04.16.2007 Hunted Down by a Gunman


Being hunted down by a militant gunman in a building

Fulfilled: A few hours later…

The Virginia Tech Massacre


April 16, 2007

I dreamed that as I was searching through a very large building for WMD’S, I realized I was being hunted down by a gunman. He was dressed like someone on a military assault team with camouflage clothing and was armed with a large assault rifle.  I knew that if he found me he would shoot me on the spot.  He wasn’t looking to capture me, but to kill me.  The building I was in was large with multiple rooms on both sides of a very long hall.  It reminded me of some type of school building.  I ran, hiding from room to room as the gunman was searching for me. He knew I was there and was determined to find me. I kept running and hiding in different rooms, trying to stay away from him because he was darting in and out of the rooms searching for me. Just as I saw that he was closing in on me and saw me, I darted into another room to hide.  I knew because he saw which room I went in that he would be coming in the room after me.  I woke up.



A few hours later on that same morning, the Virginia Tech Massacre took place, and it played out just as in my dream.

April 16, 2007

Around 7:15 AM EST a gunman killed students in a dorm. Two hours later around 9:40 AM this same gunman went on a killing rampage in a building of classrooms, going up and down the halls and entering multiple rooms shooting anyone he could find. 30 students and 3 faculty were killed (including the student gunman who killed himself). 25 others were injured. It was marked as the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.


  • The man in my dream was doing exactly what the Virginia Tech gunman was doing–stalking and hunting to kill with a gun by going down hallways and searching in rooms.
  • I was doing what I could to hide from him.  So were the students once they realized what was happening.

From my journal Thursday, May 10, 2007 (A month after the massacre)Today I saw something. I saw a connection of the April 16, 2007 Virgina Tech Massacre and Israel.

At the same time 3 years to the day earlier, (the article was dated April 16) April 15, 2004, Ariel Sharon presented his disengagement plan to Pres. Bush who signed off on it and was very pleased with it.  (If you are not familiar with the Disengagement plan you can google it and verify for yourself, but in short, it was Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s compliance to President Bush’s ROAD MAP, whereby the disputed land in Israel would be vacated of Israeli’s and given back to the Palestinians, and ultimately a two-state solution to bring about peace in the Middle East.)  Sharon also presented the plan to his Cabinet Ministers for approval.  Now, it would seem like an odd thing for the disengagement plan and this school massacre to be connected, but what happened that morning just before the killings is what really tied it all together for me. Here is the exact excerpt from my journal of April 16, 2007-early morning before the massacre.

(The portion of my journal after the documentation of the dream)

As I was sitting in the living room before daylight, typing this about my dream, I suddenly felt the strongest urge to get up and go get on my knees in my prayer chamber. So I did. Immediately, I began to weep as I prayed over our nation and President Bush’s decision, as well as many presidents before him, to push Israel to give the land back to the Palestinians.  For through Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon giving in to this pressure, he brought about the “disengagement” in August 2005, forcing thousands of Israeli’s from their homes and property and businesses that many had owned for 30 years. Then, having their homes plowed down with bulldozers, their synagogues left standing which the Palestinians desecrated and burned ,and the land just handed to their enemy.  This left thousands of Israeli’s with no home and no job.  They were forced to live as refugees in little trailers and tents, and some in hotels that they would later be evicted from.  This thought came to me and I voiced it aloud to God. “Can you imagine our nation having to give back all the land it took from the Indians? Can you imagine us having to give back the 40 acres to every black descendant of a slave because they were promised 40 acres and a mule after the civil war? Can you imagine us having to give entire states like California or Texas back to the Mexicans? I cannot even imagine what it would be like to have to give up our home, our land, everything we have just to try to appease the enemy and to try to cause stability and peace in our country. And then for that sacrifice to not even make a difference–that we would still be bombed and attacked repeatedly by these people!” I wept as I asked God to forgive us…and to forgive the sins of our forefathers, but I sensed that it was not enough–that because we continue to do this, God will continue to judge America. (When I got up off the floor, I  documented all of this above about my intercession.)

It would be almost a month later, on May 10th before I would see the connection to what I had prayed just after documenting the dream I had just had. It would show me that this event, this mass murder, was not simply the work of a lone, crazed student. God’s judgment is still coming upon America because of what we’ve done, and are still doing to Israel–just in ways we would never imagine or have any idea had any rhyme or reason. But GOD has a unique way of letting us “connect the dots” if we will just listen to His Spirit.  I’m so thankful that He revealed this to me. It caused me to see the connection to the WMD’s in my dream.  It connected it to our government, our current president and administration, for it is only this current Bush administration that has searched for WMD’s.   The fact that I went into deep intercession and repentance for the sins of our nation against Israel immediately after having this dream that played itself out a few hours later, is confirmation enough that this massacre of American citizens was not some isolated incident.  It is no coincidence that I would dream what I did, and then be weeping and repenting for the sins of our nation, specific sins having to do with Israel, exactly 3 years to the day of when our President and Israel’s Prime Minister set forth a plan to violate the will of Almighty God concerning His Land and His People. by stripping them from one another and giving the land to Israel’s enemies.  It is again clear that God’s judgment continues to be unleashed on our nation.

Some would  argue that this would not be fair, that God would have no right to do such a thing to innocent American children and adults.  Or, they would argue that God WOULDN’T do such as this.  All I can say to you is READ YOUR BIBLES.  It grieves me to see such mayhem and mass murder come upon our nation (not that scores of homicides of the innocent isn’t happening all across America each and every day).  Also, I do not share this with any disrespect to, or contempt of, any of the victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre.  But, what I do want to convey is this:  Christians need to WAKE UP.  This nation will fall, and great will be the fall of it if we the Body of Christ fail to obey the Word of the Lord and fail to intercede for this nation and it’s leaders.  Even if God’s judgment cannot be thwarted, we can still cry out for MERCY, for God is a God of mercy.  And as King David reasoned, it was better to fall under the hand of Almighty God’s judgment than to fall prey to the hand of man. 

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