06.11.2005 Hurricane Surge Drowning People in Buildings

FULFILLED:  4 Record-breaking, Killer Hurricanes of 2005
which began 1 month after this dream
and 3 days after London’s 9/11 on 07.07.05.

Hurricane Dennis 07.10.05
Hurricane Katrina 08.29.05
Hurricane Rita 09.24.05
Hurricane Wilma 10.24.05


I dreamed that I was near the ocean when suddenly, the large building I was in was overtaken by a huge wave, and the surge filled the building to the ceiling.  I was not surprised and I was not frightened, for I knew this was going to happen.  As I too was under water, I looked to my left and saw two young men that who looked to be in their 20’s.  They were holding their breath under the water, and I could see the panic on their faces because they were about to drown.  I knew that I was there to witness this.  I prayed for these young men, asking the Lord to not take them yet–to allow them to hold their breath just a little longer until the surge left the building.  I sensed they were not saved and needed more time.  I woke up.


HURRICANE DENNIS, the first of 4 record-breaking and deadly hurricanes that hit the U.S. in 2005, formed on July 4, 2005–America’s Day of Independence.  It made landfall 6 days later on July10th–3 days after 4 Muslim suicide bombers exploded 4 bombs almost simultaneously on 3 subway cars and a double-decker bus in London–which became London’s 9/11.

Dennis intensified to a cat 4, but crossing Cuba weakened it to a cat 1.  NHC (National Hurricane Center) forecasts indicated the possibility of a rebound to category 4 status once convection was re-established, but Dennis re-intensified so rapidly on July 9 that the NHC described it having occurred “at a rate that bordered on insane.”

Hurricane Dennis produced storm surges onto the Florida coastline as high as 9 feet.
Dennis, the most intense hurricane on record before the month of August,  caused 15 deaths in America and an estimated 6-10 billion dollars worth of damage.

Hurricane Dennis was born on July 4, 2005, one year to the day after the day of the ground breaking at ground zero in New York for the new Freedom Tower on July 4, 2004.  A massive hewn granite stone from New York’s Adirondack mountains was placed as the foundational cornerstone of this building that would replace the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.  This would be done with much defiance to the destruction of 9/11–not realizing that 9/11 was God’s judgment on this nation.  The prideful words and actions of the leaders of this nation and of this city would be the same as that of  Israel in Isaiah 9:9-10. 

Isaiah 9:9-10 (KJV)
9 And all the people shall know, even Ephraim and the inhabitant of Samaria, that say in the pride and stoutness of heart, 10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

On 9/11, a sycamore tree located behind St Paul’s Chapel on the corner of ground zero–the Chapel where our first president went with his cabinet to pray and commit America to God immediately after Washington’s inauguration–was cut down by one of the beams that flew through the air when one of the twin towers crumbled to the ground.  On November 22, 2003, this sycamore was replaced by a cedar–and according to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a sister to the cedars in Israel.

Both of these defiant signs or harbingers in Isaiah 9:10 were repeated by America.  And another of the signs in this passage–the defiant declaration of “we will build” and “we will change” made by Israel’s leaders was repeated when America’s leaders of congress quoted this very verse right after 9/11 to declare America’s spirit of defiance against those that had brought this destruction.


HURRICANE KATRINA was the costliest hurricane, and one of the five deadliest in the history of the United States–killing almost 2,000 and another 700 missing, and with a storm surge of 28-30 feet–the highest ever recorded of an Atlantic hurricane.

Katrina formed on August 23, 2005 (the same day that Israel forcefully expelled its own people from their land–completing the Road Map’s Disengagement–more on this later).    On August 28, Israeli’s are having to dig up the graves of their loved ones–even the graves of their children killed by Palestinian suicide bombers.  The next day, August 29, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the U.S. Gulf Coast.  It’s storm surges were so forceful that it unearthed many graves.

The parallel of the timing and devastating results of Katrina with Israel’s Disengagement was not a coincidence.  The U.S. and the U.K. were responsible for pressuring Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon into designing and completing a plan to forcefully evict tens of thousands of Israeli citizens from God’s covenant land that they had lived on for thirty years or more.  The U.K. had her four suicide bombers.  America had her four killer hurricanes.  As I’ve mentioned under Hurricane Dennis, America refused to acknowledge 9/11 as God’s judgment and therefore not only failed to repent, but defiantly shook her fist and declared  that she would rebuild bigger and better. This defiance and refusal to repent in the face of God’s judgment, only produces more sin and brings even worse judgment.  Even in the face of such devastation, in the wake of such a shaking of this nation, (which you can research in depth on the internet) America still did not repent, but has instead, become even more defiant and vile.

I could not help but notice that on 9/11/2005, (4 years to the day after our 9/11) a ceremony was held for the lowering of the Israeli flag from the IDF’s Gaza Strip divisional headquarters, officially ending Israel’s 38 year military and civilian presence in Gaza.  Though the last Israeli settler was removed from the disputed land on August 23rd, it was on this 9/11 that the final Israeli presence was disengaged and complete authority was given to Israel’s mortal enemy. (See the article titled “Jerusalem Day” for a better understanding concerning the judgment of God on the nations who divide up His covenant land to Israel’s enemies.)

Two years after the disengagement, Israeli’s were still living in tiny trailers, tents and hotel rooms, and were given notice of eviction even though they had no place to go and still had no jobs.  So it was with Americans.


HURRICANE RITA was born on September 17 as a tropical depression.  She quickly became a hurricane and made landfall on the Texas coast on September 22nd 2005.  I could not help but notice that on  Sept 17, 2001, the New York Stock Exchange reopened for the first time after 9/11.  Rita was the fourth most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded and the most intense tropical cyclone ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico.  Rita caused over 11 billion in damage and the death of at least 120.

New Orleans had been devastated by Katrina and thousands of refugees were placed in Galveston and the Houston area, only to find themselves chased down by another hurricane.  Rita made a bee-line through the Gulf of Mexico straight to the Texas coast causing the New Orleans refuges to have to flee from another deadly hurricane.  And again, their homes in New Orleans took another hit from the wide sweep of Rita’s outer bands.  Levees break in New Orleans flooding as high as 8 feet–the standard height of ceilings. Again, I saw my dream of a building flooded to the ceiling by the surge from a hurricane.

One headline read:

Texans flee colossal Rita

Category 5 storm is third most intense ever

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — As more than 1 million people scurried to get out of the way of Hurricane Rita, the Category 5 hurricane grew more turbulent, becoming the third most intense storm in history, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday night.


HURRICANE WILMA developed as a tropical depression on October 15 and made landfall as a hurricane on October 24, 2005–exactly 1 month to the day after Hurricane Rita hit the U.S.  It was reported that Hurricane Wilma grew into a “monster cyclone”, becoming the third Category 5 storm of the 2005 North Atlantic hurricane season, was more intense than either of deadly hurricanes Katrina or Rita, and was the fastest intensification ever by an Atlantic hurricane.  Wilma was responsible for at least 63 deaths and over 25 billion in damages.

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