03.29.2010 We are on the CUSP.

A Word of the Lord

concerning a spiritual and physical transformation
for the United States and the world.

On March 29, 2010, I awoke from a little power nap, hearing the Lord say the word “CUSP” to me.  Although I’ve never in my life used this word, and  don’t recall ever actually hearing someone else use it, I instantly knew what it meant.  I knew it was akin to the word, threshold–as in being at the brink or edge of something new or of  a major change–as if some invisible point had been reached and crossed over or entered into.  I looked up this word and verified that this was indeed what it meant–but actually, more exact:  “Cusp:  a point that marks the beginning of a change.” The example given for this definition was: “On the cusp of a new era.” This definition was more exact in that a cusp is an actual “point” of change.  It is more than being on the threshold or brink of it.  It is the point, the mark of the change.  It is where the change takes place.  Another source defined it as: “A point of transition (as from one historical period to the next), a turning point”. I knew that God was telling me that we were indeed at the point–the CUSP–of a spiritual change that we have never been before.  And, because of all that is taking place, I do not feel it is a good thing for America or the world.  I sensed strongly that we have entered a new era, we’ve come to a spiritual apex so to speak, that we as a nation, and the world as a whole, have reached a point–the beginning of a change–of which there is no return.

Not until now have I been able to even imagine how our nation, America, could turn its back on Israel and become her enemy.  Because the Scriptures declare it, I know it will happen, and even worse, that we will be part of the “all nations” that will fight against Israel in the end times, I just couldn’t wrap my head around how on earth this “Christian” nation could turn so far away from, and be so opposed to, the will of God.

For the past week I have prayed and pondered on this word and what the Lord is wanting to show us.  Did this CUSP happen on the day He spoke it to me–March 29, 2010?  Or, was it to happen shortly after?  What change?  What is it going to look like?  As I continued to seek the Lord about this, I kept thinking of what took place in our nation a week earlier, March 23rd, at the White House between our president, Barack Hussein Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel.  This morning, I felt I should do a search on the date that the Lord spoke this to me.  I searched: March 29, 2010 Israel.  The following article is one of the first links this search brought before me.

The following is an article by CBN’S Middle East Bureau Chief, Chris Mitchell, on Obama and this administrations trumping all previous American presidents and administrations treatment of Israel and her leadership.  This report is by far the most revealing of the actions and plans of our government to not only interfere, but to do whatever possible to exact its will on Israel.  As you read, you can indeed see the “Handwriting on the Wall”.  Considering that I was seeking God as to WHEN this CUSP would take place, the opening sentence of this article was all I needed.  It was no coincidence that on the same day that Jews are celebrating Passover–their deliverance from their enemies–that God is giving the revelation that we are on the CUSP–“a point that marks the beginning of a change”.  In fact, at the time of day God spoke this to me, the Jews were eating their Passover meal in Israel.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Next Year in Jerusalem

Tonight here in Israel families, throughout the country will be sitting down to celebrate the Passover. The traditional Seder meal will be served to celebrate the Exodus of the Jewish people out of the bondage of Egypt. At the end of the meal, it’s tradition to declare “Next Year in Jerusalem.”

It’s a saying the Jewish people have exclaimed for two thousand years and expresses the profound attachment they have for their ancient – and now modern – capital.

But right now, many of them feel that capital is under threat, not from an enemy power but from a trusted friend, the United States of America. Here’s how the Israeli daily Ha’aretz described the latest developments on the crisis in U.S.-Israel relations on Monday:

U.S. President Barack Obama’s demands during his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last Tuesday point to an intention to impose a permanent settlement on Israel and the Palestinians in less than two years, political sources in Jerusalem say. Israeli officials view the demands that Obama made at the White House as the tip of the iceberg under which lies a dramatic change in U.S. policy toward Israel.

Of 10 demands posed by Obama, four deal with Jerusalem: opening a Palestinian commercial interests office in East Jerusalem, an end to the razing of structures in Palestinian neighborhoods in the capital, stopping construction in Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, and not building the neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo.

But another key demand – to discuss the dispute’s core issues during the indirect talks that are planned – is perceived in Jerusalem as problematic because it implies that direct negotiations would be bypassed. This would set up a framework through which the Americans would be able to impose a final settlement.

It is not just Obama’s demands that are perceived as problematic, but also the new modus operandi of American diplomacy. The fact that the White House and State Department have been in contact with Israel’s European allies, first and foremost Germany, is seen as part of an effort to isolate Israel and put enormous political pressure on it.

Here’s how one commentator Efraim Inbar of the BESA Center also wrote recently about the situation in regards to Jerusalem:

Obama administration’s attempt to force Israel to accept the division of Jerusalem as a prerequisite for peace talks is astonishing. Despite the obvious reluctance to confront an American president, Prime Minister Netanyahu can effectively resist such American pressure on Jerusalem. In fact, Jerusalem is the issue on which Netanyahu can best make a stand against Obama.

President Barack Obama capitalized on a minor Israeli glitch – the announcement of Israel’s plans to build in Ramat Shlomo – to fabricate a crisis in US-Israeli relations. Obama seeks to renegotiate the agreement reached for starting proximity talks with the Palestinians and to extract additional concessions from Israel. Most striking and central is the administration’s effort to force Israel into accepting the division of Jerusalem even before the talks start.

The White House expects that the Israeli prime minister will bend under pressure to its wishes. While in the past Netanyahu has proven susceptible to such pressure, the administration may be overplaying its hand on the issue of Jerusalem.

The division of the city is opposed by the current democratically elected Israeli government and by over 70 percent of the Jews in Israel. Few issues in Israel command such a large and clear majority.

The timing of the crisis also serves Israel well. A few days before Passover when Jews repeat a 2,000-year-old text pledging, “Next year in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu can say no to American demands for concessions in Jerusalem. Rejection of the division of Jerusalem expresses the deepest wishes of an overwhelming number of Jews living both in Israel and the Diaspora.”

Most of those Jews will be repeating that 2000 year old pledge tonight. For the first time in more than 2500 years, the Jewish people gained control of Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War. It’s unlikely world pressure – or pressure from the Obama Administration – will get Israel to stop building in their ancient – and now modern – capital.

The Obama Administration may well be underestimating the resolve of both the Netanyahu government and the Jewish people over this ancient city.

Jerusalem Dateline: Chris Mitchell


May the Lord find HIS PEOPLE with the heart and attitude of Judah’s good king Josiah, who upon reading the Torah and seeing the sin of the nation, he tore his clothes and wept and  grieved and sent his priests and scribe to the prophetess Huldah to seek the Lord concerning “the great wrath of the lord that is poured out upon us, because our fathers have not kept the word of the Lord, to do after all that is written in this book.” 2 Chronicles 34: 21 For it is with such an attitude of great grief for the sins of the nation that king Josiah was spared the wrath of God that came upon the nation of Israel.  These are the words of God through the prophetess:

2 Chronicles 34:23-28 (KJV)
23 And she answered them, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Tell ye the man that sent you to me,
24 Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will bring evil upon this place, and upon the inhabitants thereof, even all the curses that are written in the book which they have read before the king of Judah:
25 Because they have forsaken me, and have burned incense unto other gods, that they might provoke me to anger with all the works of their hands; therefore my wrath shall be poured out upon this place, and shall not be quenched.
26 And as for the king of Judah, who sent you to enquire of the LORD, so shall ye say unto him, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel concerning the words which thou hast heard;
27 Because thine heart was tender, and thou didst humble thyself before God, when thou heardest his words against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, and humbledst thyself before me, and didst rend thy clothes, and weep before me; I have even heard thee also, saith the LORD.
28 Behold, I will gather thee to thy fathers, and thou shalt be gathered to thy grave in peace, neither shall thine eyes see all the evil that I will bring upon this place, and upon the inhabitants of the same. So they brought the king word again.

This event at the White House between Obama and Netanyahu took place a week earlier than me hearing this revelation from the Lord concerning us being on the “cusp”.   Just such as this is what may have very well brought us to this cusp.  I encourage you to read “06.02.2008 Jerusalem Day~Warning to the U.S. & the Nations”.  As I mentioned, what I found most intriguing about this article is how it began by stating that this night, March 29th, Jews would be celebrating the Passover meal.  It is on THIS DAY of Passover that God spoke the word CUSP to me.  I believe that on this Passover we have indeed come to this spiritual and physical CUSP that God was referring to.  Israel and Egypt arrived at a cusp that first Passover night–a cusp that brought deliverance to Israel and death to her enemies.  God, through His prophets/prophetesses, has been warning America to “prepare for the shaking”.  I admonish you to listen and prepare for what this cusp will bring.

Let us continue to pray and seek the Lord concerning HIS HEART and not our own.  We know that apart from the grace and mercy of Almighty God, and apart from the blood of our Savior and Lord, Jesus, Yehsua our Messiah, that redeems us from sin and the death that sin brings, we would be condemned by that sin.  Of all times in the year that we are reminded of this, it is now, at the time of Passover–remembering the blood of the spotless lamb, and the time Christians celebrate the resurrection of our Savior–the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.


On April 11, 2010, a Messianic Jewish brother from Israel sent me the following post from a woman in South Africa.  I had never heard of Christine Beadsworth until this day.  In this article dated March 31, 2010, she states the same thing the Lord showed me concerning Passover, March 29, 2010–the exact same words I posted three days later on April 3, 2010 in my CUSP post.  The other revelations she shares lines up with what the Lord has been showing me and having me share with you.  I will remind you that God said that everything is established out of the mouth of two or more witnesses.  She and I are “two”…but I am sure there are many more besides us that the Holy Spirit has spoken this through.  You will notice I have marked in red about half way through the article the phrase “this Passover 2010 marks a point of no return for all on planet earth”.

In this post you have already read my statement: “I sensed strongly that we have entered a new era, we’ve come to a spiritual apex so to speak, that we as a nation, and the world as a whole, have reached a point–the beginning of a change–of which there is no return.” And, you have seen the connection to the Lord speaking this on the beginning of Passover, March, 29, 2010.

The following portion of Christine Beadsworth’s article is revelation and confirmation that the Lord desires that we know and understand.

Passover 2010 and Beyond

Christine Beadsworth

South Africa

Mar 31, 2010

I must confess, my dear brethren and ‘sistren’, that I am almost at a loss as to what to communicate to you this month. I get the sense that things are snowballing at such a rapid rate that one is hard-pressed to comprehend what is happening, much less communicate it in a coherent fashion. I do realize that many of my readers do not have access to the sources of confirmation and information that I am blessed to receive and so I will do my best to bring us all onto the same page so to speak.

We have just entered the season of Passover (Monday evening 29th March/ evening of 15th Nisan) and are traversing the feast of Unleavened Bread which lasts seven days. The counting of the omer has also just begun, on the evening of 30th March (which is the beginning of the 16th Nisan) and continues for seven times seven days, culminating in Pentecost or Shavuot on the 50th day. Many saints with understanding of the times have commented on the events that unfolded on 23rd March, exactly one week before Passover. Three main things took place which speak very loudly of the season that the world is entering:

1) The president of the United States signed the Healthcare Bill (which some are calling the Deathcare Bill) into place using 22 black pens to form his signature. 22 is an important number to world occultists who are striving to bring about a one world government. This occurred on the anniversary 77 years previously of Hitler’s signing of the Enabling Act which gave him power to rule by decree and ultimately decide who lived and who died – exactly the same power as the Healthcare Bill covertly gives to Obama with 22 strokes of his pen armory. The choosing of this day to sign this act was no accident but a careful lining up of numbers and dates in order to maximize the demonic power necessary to bring about diabolic plans.

1b) That date was the 77th anniversary of a key date in the history of Nazism.  On March 23, 1933, the newly elected members of the German Parliament (the Reichstag) met in the Kroll Opera House in Berlin to consider passing Hitler’s Enabling Act. It was officially called the ‘Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.’ If passed, it would effectively mean the end of democracy in Germany and establish the legal dictatorship of Adolf Hitler.  It passed, 447-84, achieving what Hitler had wanted for years — to tear down the German Democratic Republic legally and end democracy, thus paving the way for a complete Nazi takeover of Germany.  Obama may have a similar agenda.

2) The Prime Minister of Israel , while on an official visit to the United States, was treated abysmally by Obama because he would not conform to demands by the US government. He and his government delegates were abandoned in a windowless room to think things through – not unlike a troublesome child who will not conform and is given time out – and eventually decided to go to the Israel Embassy rather than risk their phone calls being tapped from that room. It is unthinkable that America’s greatest ally in the Middle East should be treated in such a fashion.

During the day of March 23, 2010, the God of the underworld entered the gateway to the nation.

3) A 25 foot high statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, sailed into New York Harbor on a barge with a suitcase by its side bearing many stickers, on its way to an exhibition of Tutenkamen and his Egyptian Culture (recall that on a visit to Egypt last year, Obama was presented with a plaque naming him as the new Tutenkamen of the world). During this voyage the statue directly faced the Statue of Liberty. This day is also the 235th

anniversary of Patrick Henry’s famous ‘give me liberty or give me death’ speech which began the shooting portion of the American Revolution. It seems that the image of these two statues facing each other constitute a changing of the guard in the spiritual realm over America. It seems Lady Liberty is handing over her watch to the seasoned traveler Anubis. Anubis is a jackal head on a human body and it is surely no coincidence that coyotes were spotted four times in Manhattan in the week before Passover. A coyote is an American Jackal!

The fact that The critical weighing of the heart scene in the Book of the Dead also show Anubis performing the measurement that determined the worthiness of the deceased to enter the realm of the dead (hell) is very significant given previous discussions we have had about us being in a time when our lives and the fruit thereof are being weighed as the next season begins. The demonic god Anubis was given permission to take up residence in the United States of America when the diabolical Healthcare Bill was signed into existence; the statue on the barge was merely a sign in the natural realm of what had occurred in the spiritual realm over America.

Those who live outside America may wonder why I place emphasis on occurrences that are not in the area of the world where I reside. Beloved, we must understand that what plays out on American soil directly affects the whole world; especially when the residing president of America sends such a antagonistic message to the nation of Israel both by his non-verbal actions and his words. This past week has displayed the hidden contents of this leader’s heart in a way that plainly displays where his loyalties lie. Those with understanding of the times know that we are speeding towards a major conflict in the Middle East and that biblical prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes (if only we have eyes to see it!) The fact that the American government is presently planning to build a new embassy at Battersea in England in the shape of a crystal cube, a deliberate counterfeit of the heavenly city that is described in Revelation, gives more cause for concern.

So, with all the above in mind, I am very much aware that this Passover 2010 marks a point of no return for all on planet earth (emphasis mine) and it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the blood of Christ is on the doorposts of our hearts and those of our loved ones. The chasm between those who are of Christ and those who serve the agenda of the realms of darkness is ever-widening.

As Satan and his cohorts and lackeys hurriedly roll out their plans for world domination, we must ever remember that the upcoming battle’s result was decided 2010 years ago when Christ declared, ”it is finished” and that the Word of God tells us that at a time when dense darkness is on the peoples, the glory of the Lord rises upon His saints. He is coming to be glorified in His saints, no matter what the kingdom of darkness is plotting. Remember psalm 2 – God sits in Heaven and laughs because He has ALREADY installed His king on His holy hill of Zion. Now is the time to ask of Him and He will give you the nations for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession. Now is the time to ask for souls. Now as the darkness gets denser is the time to arise and shine as never before, knowing that we are citizens of another kingdom and dwellers in a city that is not built with hands!

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