03.14.2003 War With Iraq

Open vision 5 days before the war with Iraq began

Fulfilled: March 2003 to Date(March 2009) & still ongoing: Baghdad taken quickly and fighters from surrounding countires join Iraqi insurgents causing high casualties and a prolonged war.

President George W. Bush had given the ruler of Iraq, the infamous “Butcher of Baghdad”, Saddam Hussein, an ultimatum to comply with U.N. resolutions by March 19, 2003 or face military attack.  When repercussions would occur if he did not comply was not alluded to, but I as probably many others sensed that a war with Iraq was inevitable as Saddam continued to be arrogantly defiant.

Five days before the deadline of this ultimatum, I sensed such an ominous feeling concerning what was about to happen, and what the Lord showed me in an open vision caused me to think that all of what I saw would take place very quickly.  The first part did happen quickly-just as I saw in the vision.  And, because the second part didn’t happen as quickly as I saw in the vision, I was left with questions.  But in all of these things I learn to be patient and trust what God shows me.

THIS IS WHAT I SAW (Open Vision)

I was taken high above Iraq and was looking back down upon it.  I saw the entire country and the surrounding nations as if looking at a giant map.  I saw our military moving swiftly toward Baghdad from the South and quickly taking Baghdad like board game pieces being moved quickly across this large map.   It made me feel good when I saw this for it appeared to be a quick and decisive victory for our troops with little resistance.  But, what I saw next was greatly disturbing.  In fact, it was startling and sickening.  After all of our troops reached Baghdad, fighters from the surrounding nations began to cross the borders of Iraq, join with fighters inside Iraq and close in on Baghdad.  In the vision this too happened quickly.  When I saw this I knew that what appeared to be a quick victory with few causalities would turn into great conflict and great loss for our troops.  Because I saw both these things happen so quickly, I felt that this would happen just this way.

Much of the world and much of the U.S. were surprised that President Bush acted immediately after the deadline with “Shock and Awe”.  We all know how our troops and those of the coalition did indeed take Baghdad swiftly with very few causalities.  That part of my vision came to pass just as I saw it.  But, with much trepidation, I waited for the other shoe to drop–for our troops to be blindsided  after this swift victory.  And, for a while I was relieved, howbeit a bit confused, when the second part of my vision didn’t happen.  In the first days after Baghdad was taken, I watched and listened very closely to the news.  It would not be long before our troops would be confronted and our quick victory short lived, as the following four years would prove to be the fulfillment of the second portion of my vision.  Insurgents from the surrounding nations did indeed move across Iraq and join forces with the Iraqi troops to fight the coalition.  Our troops held Baghdad and other towns in Iraq, but suffered great loss.  The number of causalities of our troops ultimately surpassed the 3,000 who died in the attacks of  9/11.

As the years passed, I realized that I had not seen incorrectly after all.  The insurgents did come together quickly, and the “victory” that we had tasted so quickly and decisively began to slip through our fingers.  It soon became a battle like we’ve never fought before.  What I had seen did indeed take place over the following months and years, and at times appeared to threaten our ultimate defeat.  Now, five years into the war, it appears that though we had to fight off insurgents from the surrounding countries, as well as Iraqi opposition, it may just be that our efforts have not been in vain.  Only time will tell.

This is an excerpt from my journal–part of the prayer I prayed after seeing this vision:

Oh Lord, do not let Saddam Hussein prevail. I pray that He be captured or killed and that the entire regime that are devoted to him and his cause be uprooted and brought to justice, and that the Iraqi people as a whole be set free from tyranny and dictatorship. Lord, protect those Christians in and around Iraq. Protect Israel.  Protect the innocent children.  Open the door of Iraq to the gospel of Jesus Christ and open the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, regardless of their beliefs, so that they too may be saved.

I have read marvelous testimonies of how God has opened the door for the Gospel of Jesus to go into Iraq and neighboring Muslim countries, and how many have come to Christ through the preaching of the Gospel and some through miraculous dreams and visions of Jesus appearing to them.

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