02.18.2005 A Stone Bridge Over Ragging Waters

FULFILLED 07.07.2005 

February 18, 2005

I awoke from a dream where I was frozen in fear of something that in the natural would have had no affect on me.  This dream came on the 2nd anniversary of the London Bombings dream of February 18, 2003.  It also came just five months before the fulfillment of that London Bombings dream–07.07.05, and the beginning of America’s record-breaking, killer hurricanes that began three days after the London bombings, 07.10.05.  Because of the nature of the dream, the symbolism in the dream, the dream coming on the anniversary of the London bombing dream, and the link between these events in these two nations, I believe that this dream was prophetic of these judgments God brought upon both.

FULFILLED 07.07.05 Bombings in London by Muslim Terrorists

America’s Four Deadly Hurricanes

FULFILLED 07.10.05 America’s Hurricane Dennis
FULFILLED 08.29.05 America’s Hurricane Katrina
FULFILLED 09.24.05 America’s Hurricane Rita
FULFILLED 10.23.05 America’s Hurricane Wilma




I was walking down a dirt path and came upon a large natural stone bridge that was several yards long.  The narrow path I was on opened up into a walkway that then turned into the bridge itself.  This pedestrian bridge was several feet wide so that people could walk side-by-side, but was not wide enough for a vehicle to travel.  As I neared the bridge I noticed that the stones making up the side railing were only a couple of feet high.  Just as I got near the opening of this bridge, and before I was close enough to even see what was beneath the bridge, I suddenly became extremely fearful of crossing the bridge.  I felt like   some force was pulling me down and would pull me over the side of the bridge.  I laid down on my stomach right at the entrance of the bridge and began to crawl backward across the ground to the edge of the short stone wall that connected to the bridge.  This was so out of character for me.  I had never been afraid of heights or bridges and it was as if I was having a panic attack.  Though I was almost paralyzed with fear, it was as though I just had to see what was below. I managed to slowly pull myself with my arms to the edge where the ground met the bridge and I could see what was beneath me.  As I reached the edge and looked down, even though I was lying on my stomach, I felt as if my body was being sucked downward.  I lay flat with only my head raised to see below.  Beneath the bridge was a rushing torrent of water cascading like a waterfall beneath and right near the entrance of the bridge.  The force of this water was horrifying and threatening to me.  I didn’t understand why I was so fearful of this.  I could see people walking across the bridge toward me.  The fear of this bridge and the threat of the water beneath was not normal for anyone, but much less for me. I then crawled backward on my belly until I got several feet from the bridge.

This dream baffled me for a long time. I prayed for understanding, but the only thing that made any sense was the date.  I had this dream two years to the day of my London Bombing dream on 02.18.2003.  I knew that it had to have something to do with the first dream, and because of the stone bridge and water involved, which were also involved in the first dream in the form of a stone sea wall and the Thames River, I knew that this was not a coincidence.  The one thing in the dream that I could not get past was the horror and fear of death that this bridge incited so strongly in me.  Even after finding out that the first dream had come to pass the only thing that I could think was that maybe the fear I had in this dream represented the fear that the passengers–especially those who had been injured–had after the explosions.

As I dreamed it, I knew that this fear was so bazaar and out of character for me.  When I woke from it, I had absolutely no idea what on earth this dream could mean.  I prayed over it and sought the Lord as to whether it had any spiritual meaning for me personally.  I couldn’t imagine it having anything to do with anyone else.  It was me who was stricken with paralyzing fear, and I saw no one else in the dream affected by it but me.

It would not be until after the Lord revealed the fulfillment of my 02.18.03 dream concerning the London bombings on 07.07.05 that I would even find this dream again.  I would come across it in my searching through my computer for things related to the London attack.  That’s when I saw that I had this dream two years to the day of my London bombing dream.  By this time, I had learned to pay close attention to things that happen on anniversaries, for many times, these are indeed confirmations of something the Lord has already shown.  As I sat there and re-read this dream, I remembered it vividly simply because of the absolute terror I felt when I had the dream and how bewildered I was afterward as to why.  Many prophetic aspects come to light after they are fulfilled.  Like the saying goes, hind site is 20/20.  Well, the fulfillment of a prophetic dream, or vision, or Word from the Lord causes you to gain that 20/20 hind-site.  So it was with this dream.

After understanding all the aspects of my London bombing dream from its fulfillment, I read this dream and immediately saw the connection.  THE STONE BRIDGE.  I saw the stone wall in my London bombing dream.  It too was made of natural stone.  It too was the focus of the threat.  It too was associated with a source of a powerful and threatening water source.  As I read and remembered the unnatural fear that I felt, and that it being on the anniversary of my London bombing dream, I could not help but think of the unbelievable fear that the passengers of these subway trains had to have felt when the explosions took place.  Hundreds sat in darkness wounded or terrified as to what had just happened and what was to come. I do not know for certain if this is why I felt the horror I did as I neared this bridge, but because it came on this anniversary and the bombing dream became a reality five months later, I believe it is connected.  As I saw this connection to the bridge, I then realized the connection of the threatening torrent of water that rushed beneath the bridge with the deadly surge of ocean that was produced by America’s 2005 hurricanes.  People across Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas were horrified of what these hurricane surges could do.  They knew these uncontrollable waters were deadly and a very real threat.  I cannot imagine the horror that the citizens of America felt as they were suddenly overtaken by giant ocean surges that swallowed up their homes and businesses.  More than a thousand died.   I believe that my seeing and being horrified of the rushing torrent of water under this stone bridge was representative of America’s 2005 hurricanes.  Again, this may sound like a stretch to some, but I cannot dismiss the timing of this dream and the events in America and London that were connected to it.  It was the only thing that bore witness with me.

The Second Dream

Another piece of the prophetic puzzle is what I dreamed right after this.  My mother’s health  had been quickly deteriorating for more than a year.  After I dreamed about the bridge, I dreamed about my mother.  I dreamed that she was traveling with me in my car.  Suddenly I pulled over into a church parking lot.  Though I did not know it prior to my turning onto the property, at that moment I knew that there was a Bible conference going on and we were supposed to be there.  I let mother out near the door because (as in reality) she was very weak from her poor health.  Before I could get parked, mother had already gone inside the church where they were having the meeting.  Just as I walked in,  the man at the front of the room leading the meeting called out my mother’s name as if she had won the prize.  I saw mother seated near the front and when the man called out her name she rose and went to receive her free gift.  I was surprised at this because I knew that mother had no affiliation with this particular church and I did not know how she could have had time to register to win something before I got into the building.

After I awoke, neither of these dreams made any sense.  I prayed but no revelation came.  After these  tragic events in the U.K. and America took place, I could see the connection and it became clear.  On the surface, this part about my mother would appear to have absolutely nothing to do with London bombings and American Hurricanes.  But the fact is, it does.  It has to do with GOD’S TIMING.  The London bombings took place on 07.07.05.  I was with my mother as she lie dying in the nursing home  from 07.06.05 to 07.08.05–as the London bombings were taking place.  The first of the four record-breaking, deadly and devastating American hurricanes made landfall the day we buried my mother–07.10.05–three days after the U.K. bombings.  When I read again that the minister in charge of the church meeting called out my mother’s name, I realized that the Lord was showing me my mother’s death to this life and her “winning the prize”–HEAVEN!  When I saw the connection of all of these to the timing of my mother’s death, I understood the connection of the dreams, the connection of me and my mother to all of these events.  And, something that a sister in the Lord said to me in response to a comment I made about some of this suddenly made perfect sense.

I joined four wonderful friends and deeply spiritual women for prayer early one morning.  It was not long after my mother’s death  and was the first time in more than a year that I was free to do this.   After prayer, I was telling them how while I was caring for my mother at her home, hurricane Ivan of September 2004 made landfall and blew through our area the night she almost died.   Mother was scheduled to enter the nursing home two days later and though it looked like she might not make it through the night, she lived to do so.  In fact, within a month, she rallied and lived another ten months (the number 10 represents TESTIMONY).  I then shared how strange it was that she almost died the night Hurricane Ivan blew through and ten months later, we buried her the day Hurricane Dennis blew through our area.  I said, “I don’t know what it was with my mother and these Hurricanes.”  Immediately, one of my friends responded, “It’s not about your mother.  YOU are the one connected to the hurricanes.”  That’s all she said.  And, though I didn’t understand, I did not question it for I knew in my spirit that this was from God.  I was connected to these hurricanes through the dreams God had given me, and watched the dreams fulfillment begin the day I buried my mother.  My mother’s death was connected to the TIMING and was confirmation of the fulfillment.

God is so faithful to reveal those things that are hidden so that we will have wisdom and understanding in what He is doing in our lives and in what is taking place in our world.  Over the years He has taught me to pay close attention to the details.  I don’t force any of these things to fit.  In fact, I feel quite dense many times as the Lord has to lay all these things before me one puzzle piece at a time.  But He is patient.  He is good.  He is faithful.  And, He is just.  He is everything I am not, yet He still loves me and is long-suffering and full of tender mercy.   I am so grateful that He shares these things with me.  They are not pleasant things to see and hear, but it is my hearts cry that I know His heart and that He use me in these end times for His glory, for the benefit of the Body of Christ and as a powerful witness to the lost.

I pray that you are blessed and that you hear HIS VOICE and see those things that He desires to reveal to you.  May you seek Him with all of your heart, soul and mind and dwell in the secret place of the Most High.  And, in the days ahead, may you find refuge as you abide under the shadow of The Almighty.



In December 2014 I came across a documentary on Netflix titled: 7.7 One Day in London.  During one particular interview with the son of a man who was killed in the 7.7 attacks I watched this second dream play out before me.  It was surreal.

_41038234_stanbrewster203Michael Stanley (Stan) Brewster

A man by the name of Michael Stanley (Stan) Brewster suffered and died from one of the most horrific injuries as a result of Khan’s bomb.  Stan was the Civil Engineer in charge of the building of the Torrs Millenium Walkway.  The bridge was completed in 2000–five years before my “Stone Bridge Over Ragging Waters” dream.  After his tragic death, a memorial was placed at the entrance to the bridge in memory of Stan.

Memorial to Stan Brewster

Memorial to Stan Brewster on the Torrs Millenium Walkway

What is so surreal about this is that the bridge dream that was given me on the 2nd anniversary of the London Bombing dream and 6 months before the fulfillment of that dream, is in reality, the bridge built by one of the bombing victims.  All this ties the two dreams together by much more than just the date.

As I watched the documentary, all of it was horrific, but especially the testimony of a school teacher, Tim Coulson, who saw Stan still alive, but with only the top half of his body on the upper side of the train floor as if he had fallen through a hole.  When Tim was unable to lift Stan through the hole in the floor, he crawled underneath the car to try to free Stan.  What Tim saw would horrify anyone.  The blast had forced Stan’s body through the metal floor, severing it in two below his torso. The bottom half of Stan was lying on the ground.  This was the saddest and most horrific thing I heard resulting from the blasts.  It was horrific for Stan, but also for Tim, who climbed back up into the car and comforted Stan as he died.  This was so traumatic for Tim that he could not return to his job as a teacher afterward.

But here is where the connection in all of this is made.  In the documentary, right after Tim testify’s to what happened to Stan, Stan’s son is shown being interviewed on a bridge that his father had helped construct.  I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears!  Immediately, my Stone Bridge Over Raging Waters dream came back to me and I knew I was seeing who and what the dream was connected to.  As I did searches on the net for images of this bridge, I was blown away when I literally saw my dream in the photos.  There was the short stone railing that led up to the pedestrian bridge.  There was the waterfall and rapids flowing beneath the bridge.  And when I saw my dream in this bridge that Stan built, and heard how Stan’s body was literally forced through the floor of that train car, I understood what the Lord was showing me and why I felt the horror of being forced down to my death that I felt…so much so that I crawled on my belly backward to get away from the bridge…Stan’s bridge.  I sat here baffled with this revelation.  Finally, I was given the understanding of what I had been shown.  The LORD had shown me the terrorist attack in the first dream.  Exactly two years to the day later, He showed me the horrors of that attack in the death of one of the victims…a man who built A Bridge Over Ragging Waters.

This is what I saw in my dream: 

The old stone bridge connects to the new bridge (Stan’s bridge).


When the short video begins you will see as you can see in this photo that the stone walking bridge ends where the entrance of the new bridge begins, and it is above where the rapids are rushing hardest. This is where I was in my dream.

After seeing all of this confirmation and revelation concerning the second dream, I went back to Netflix to watch the portion concerning Stan again.  When I did, I couldn’t help but be amazed.  When I clicked on the video to start it, the first random still shot from several minutes into the documentary popped up before me…Stan’s son standing on the bridge during the interview! Every time I clicked to restart the video, this same still shot came up.  Even more confirmation. God is SO Faithful!


I want to state here that my heart truly goes out to the victims of these hideous attacks on innocent people.  It is heart wrenching to have to even bring up the names of those such as Stan who suffered or died in the attacks, however, it is necessary in order to understand the “why”.  Innocent people always pay the price for the sins of a nation and its leaders.  The LORD prophetically reveals the judgment that is to come upon a nation, a people, and he also wants the people to understand why such as this happened.


There are more updates concerning the London bombing of 7/7 that I have added to the first dream:

02.18.2003 Bombing in London by Muslim Terrorists

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