03.14.2003 Iran and North Korea Serious Threats

Word of the Lord concerning Iran and North Korea being threats

FULFILLED: 2006 to Date(March 2009) & still ongoing

North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs have become grave threats to America, Israel and other nations.

This is what I heard the Lord speak:

“Iran and North Korea will be great threats.”

At the time that the Lord spoke this to me, I had not heard anything whatsoever concerning these two nations being threats to us or to any other nation.  I thought it strange that these two nations were even mentioned together and didn’t understand why either would be a threat.   Because Iran is next to Iraq, I could see where Iran could be a threat if we went to war with Iraq, but I did not understand how North Korea would become a threat to us.

From my journal October 2006…3 years after this Word from the Lord:

Since the first of the year, especially July 4th, and now in Oct 2006, North Korea has been testing Nuclear missiles, and has the whole world in an uproar–especially us and Europe and Japan.  The UN has issued resolutions against them, and before this, Iran was doing the same in the past several months!  I SAW THIS THREE YEARS BEFORE IT HAPPENED! I had seen and heard nothing concerning them being a threat until now.

And, as we all know so well, North Korea has been a threat to us and its neighbors with its nuclear program.–even to this day.

Iran has proved to be even a greater threat to the U.S. and to Israel,even to this very hour, March 5, 2009, six years after the Lord showed me these things.

UPDATE: MARCH 10, 2009


For the past month, and especially the past few days, we are being warned through the media of the reality that Iran now has what is needed to not only produce “a” nuclear missile, but an entire stockpile of missiles with nuclear warheads.  In fact, no one in the intelligence community seems to know for certain that Iran hasn’t already produced these WMD’S.


As well, North Korea has for the past weeks made clear their plans to test another long range missile.  The U.S. government is so threatened by this that much saber rattling (strong talk) has gone on between the two governments as well as from other governments near them such as Japan and South Korea.

The undeniable capabilities and desire of these two nations to threaten the U.S. confirms the Word of the Lord to me in 2003.  I admonish you, do not fail to keep your eyes and ears open regarding these two rogue nations who hate our country with both religious/Muslim and atheistic/Communist passion.

My prayer is that of King David: that the Lord in His righteous judgment on our nation, will show mercy, and not give us over to the hands of our enemies.



North Korea fires off a missile as the world watches.   North Korea defied the United States, China and violated several United Nations resolutions when it lauched what it claimed was a communications satellite on Sunday April 5th.  Much of the world viewed it as an effort to gain the capability of shooting a nuclear warhead on a longer-range missile. Pyongyang insistes it launched a satellite into orbit, but South Korean scientists have found no corresponding signal and say that the North used a dummy to justify testing a Taepodong-2 missile.

Per the office of the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, North Korea launched the rocket at 11:30 a.m. local time, or 10:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  The Japanese prime minister’s office stated that the three-stage rocket appeared to launch successfully, with the first stage falling into the Sea of Japan and the second stage into the Pacific.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Il, threatened to go to war with Japan if Japan dared to shoot down the supposed communications satellite.   This move by the north tested several world leaders, as well as the UN.  Anti-missile defense posturing took place by the US and other nations such as Japan and were on high alert to the possiblity of what this missile could be packing.

This is just more confirmation to the Word of the Lord to me six years ago, 03.14.2003.

of this WARNING from the LORD

On March 14, 2003 the Lord spoke to me and said:

“Iran and North Korea are serious threats.”

At the time, I had not heard anything threatening from either of these countries, but shortly after He spoke this to me I began to hear things on the news of threats coming from both of these countries.   On August 13, 2010, seven years to the day after God spoke this warning to me, the news first broke that Russia was going to install nuclear fuel rods in Iran’s reactors on August 21, 2010.  And to think, on my birthday!  (sorry…couldn’t resist)

It has been speculated for some time now that Israel would again have to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to thwart the threats from Iran’s leadership to “wipe Israel off the map”, and they would have to do so before Iran became WMD-ready.  Thus, the countdown.  If you are not familiar with this, please take a minute to read the following article.  It DOES concern you!  War in the Middle East always does.

Friday, August 13, 2010 01:41 PM
By: David A. Patten

News that Russia will load nuclear fuel rods into an Iranian reactor has touched off a countdown to a point of no return, a deadline by which Israel would have to launch an attack on Iran’s Bushehr reactor before it becomes effectively “immune” to any assault, says former Bush administration U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton.

Once the fuel rods are loaded, Bolton told Fox News on Friday afternoon, “it makes it essentially immune from attack by Israel. Because once the rods are in the reactor an attack on the reactor risks spreading radiation in the air, and perhaps into the water of the Persian Gulf.”

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declared in March that Russia would start the Bushehr reactor this summer. But the announcement from a spokesman for Russia’s state atomic agency to Reuters Friday sent international diplomats scrambling to head off a crisis.

The story immediately became front-page news in Israel, which has laid precise plans to carry out an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities while going along with President Obama’s plans to use international sanctions and diplomatic persuasion to convince Iran’s clerics not to go nuclear.

Bolton made it clear that it is widely assumed that any Israeli attack on the Bushehr reactor must take place before the reactor is loaded with fuel rods.

“If they’re going to do it that’s the window that they have,” Bolton declared. “Otherwise as I said before, once the rods are in the reactor, if you attack the reactor you’re going to open it up and radiation will escape at least into the atmosphere and possibly into the waters of the Persian Gulf.

“So most people think that neither Israel nor the United States, come to that, would attack the reactor after it’s been fueled.”

Bolton cited the 1981 Israeli attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor outside Baghdad and the September 2007 Israeli attack on a North Korean reactor being built in Syria. Both of those strikes came before fuel rods were loaded into those reactors.

“So if it’s going to happen in Bushehr it has to happen before the fuel rods go in,” Bolton said.

The conversation that touched off the de facto deadline for Israeli military action was a telephone conversation with wire services involving Sergei Novikov, a spokesman for Rosatom, the Russian Energy State Nuclear Corp.

Novikov said: “The fuel will be loaded on Aug 21. This is the start of the physical launch” of the reactor.

“From that moment the Bushehr plant will be officially considered a nuclear-energy installation,” Novikov said, adding that the head of Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko, will visit Bushehr Aug. 21 to conduct a ceremony for the event.
According to Bolton, once the reactor is operational, it is only a matter of time before it begins producing plutonium that could be used in a nuclear weapon.

“And in the normal operation of this reactor, in just a fairly short period of time, you could get substantial amounts of plutonium to use as nuclear weapons,” Bolton told Fox.

Russia, which is operating under a $1 billion contract with Iran, has spent more than a decade building the reactor. If Russia moves forward with its plan to fuel the reactor, it could be seen as a major setback to the Obama administration’s strategy of engaging Russian leaders in order to win their cooperation.

“The U.S. urged them not to send the Iranian’s fuel rods,” Bolton said. “They did that. The Obama administration has urged them not to insert the fuel rods in the reactors, but as they’ve just announced that will begin next week. What that does over time is help Iran get another route to nuclear weapons through the plutonium they could reprocess out of the spent fuel rods.”

The developments mean Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu soon may face a stark choice: Attack the Bushehr reactor in the next 8 days, or allow it to become operational despite the certainty it would greatly enhance Iran’s ability to create nuclear weapons.

Russian leaders have said the Bushehr reactor project is being closely monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN’s nuclear watchdog group. According to Iran’s ISNA news agency, IAEA inspectors will be on hand to observe the fuel-rod loading process that is now scheduled to begin Aug. 21.

According to Russian officials, Iran has promised in writing to send all spent fuel rods from Bushehr back to Russia for reprocessing, to ensure they cannot be used for nuclear weapons.

Bolton said the reactor has been “a hole” in American foreign policy for over a decade.

The failure to demand it be shut down began in the Bush years, he said, and continues with the Obama administration “under what I believe is the mistaken theory that Iran is entitled to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.”

“I don’t think Iran is entitled to that, or I don’t think we ought to allow it to happen, because they’re manifestly violating any number of obligations under the non-proliferation treaty not to seek nuclear weapons. But this has been a hole in American policy for some number of years, and Iran and Russia are obviously exploiting it,” Bolton said.

Russia’s move would put Iran “in a much better position overall,” he said, adding, “I think this is a very delicate point, as I say, it closes off to the Israelis one possible target for pre-emptive military action.

U.N. sanctions against Iran, he said, “have not had and will not have any material effect on Iran’s push to have deliverable nuclear weapons.”


Please pray for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all of Israel’s leadership to be led by God in this matter.  Pray that America’s leadership will not interfere with, or try to coerce Israel in any way, and that America will not condemn Israel, but stand with her decisions in protecting themselves from the threats from radical leaders such as Iran’s Ahmadinejad.

America has much more at stake in this than other nations, for unlike most nations who hate Israel, America, by Divine providence, has been a friend and ally since her rebirth as a nation in 1948.   Becoming her enemy, or at the least turning our back on her,  will surely prove to provoke God’s anger against us.  God will hold this nation, and His people individually, responsible for what we do with His people and His land.   It does matter where you stand–and I have a strong feeling that pleading “ignorant” won’t fly.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
they shall prosper that love thee.
Psalm 122:6

UPDATE April 2013

Headlines of North Korea threatening preemptive nuclear strike against the U.S.

Click on headline to link to article.

North Korea threatens nuclear strike, U.N. expands sanctions

North Korea Threatens America

North Korea threatens Guam, Hawaii, rest of U.S.


U.S. White House Responds to Threats from North Korea


South Korea Koreas Tension

In this photo taken Saturday, March 9, 2013, the guided-missile destroyers USS Lassen (DDG 82), left, and USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62) arrive to participate in the annual joint military exercises, dubbed Key Resolve, between South Korea and the United States, at a naval port in Donghae, South Korea. South Korea and the U.S. on Monday will kick off the annual military drill amid worries about possible bloodshed following North Korea s threat to scrap a decades-old war armistice and launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. KOREA OUT. Credit: AP

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