60 years earlier.   You can see that the smoke is rising on the right, from the street that intersects Ben Yehuda–the street I saw the man in the truck driving on in my dream, and the street that was one of the locations where the Dec. 1, 2001 bombings took place.   In light of the fact that this bombing was carried out with truck bombs, I find it very intriguing that the bomber in my dream was driving a truck in this same area.  I also could not help but notice that the building with the three arches was left in tact while the rest of the building to the intersection looks to have been badly damaged.

Ben Yehuda St Bombing Feb 22, 1948 (Photo: David Rubinger)

Ben Yehuda St. June 2008

This is that same street and the same arched building today–60 years later.

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