06.26.2007 Another 9/11? ~~~The time is 11:55!

VISION: 911 IMAGE and 11:55 ON A CLOCK

A vision of a 9/11 type attack coming to America
and that we were at the close of the 11th hour.


My husband and I got up at 5:20.  After he left for work at 6, I sat studying the Word.  After reading for more than an hour, I started nodding off.  I decided to go stretch out across the bed and get a power nap.

Just before I awoke, I saw in the distance the twin towers of the World Trade Center.  image570770xThe black smoke was billowing from them just as it did on 9/11.  The image came close, as if being slowly zoomed in.

Immediately after seeing this, I was standing in my kitchen and looked around to my right and saw the clock on my coffee maker.  The small digital clock read: 11:55.  When I saw this, knowing in my mind that I had in reality laid down for a short nap, I wondered if I was seeing it right because I could not believe that it was already that late in the day–that I’d been napping for hours.  I looked around to see if there was another clock, b1155-on-clockut there wasn’t one.  I  looked back at the clock on the coffeemaker and squinted to focus on it better and it still read 11:55. I woke up.  When my eyes opened I was facing the digital clock on the TV in my bedroom with its very large red numbers.  It read: 8:55.


Realizing that there was exactly a 3 hour difference in the clock in my vision and the actual time seemed very significant to me. It reminded me of what I spoke to the Lord in our condo just 22 days earlier–that first week in June when the Lord spoke the word “the trump of the Lord” and then “prepare for the shaking” (See the June 4, 2007 post) , and how I spoke out and in a physical shaking/trembling I said, “Oh Lord, I sense that it’s only HOURS, not days or months or years, but HOURS” (I was seeing this through God’s timing, not ours, that it was VERY NEAR–that judgment from God on this nation was VERY, VERY NEAR, only HOURS in God’s timing) Also the number “3” is a God number,.meaning Divine Completeness, Perfection & Resurrection.

11:55 is just before the midnight hour.  It’s symbolic of time running out–as in the close of the 11th hour.  It is a warning–an alarm. The fact that before I saw the 11:55 on the clock, I saw what appeared very similar to the WTC attack with smoke rising from it as it did on 9/11,  caused me to sense that God is warning us that in a very short time, this nation will again be attacked by Muslim extremists.   I would not be surprised that something is coming VERY soon.   But SOON in OUR TIME is not the same as in GOD’S TIMING.

In Dean Hubbard’s book “Letter To Israel”, he shows God’s timing–heaven’s clock compared to earth’s clock.  He shows that four minutes in heaven is 1 day on earth.  So, five minutes in heaven would be just over 1 day on earth.  All this that I saw concerning the “timing” still didn’t seem relevant to anything specific.  All I could see was that time was short.  I sensed so strongly that God gave me this night vision, that He gave it to me for a purpose, and that I was to understand it.    It being the close of that 11th hour showed that time had almost run out.  And, because God caused me to notice that there was a three hour difference from my dreamlike vision and reality,  I wondered if this meant that it is only three hours until this 11th hour would run out.  According to Dean’s book, 3 hours in heaven is 45 days on earth.  I asked the Lord, “45 days from when?”  He replied, “From your dream.”  So, I counted 45 days forward from today, June 26th, 2007.  I counted it as a Jew would count days which would include today and in which the day begins in the evening and ends the evening of the following day, and it took me to August 9-10, 2007.   There wasn’t anything significant on this date on my calendar, but seeing the date being the 9th, I suddenly thought of the 9th of AV–a very important date throughout Jewish history.  But looking on a Jewish calendar I saw that the 9th of AV was not August 9th in 2007.  I didn’t know where to go from there.  There seemed to be no significance to the timing and I felt like I’d hit a dead end.  Then the Lord said, “Look at 2008.”  I looked for August 9-10, 2008 and was taken aback when I saw that this indeed is the 9th of AV in 2008!  Now THAT was significant!

I saw it.  I saw the great significance to the timing God showed me in my dream.  I felt that something of great importance would take place on the 9th of AV in 2008.  And, because of the vision of the WTC, the Twin Towers–the attack of 911–I felt that this significance on this date had to do with America being attacked again.  But, knowing the history of the nation of Israel and that this date is historical of multiple tragedies over thousands of years for the Jews, it just seemed odd that this date of mourning for the Jews could become a date of mourning for Gentiles–especially to a nation with so many Christians in it, a nation that once was called “a Christian nation”.  I say “once” because we are now a nation whose new president has repeatedly declared in speeches in America and in other nations–even the nations of our enemies–that America is NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION, but a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, etc. as well.

I wondered about this “timing” until God saw to it that I watched a video of a Jew talking about the 9th of AV 2008.  Almost one year to the day after this vision, the Lord saw to it that a friend of mine, a friend that had no knowledge of my dream, would send me an email with a link to a web site where a Messianic Rabbi was sharing what God had revealed to him concerning the 9th of AV 2008.  I sat there in awe as I watched and listened to this Christian Jew show how that it was possible that “this upcoming” 9th of AV could be the beginning of the years of the tribulation.  He was not trying to “date set”, but gave this as a clarion call to WATCH–that the SIGNS were pointing to something that could very possibly take place that could be prophetic.  Please, take the time to go to the “Prophecy in The News” web site, www.prophecyinthenews.com ,and watch the two videos titled, “Interview With Mark Biltz on Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2014/15 Part 1 & Part 2″.  You will want to watch it and then watch it again and take notes.  I sat there in amazement as what this man shared gave great confirmation to not only this dream, but other dreams that God has given me that have yet to be fulfilled, the ones that showed the greatest judgment brought upon our nation.

God has called His “watchmen” on the walls to “blow the trumpet in Zion”, to “sound the alarm” so that the people would get ready.  Will YOU listen and give heed to the sound of the trumpet?  Or, will your backslidden condition or your ungodly and prideful spirit of religion cause you to ignore this trumpet call?  God is calling the Church to wake up.  Will you?  Please take time to read the posts titled “04/10/2007 Woe to America!” and, “03/06/2005 A Song in the Night.”

Again, I say to you what the Lord keeps telling me to say: REPENT!  For the kingdom of heaven is at hand! I truly believe we are not only in, but are at the close of the 11th hour.



UPDATE: 10.10.2013

Headline and excerpt from The Blaze (theblaze.com) 10.10.2013


A horrifying internal memo obtained by WTSP-TV reportedly details an incident which some pilots believe may have been a “dry-run” for terrorists plotting another 9/11-style attack.

Delta Airlines pilot Wolf Koch told the news station that it is “very foolish” to believe that an attack similar to the one that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, could never happen again.

You will want to click on the link below to read the full article and watch the video.


On August 15, 2001 the Lord woke me in the middle of the night in order to take me to His Word and warn me of  His judgment coming upon a great city in America.  I had no idea that fifteen days earlier on August 1st, four of the terrorists who hijacked the planes and flew them into the World Trade Center on 9/11 were performing a dry run on one of our airlines.  Actor James Woods witnessed what they were doing and reported it to the pilot and crew.  You can read the transcript of his February 2002 interview with Bill O’Reilly here.

Another “dry run” performed by Muslim terrorists just prior to executing their deadly attack was only nine days before Great Britain’s own 9/11 on 07-07-05.  Surveillance cameras captured the four terrorists at multiple locations as they walked through their routes.

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