03.06.2005 A Song in the Night

Word of the Lord

Warning of God’s judgment on the nations
and a call for the Body of Christ to awaken from her sleep.


Began 4 months to the day later…when God judged America and the U.K.


Sunday, March 06, 2005 2:56 AM

I had been studying the Word from around 6 that evening until about 2:30 AM.  I finally made myself go to bed.  I lay there almost thirty minutes unable to go to sleep.  It was as if I sensed something was left undone.  I felt I had to get back up and go back into my study.  As I arose and walked through the house I spoke to the Lord about this as I sought to understand why.  I sat down and put my laptop on my lap and began to pray in the Spirit and with my understanding.  Suddenly, I heard the Lord speak the words: “A Song In The Night”.  I typed these words thinking that the Lord was about to sing a song to me–and that as normal, I would get the words and hear the music.  But what was so amazing to me was that all of these words suddenly flowed onto the page and I heard no music.  This is what the Lord gave me as fast as I could type it.


Through Jan Meador

March 6, 2005

2:56 A.M. CST

A song in the night.

A song of mourning and woe.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth.

Lamentations and woe have come upon them all,

for the Lord has burst forth upon them.

His anger is visited with righteousness.

He has whet His sword.

He has poured forth from His mouth the judgment of the nations.


And again I say, “WOE to those who are without the household of God.

God in His anger doth judge the wicked,

for He will no longer hold back His righteous judgment on those who have done wickedness–

those who have abused and violated the weak and innocent.

WOE to them who have dealt the blow to the little ones, for God never sleeps.

He does not fail to see the things done in secret

and will reward the wicked with their just deserts.

For He comes riding upon a white horse

and with justice will give out judgment.


Awake! Awake ye sleepy heads.

Awake to the voice of the Almighty!

Awake from your slumber and hear your God.

For with wisdom He speaks to those who will hear,

and with wisdom those who hear will understand and know.

Quickly! Quickly, says the Lord Adonai!

I come quickly and many will be found asleep, not listening for my voice.

Do you not hear the sound of the hoof prints of my horses–

horses preparing for battle in the Day of the Lord?

Ah! Yes, and they will do battle and will prevail.

When this stopped, I sat there quite amazed–amazed at what the Lord had just said, amazed at what I felt as it came, that it was a song without music, and the sense that God’s righteous judgment was at hand.  I sensed that this word, if for no other nation, was for America., but because He spoke what He did, I knew it was to NATIONS–not just America.

If you noticed, the last section that beings Awake! is addressing the Body of Christ–the Church.  I also could not help but notice the repeated references to the return of Christ.–i.e. “For He comes riding upon a white horse”, the repeated “Woe!”, and “Do you not hear the sound of the hoof prints of my horses.-horses preparing for battle in the Day of the Lord?”

This Word of the Lord is multifaceted.  It found fulfillment in multiple events in two nations–the U.S. in the 4 killer hurricanes in 2005, and the U.K. in the 4 simultaneous bombings in London on July 7, 2005–four months to the day of this warning.  These were directly connected to Israel.  To see the fulfillment of some of this, read the following posts: “02/18/2003 Multiple Bombings in London”, and “06/11/2005 Hurricane Surge Drowning People in  Building”.

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