06.02.2008 Jerusalem Day~Warning to the U.S. & the Nations

Prophetic dreams and visions concerning me going to Israel
and the prophetic fulfillment of these in what God had me do there.

A warning to the nations who would divide Jerusalem.

Fulfilled: June 2, 2008


(If you do not have time to read the awesome details of this story and want it in a nutshell, scroll to the bottom of the article.)

While in Israel for a month during May and June of 2008, the Lord had me do something that would reveal His heart concerning the covenant land of Israel, especially Jerusalem, and would give great revelation regarding the actions of the U.S. in trying to pressure Israel to relinquish what God had supernaturally given back to His people.

Years before ever going to Israel, the Lord gave me visions of what I would do there. In one of these visions, I saw myself walking the streets of the old city playing my violin. The day before I left for Israel I was gathering my things to take with me .  When I reached for my violin case, I had another vision. I saw my violin as if I was playing it, seeing it from the base to my hand on the neck.  Hanging from its neck were long, multicolored, satin ribbons blowing in the wind. I knew at that moment that I was supposed to purchase these ribbons and hang them from it before I played it in Israel. I was busy all that day and half the night trying to pack for a month-long stay–trying to somehow manage to keep the weight and number of bags to the airlines limits.  By the time I finally went to bed I had forgotten to get the satin ribbons.

Off and on throughout the month, I thought about the vision of me playing my violin in the streets. I could have picked up my violin and walked through the old city playing it anytime I wanted, however, I knew this had to be GOD’S timing, and I never sensed that it was time to do so. About a week before the trip was to end, I was searching on my computer journals to find a dream I’d had years ago concerning a bombing in Israel (see “Bombing on Ben Yehuda Street” post). I knew I had documented the dream, and because God brought this dream back to my memory and revealed it to me the second night in Jerusalem, I had repeatedly searched my computer for this document. The Lord told me to search again and my thought was, “I’ve already looked and I can’t find it. But Lord, if you say look again, then I will look.” I called up my journals and opened one seemingly at random–but of course, we know that GOD DOES NOT DO RANDOM. After only a couple of minutes of scanning the page, I found myself reading:

From my journal 03.10.2000:

VISION: As I wrote this last sentence I had a vision of me playing my violin and I saw colorful streamers of satin coming down from its neck.

I had documented that I had seen this vision of the ribbons on my violin.  I was startled when I read  what I had written eight years earlier.  As I sat in my hotel room in Jerusalem’s Old City, reading this vision again on Jerusalem Day 2008,  I had no memory of ever seeing this before. Even when I had the open vision of this the day before leaving for Israel, I did not recall ever seeing this vision before.   Moreover, I had actually forgotten about getting the ribbons after arriving in Israel.  Immediately, I jumped up from the bed, quickly dressed, and went in search of Walid, the owner of the hotel. I felt such an urgency. I knew that I HAD to have them–and NOW. God had shown them to me, and foolishly, I not only failed to get them, in time, I had forgotten about them altogether! But GOD is FAITHFUL and HIS TIMING and HIS PLAN is perfect. For what I thought was carelessness on my part, would soon prove to be the providence of God.

Hotel Owner Walid

Walid is a very friendly and gracious Arab Muslim. He goes out of his way to accommodate his guests. This was definitely no five-star hotel, but you would have thought so by the way he treated his guests. In the three weeks I had already been there, He and I had some extended conversations, and mutual respect for one another. Therefore, I went in search for Walid. I needed his help–and quick. I knew that I had only a few days left, and when God said GO, that I had to be ready, ribbons and all. My room was close to his office, so I did not have far to go to find him. He welcomed me inside and in is thick Arab accent asked, “What may I do for you madam?” I wasted no time explaining to him what I needed by responding, “I need to know where to find some satin ribbons.” I expected him to tell me where to purchase the ribbons, and when he picked up a piece of paper to write on, I assumed he was going to draw me some directions as he had done earlier in the month, showing me how to find a laundry. He looked back up at me and asked, “How many do you need?” I was totally caught off guard. I had not even thought that far ahead, and I had not even had time to ask God. All I could answer was, “I really don’t know.” My heart and mind were racing–seeking God for a quick answer.  I then replied, “I just need multicolored satin ribbons. I’m going to hang them from the neck of my violin.” He responded very seriously in his thick Arab accent, “I will have one of my staff go and get these for you. Where you have to get them, they will take advantage of you.” I said, “Oh thank you Walid, that is very kind of you. Give me a minute and let me run get my money.” “No, no, no!” he said.”  “I buy these for you.” I told him that he did not have to do that, but he insisted that he wanted to do this, and he would have it no other way. He then asked, “When do you need them?” At that point, I hated to insist on anything from one so gracious, but I felt such urgency, and I felt I had to have them as soon as possible. I replied, “I need them as soon as you can get them.” Walid responded with a firm, “I’ll have them for you tomorrow.” I could not thank him enough as he escorted me from his office and making nothing of it.

WOW!  How awesome is my God! Not only did Father see to it that I did not forget to get the ribbons, in so doing, He gave great confirmation of what He had shown me concerning them the day before I left for Israel. And now, to think that He would see to it that an ARAB MUSLIM MAN would be the one that HE CHOSE to purchase these ribbons for me–absolutely astounding! Walid knew that I was a Christian from the get-go, and he was very respectful toward me as we sat and shared our beliefs. I realized with this, that it was not meant for me to get the ribbons in the U.S. I realized that God had an order for all of this and Walid was just part of it. I had absolutely no idea what the ribbons represented, or why I was to do this. I just knew that they were very important.

The next morning I went out into the Old City and returned to the hotel around noon.  As I walked back through the hotel entrance and heard Walid’s boisterous voice at the top of the stairs, I thought about the ribbons. I wondered if he had remembered to get them, but did not want to insult him by asking.  I thought it might imply that I did not trust him to do this. I still felt that urgency and had to know, so I said, “Lord, please let him be the one to bring it up.” As I climbed the long flight of stairs I saw Walid standing with a group of guests at the top.  I was impressed with his command of multiple languages as he was conversing with them in French.  As I reached the top step he graciously extended his hand to assist me in my assent as he quickly finished his  remarks to his guests.  He then turned to me and said, “I have your ribbons.” I followed him into his office where he retrieved them from his desk. I expected him to reveal a brown paper bag or some plastic grocery-type bag with several loose strips of ribbon inside, but instead, placed a small, clear, plastic packet in my hand. Inside this sealed pouch was a neat circle of inch-wide, multicolored, satin ribbons. He asked, “Is this what you wanted?” I really could not be sure until I opened them to see, but from what I did see I joyfully replied, “Yes, I’m sure it is.” I offered again to pay him as I thanked him for being so kind, and again, he just ushered me out the door as if to say: think nothing of it. I told him he was truly a friend and that God would bless him for his kindness to me.

I went straight to my room to open the pouch. When I did, the neatly coiled ribbons unwound in my hand. There were six different colored ribbons about three feet long. I thought, “Six–hum–six is the number for man and for sin.” As I held them up, I tried to imagine how I would attach them to my violin neck without them touching the strings. In addition, they were very long. That is when the Lord said, “Tie them in the middle.” Yes! I would pinch them in the middle with a string and tie the string at the top of the neck of my violin at the small opening under the strings. Then I saw it. The “six” just became “12″ which is the number of the tribes of Israel–the number of Jacob’s sons–a ribbon for each tribe. I knew what some of the colors represented, but some I had to look up.

They were:

  • Red–atonement, blood sacrifice
  • White–purity, righteousness
  • Blue–heaven, righteousness of God
  • Yellow–glory & Divine good
  • Orange–human good, separation
  • Silver–redemption

I did not have any kind of string small enough to tie these onto my violin and I said, “Lord, I really hate to ask Walid for more help. What can I use?” He answered, “The twine from your hat.” I had purchased a big brim white hat, and there was a twine bow on top. I clipped off a piece of the twine and it worked perfectly. There! It was complete. Now, He just had to tell me when, where, and how.

Because of all of this, my thoughts would easily return to my violin and what the Lord wanted me to do and when. It was the next to the last day before we were to leave and God still had not told me to take my violin in the streets. I had returned from being in the city all morning, and when I walked in my room and saw my violin, I felt anxious. I reached and picked it up with a mind to just GO. But I quickly laid it back down and said,  “NO!”  I will NOT go until YOU tell me to go Lord. I will not be guilty of the sin of presumption. You told me to bring it, You would not let me forget about the ribbons, You confirmed my vision, You even had an Arab Muslim man not only get them for me but insist on paying for them, and You showed me how to put them on. I am not about to stop trusting You now. I know that You will show me when to play it, even if it is in the last hours of the last day here. With this, I got comfortable on my bed, picked up my Bible and began to read and study. I spent the next couple of hours just soaking in God’s Word. It was wonderful. I wrote pages of notes as He gave me wonderful revelation from His Word. Then suddenly, the Lord calmly said, “It’s time.”

With that, I knew it was time to take my violin to the streets. I looked at my clothes to decide what I should put on. It had not been a big deal the whole time I was there. I had brought mostly pants–long and Capri. I found myself very undecided. I finally said, “Lord, what do YOU want me to put on?” Immediately He showed me. It was not what I would have chosen and I surely did not understand why, but I did as I was shown. I put on my long sleeve aqua colored jacket and shell that was quite dressy with its rhinestones on the front, and a new white cotton ankle-length full skirt.  It was in character for the Middle East, and I had purchased it a few days earlier in the market. I had already thought about the fact that it was just after noon, and over the past couple of days it had begun to get hot up in the day. He then showed me that I was to put my white knit Capri pants on under my lined skirt. With this I really wondered how hot I would get out there. I did not know why He was having me dress so modestly and cover up so much, but I knew what He was telling me, and I gladly obeyed. I HAD to get this right.

God said, “Go up there.”

I finished dressing and reached for my violin case. He said, “Don’t take the case.”  I took the violin out of the case to carry in my hands. When I reached and picked up my purse from the foot of the bed and hooked the straps on my left shoulder, the Lord immediately said, “Don’t take that.” I froze. Instantly, my thoughts ran to the fact that I had been in Israel almost a month and had NEVER gone out without my passport, my ID, my money and my water bottle in my purse. I asked, “Lord, am I hearing you right?” Instantly He reminded me of the Scripture where He sent his disciples out and told them that they were not to take purse or script. With that, I immediately dropped my purse back on the bed. I had no problem leaving it. I walked out of my room with my violin, my bow and my room key. I dropped the room key off at the desk and walked down the staircase and out the front door. I came to the end of the ally and out onto the edge of the narrow one-way street that led from the Jaffa Gate next door to the hotel. I could go right and out of the Old City through the Jaffa Gate, and into any part of Jerusalem. I could go left and descend into the narrow market streets that branched off each other like a maze. These would take me to any number of places in the Old City. Or, I could go straight up the one-way street before me that led around the edge of the city wall. I didn’t have a clue. I said, “Which way Lord?” He answered, “Go up there.” He was showing me to go straight up the one-way street that went through the Armenian Quarter and near the city wall.  With my bow in my right hand and my violin in my left hanging by my sides, I began walking up the hill and praying in the Holy Ghost, seeking His direction.

I trusted the Lord to lead me and not let me miss what I was supposed to do, and what I was supposed to play. I knew that the Lord would give me a “new song” by His Spirit, and something Israeli sounding. I walked a good distance and came under an arch that covered a portion of the street. I was still praying in the Spirit and stopped to seek the Lords direction. I just did not want to miss it. I put my violin under my chin and began to play a new song unto the Lord. It was a beautiful, slow, and quite melancholy Jewish sounding song. As I played, vehicles would pass close by me as they came through the tunnel. I turned around and faced the wall of the darkened tunnel and there before me were large posters showing the Armenian genocide of 1915. I wondered if this was why the Lord had me stop here and why I was playing such a song. After a few minutes, I stopped playing and moved on. I walked another good distance, still praying, asking the Lord to please not let me miss where I was supposed to play. I had walked quite a distance and had reached an area that I was not very familiar with. I did not know where this street would take me, for I had only been about this far on it before. I looked to my right and the Lord said, “Go there.” I looked up at the structure and realized it looked like one of the gates to the city, but I didn’t recall ever having been through it. It looked different from some of the more ornate ones such as the Jaffa or the Damascus Gate, but because of the large opening, I felt it had to be a gate.

Zion’s Gate from inside the Old City

As I walked through the opening, I met a thick crowd of people passing through in both directions. It was very noisy and very crowded. I had to hold my violin close so no one would bump it. The path through the gate was like the Jaffa Gate in that it made an L–a sharp left to exit. Just as I entered it, I heard several young people laughing and talking–their voices echoing. I looked to my right, and there, built into the stone, was a turnstile. I realized it was an exit off the ramparts, and these college-age kids were descending through its dark stairwell into this gate. As I passed this, I heard something behind me and saw the people around and in front of me moving to the outside edge of the gates interior. I turned around and to my shock saw a car coming through this gate! I could not believe it! You did not do this at Jaffa Gate. The street runs beside Jaffa Gate, not THROUGH it! I could not imagine how a car could make this sharp left turn to go through–but it did.  As the car eased through the crowd, and the crowd closed the gap behind it, I am nearing the opposite end–the outside entrance. There before me is an armed military guard standing inside the gate with his rifle across his chest. At this, I am bewildered and think, “Lord, I think I missed you on this one.” “How can I play in such a place as this?” My excuse was that there was not enough room. But the truth was–I was very intimidated by it all. Moreover, the guard’s presence just made it worse. I feared that he would stop me. I stood there near the guard for a minute, debating if I should ask him for permission, but I didn’t. I looked beyond him through the gates entrance and decide to step out and see what was on the other side. I thought maybe God wanted me to go through the gate and play on the other side. Just as I got to the entrance, I noticed a large tour bus parked several yards away. It was unloading what looked like at least fifty people! With that I knew that it was about to get even more crowded. I quickly turned and went back in the gate and began walking back through to where I first entered.

I felt very disappointed and frustrated with myself. I said, “Lord, I’m so sorry if I missed you on this. Please help me. Please do not let me mess up. This is too important. I truly thought You told me to go here, but I just do not see how You would want me to play here. There are too many people.” I could not even admit to Him that I was completely intimidated by it all. But He knew. And He knew my heart. And, I would soon experience 2 Corinthians 12:9, where the Lord told the Apostle Paul, “My grace is sufficient in you for my power is made perfect in weakness.” In my weakness and my confusion, I slowly exited the gate along with others passing through–violin and bow hanging by my sides, and praying under my breath, “Oh Lord, please don’t let me miss it. If I’m supposed to play here please stop me.” Even though I had allowed fear, intimidation, and confusion stop me, I desperately wanted to obey God, and was willing for Him to turn me around. Then, just as I was almost back to the street, I suddenly heard a loud, deep, male, Jewish sounding voice in the distance behind me shout, “HALLELUJAH!” I hesitated. Then he shouted another, “HALLELUJAH!” I thought, “Is this man shouting me down?” I stopped, looked over my right shoulder toward the sound, and instantly made eye contact with an old Jewish man sitting next to the city wall about 10-15 feet from the gate entrance.  I was about 10 yards past him. As soon as our eyes met, he thrust his right arm toward me and shouted even louder, “YESHUA!” (Jesus in Hebrew) I was stunned, but did not hesitate. I quickly headed back through the crowd toward him. To think that this Jewish man would pick me out of a crowd of people–nothing in the natural that would signal to him that I was a Christian– and he would shout me down with hallelujahs and shouting Jesus in Hebrew (one of the few Hebrew words that I even understand), was absolutely astounding. Even before I reached him I called out, “Are you a Christian?” And with a tone of “well-of-course-I-am”, he resounded boldly in his thick Jewish accent, “YES! I am a Christian!”  “YESHUA!”  I switched my bow into my left hand and stuck out my right hand to shake his. “I’m a Christian too!” I responded with excitement. Instead of asking things like, why did you shout me down, I asked if he lived there in Jerusalem. He said he did. His son, who looked to be in his 40’s, was standing beside him and said that they had made Aliyah to Israel from the U.S. several years earlier.

The old man looked up at me and with that deep thick accent, emphasizing each word, and with animated hand gestures, he bolstered, “What are you doing?” I hesitated because I did not know what he meant, and I’m sure he saw the questioning look on my face. Again, with even more fervor, and this time taking both his hands, palms up, yet pointing toward my left hand that held my violin by my side, demanded, “What are you doing?” I realized then what he was getting at. He wanted to know what I was doing with my violin. I held it before him and humbly replied, “I’m just obeying God. He told me to walk through the city and play where He showed me.” Instantly, the old Jew thrust out his left arm pointing back toward the gate and cried out, “YOU MUST GO BACK! THIS IS ZION’S GATE! YOU MUST GO BACK AND PLAY IN ZION’S GATE!!”  I could not think or even respond, except to say, “Thank you.” I could not think to ask him why, or why Zion’s Gate. I just knew that GOD had just spoken through this old Messianic Jew–this brother in the Lord–in order to stop me and confirm to me that I had indeed heard from God, and see to it that I went back and finished what God had started.

When I re-entered Zions Gate from inside the City, there was no crowd and I immediately saw the recessed   opening on my left.

I immediately turned and began walking back toward the gate–tears welling up in my eyes. Inside I was screaming, “Oh Lord! Thank You! Thank You for not allowing me to mess up–to miss your purpose! But please, show me where I’m supposed to play!” At this, I was coming to the entrance and at that very moment there was no crowd–nothing to distract me. And there, just inside the gate on the left, was a very large opening–a tall archway cut out of the stone wall. I had missed it before because of the crowd and all the distractions. When God showed it to me, I immediately saw that there were natural stone steps that led up and back to a raised platform about 4-5 feet off the floor. It looked like a small stage. He said, “Play up there.” I did not hesitate. I grabbed my skirt and quickly made my way up the little steps to the platform. As I did, I could not help but laugh within myself. I thought, “Lord, only YOU would require me, one who never plays her violin in public, who does not think she can play very well, yet was willing to play solo in the streets of the city, to perch myself up above everyone in this gate and play. This did away with worrying how on earth I could play my violin in such a crowded place, for I was ABOVE the crowd. I also instantly realized why the Capri pants under my skirt. So here I stood– very conspicuously perched high above the crowd–playing my violin with bright-colored ribbons flowing from it. All you can do is just shake your head in amazement at how He orders every step.

God said, "Play up there."

God said, “Play up there.”

I was not sure what He would have me play until I put the violin under my chin, but when I did, I immediately began playing the same new song He had given me back in the tunnel. As I played, the crowd of people began to pass through the gate again. I was hoping they would not stop to be entertained–and they didn’t. They would look up at me and slow down, but no one stopped. Some would smile, but I really don’t know how most responded because I just wanted to worship and not be distracted by the passerby’s. So, for the most part, I kept my eyes closed. I knew that THEY were not why I was there. I was there by Divine appointment and it had to do with something much bigger than me or anyone else. I knew it had to do with the land, the city, and the nation itself. And, I knew it had something to do with me representing my own nation–the United States of America.

After playing several minutes, I sensed it was time to move on. I stopped playing and walked down off the platform and out the gate back into the city.  I looked to my right to see the old Jewish man sitting by the wall, but no one was there.  I continued walking and praising the Lord. I was still in absolute awe at what had just happened–how God caused this Jewish believer to pick me out of a crowd and shout me down in order to stop me. And how when I was concerned about doing something wrong and worrying about the guard stopping me from playing in this gate, that God had a JEWISH MAN command me to play in Zion’s Gate. God went to these lengths to see to it that I did what He called me to do. It showed me that what I was doing was indeed very significant. I did not know why, but I knew that it had to be.


I continued to pray as I walked further up the street.  I soon reached an area that was not familiar. At one point, I stopped and prayed. I did not want to risk missing God’s direction. I even tried to play there but quickly realized that this was not where He wanted me to play, so I moved on.  I walked quite a distance.  The street made a steeper incline and when I reached the top of it and looked down the other side, there it was, the Western Wall. I had no doubt that God had brought me here to play in the Plaza, the Kotel, as the Jews refer to it. I stood there again in utter amazement just shaking my head, for one of the other visions the Lord had given me during one of my many visits to the Wall was that I would play my violin there in the center of the plaza. But, playing an instrument in the plaza was something I had not seen anyone do during almost a month of being there. As I descended the hill toward this entrance to the plaza, in faith I said, “Lord, you’re going to have to give me favor with the guards for me to even get past the entrance with this violin, and, you’re going to have to give me favor in order for me to be allowed to play it in the plaza.” I continued to pray as I continued toward the entrance.

I walked up to the metal detectors and smiled as I held my violin out in front of me before the two young guards as if to say, “May I?” One of the guards smiled and bowed toward me motioning his arm around as if he were welcoming an honored guest. I smiled and returned the bow in thanks as I passed through. His fellow guard laughed as he watched this playful exchange. Again, I was amazed at how God does things.  I praised God as I continued up the hill to the plaza and thanked Him for making a way for me to obey Him.  After returning home I would find out that a man had been arrested for playing a Shofar in the plaza before my visit.  What makes all this even more remarkable is that two years later I would come across a news report on the internet that read:

Western Wall Rabbi Bans Musical Instruments From Plaza.

Publication: Israel Faxx
Date: Wednesday, November 7 2007

By IsraelNationalNews.com

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the rabbi in charge of the Western Wall, has outlawed musical instruments at the Western Wall, according to Ma’ariv.

Musicians with drums and rams’ horns, who have accompanied bar mitzvah celebrations at the wall for years protested the move. A sign was placed at the inspection points leading to the Western Wall plaza banning entry with musical instruments. (emphasis mine)

Did you notice the date of this report?  This ban went into place almost 7 months to the day before I was welcomed through this checkpoint with my violin.  I cannot tell you how many times I walked up to and through these inspection points to enter the Kotel, but thankfully, God did not allow me to see the signs forbidding bringing musical instruments into the plaza.  All this is just more testimony of God’s favor and grace given me as I walked in faith and obedience to Him.

As I entered the plaza, I noticed that there was much more security than usual. Several more guards were stationed inside and there was even a canopy set up at the top center of the plaza with two police standing under it. I remembered that today is Jerusalem Day and this must be the reason for all the extra security I had noticed all over the Old City.  I really did not know what Jerusalem Day was about. I thought it just had something more to do with the fact that Israel had celebrated its 60th birthday this month and there were ongoing celebrations throughout the month. When the Jewish day began the evening before, I was sitting in the hotel lobby when the boom of fireworks started sounding outside. I walked to the front balcony and watched them exploding from David’s Tower across the street. I asked the Arab night manager why the fireworks. I always had trouble understanding his broken English, but when he mumbled out something about the Six Day War, as if he really did not want to answer, I did not push it. Because of this holiday, security was heightened, which made my playing my violin in the plaza even more unlikely.  It would not be until I returned home that I would  understand the many obstacles He overcame for me and even a glimpse of what God accomplished in my doing this.

I knew from a month of visiting the Western Wall repeatedly, and knowing the strict regulations, even to the point of women with skirts above their knees being given a long wrap-around skirt to put on over their clothes for modesty sake, and the fact that not once had I seen anyone in the plaza with a musical instrument, that what I was about to do could come under fire either from authorities or possibly angry Orthodox Jews. However, God had just done an amazing thing at Zion’s Gate to get me beyond my fear of doing something offensive and unacceptable. He had helped me die to self, and I saw my fears disappear like a puff of smoke as I saw His hand and heard His voice guiding me. I had again just gotten a boost of faith, by being given such a gracious welcome from the entrance guard. Now, I am walking up into the center of the plaza and see the extreme heightened security. Instead of stopping in the middle of the plaza to play, I wanted to do the “right thing”, so this time I did go to the guards to ask for permission to play. That was a mistake.  Again, I had fallen prey to a spirit of intimidation!  I proceeded on up the hill to where the two policemen were standing under the canopy. Just as I walked up, one of the guards walked away. I sensed strongly that GOD had caused that.  I asked the guard still standing there if he spoke English. He said he did–a little. I showed him my violin and motioned back down to the center of the plaza asking if I could play there. The look on his face told me that he really didn’t have a clue if he should let me or not. He hesitated and finally said, “You can play there.”–motioning to the top area of the plaza near another entrance. That was NOT what I wanted to hear. I thanked him graciously and with great disappointment with myself, I turned and walked up the hill to where he had pointed out. I stood there and tried to play this same song, but after a minute I realized this was all wrong. I stopped playing and stood there totally frustrated and feeling like a big disappointment to my Father.  I was so aggravated at myself for letting myself become intimidated again.  How could I have such little faith after all that God had already done for me that morning to guide me, and prove to me that HE was doing this, and that I had nothing to fear?!! As I stood there  dealing with my frustration and disappointment in myself, I knew that I could not leave there until I did what God had sent me to do, and WHERE God had  shown me to do it–regardless of the consequences.  I knew that because the policeman had shown me where I had “permission” to play, that by playing in the center ANYWAY, would be a jester of defiance and disrespect–the very thing I didn’t want to be guilty of.  I slowly began to walk down toward the center of the plaza. When I reached the area that I KNEW that I was supposed to play, I stood there  holding my violin and bow by my sides and praying under my breath. I was standing out in the middle of the very large plaza, up from the women’s section of the Western Wall, and in plain sight of the guard that had just told me to play elsewhere.  In fact, I knew that when I put that violin under my chin and began to play, that not only the policeman would see and hear, but I would be the “center of attention”.  As I stood there praying under my breath and just looking about,  I could see the policeman under the canopy.  I prayed, “Lord, You know my heart. You know that I am doing this in obedience to You. I am not doing this for show. I am not doing this for myself. You know that I do not want to disobey authority and I do not want to be offensive to the Jews, but more than anything, I want to obey YOU. I want to do what YOU have called me to do regardless of the cost. I don’t understand why I’m doing this, but I know that You have shown me that I am to do it.  Forgive me for not trusting You and for being so foolish as to ask the policeman for permission to do what YOU have instructed me to do.  I will do this, but please,  I just need to know that I know, that YOU want me to do this, to do it here, and to do it now. Then, it doesn’t matter how anyone responds or if they cart me off to jail.”

As I stood there, out in the middle of the plaza, praying under my breath and trying to hear God, I notice a little Jewish looking man walking toward me from the men’s side (the left side) of the plaza. I would not have noticed him except that when I looked in his direction it appeared he was looking straight at me. He was still several yards from me, and after seeing him, I turned and looked the other way. I told myself he was just on his way to the entrance. I was not doing anything–just standing there holding my violin down by my side. I was trying to be inconspicuous in a very conspicuous place. A few seconds later, I looked back to the left and he was still looking straight at me as he grew closer. I didn’t know if he was an Orthodox Jew that was about to accost me for having my violin in there (I’d heard horror stories of this happening in the plaza by outraged Jewish males not liking what a female was doing) or if my imagination was playing games with me. I looked  back to my right, and the next thing I knew, I looked back around and there he was. He stopped directly in front of me, and to my amazement, this older Jewish man held his arms out in front of me with the palms of his hands up, and just as the other Jewish man, and with a big smile he joyfully commanded, “Play!, Play!”  I smiled, put my violin under my chin, and began to play the same song the Lord had me play at Zion’s Gate. The moment I began to play, the little Jewish mans smile grew larger, and he continued on his way out of the plaza. In utter amazement, I stood there playing. Here again, God answered my prayer and confirmed what I was to do through a Jewish man. This was no coincidence. I was blown away.  God had given me what I asked for.  I knew that I knew, that I was supposed to do this.  I suddenly had absolutely no fear of what would happen to me.  I knew that GOD was in control and it was the most glorious place I could be.

I played through the song a few times, and just as I sensed I was to finish on this last time through, I looked toward my left hand and could see the guard from the top of the plaza slowly walking straight for me. I knew that anyone watching knew exactly what he was about to do, and so did I. However, I had no fear.  And the great thing, he wasn’t going to “stop” me, for I was finishing up the song anyway.   I had completed what I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to do it. If he carried me off to jail then so be it. At least God had performed the work that He desired. I had peace.  In fact, I had such peace that I did not stop playing when I saw him. I finished my song. The timing of it was so that I finished just as he reached me.  As I lowered my violin and turned toward him, he very politely stated in his broken English, “The office called and said that you need to play up there.” This time, he was pointing above where he had earlier.  He was pointing toward the stairwell above and beyond the plaza entrance. I smiled and graciously thanked him and turned to leave the plaza in the direction he gave. As I walked up the hill, I wondered what he meant by saying “the office called”. Then I realized that there are multiple closed circuit security cameras all around the plaza. Indeed, the security officers that monitor the plaza had seen me playing and had ordered him to have me leave and play outside the Kotel.  With that revelation, it was even more amazing to me how God saw to it that I was allowed to play for as long as I did.

Valarie & Jan

When I reached the top of the stairs above the plaza and traveling through the Jewish quarter, I stopped a couple of times to inquire if the Lord wanted me to play, but I knew that I was done. I had peace and knew that I had done what God wanted me to do for now. I figured I had finished what He ordained me to do with my violin. I made the long walk back up through the city to the hotel and up the long flight of stairs to the hotel lobby.

A woman I had become friends with, who lived in Israel was there in the lobby waiting for me. Valarie is a powerful and most precious 75-year-old woman of God. I had met her early on in the month and we had shared our faith with one another a few times during my stay. She had come back to the Old City in order to go to the Western Wall this night during the Jerusalem Day celebrations. She did not come out and ask me, but I could tell that she wanted me to go with her. Normally I would not have wanted to miss anything that was happening, but for the first time in the month that I had been there, I was wiped out.  What I had just done with my violin had taken hours, and I had walked completely around the interior and through the center of the Old City in the afternoon sun.  Valarie and I sat together at a small cafe’ table in the lobby.   I got so sleepy sitting there with her.  As she continued talking to me in her very soft voice, I fought falling asleep in my chair.  She never came out and asked me to go with her, but continued to talk of how she came back to the Old City just to be a part of the Jerusalem Day final celebration.  I told her I did not want to miss anything, but I was so tired. Just about the time I could tell she was about to give up and just go it alone, another one of my new-found friends from the U.K. came bustling into the lobby with such excitement.   Roger Toye is a precious brother in the Lord.  He is a very talented musician, anointed worship leader, and professional photographer.  He suddenly appeared from behind me, and with excitement, sat his video camera down in front of us, turned it on, and said, “Look what I just shot that is happening in the plaza!” I cannot explain the burst of energy that shot through me when I witnessed what was happening there.   The plaza was literally packed with thousands of Jewish men, women, boys and girls, dancing and waving Israel’s flags as a band played joyful Jewish music in the background.  I had no idea such as this was going on, and it was then that I realized why such a spirit of sleep had overcome me.  It was the first time in almost a month in Jerusalem that I was too tired to go and do.  But what I saw and heard on that video camera woke me up! There was no doubt in my mind that the enemy had just tried his best to keep me from going there and I knew that I was supposed to be there WITH MY VIOLIN.   I knew at that moment that God had again intervened in my life to see to it that I did not miss HIS PLAN.  He still had something for me to do, and something more to be accomplished with my violin.  I immediately stood up and told Valarie, “I’ll be right back.” I ran to my room, got only my violin and bow, and she and I headed for the plaza.

When we got to the street in front of the hotel, we were met by a sea of young people walking at least eight abreast coming FROM the Kotel. They were still singing and laughing in joyful celebration. The plaza is on the opposite side of the Old City from where we were, and Valarie and I were like two salmon swimming up-stream. I went ahead of her since she is much older and a very small-framed, frail woman. She was so much like my mother–same height and almost the same size, and even the same age that my mother was when she died three years earlier. As I walked and pushed my way through the oncoming wall-to-wall throng of teenagers and adults, I quickly saw that I had to hug my violin in order to protect it. At one point, I turned around and yelled to Valarie, “Is there going to be anybody left?” She reassured me in her reply as she called out, “Oh yes, there will be many still there.  The celebration isn’t over.”

We FINALLY made it down to the plaza and just as she had stated, there were still thousands of Jews dancing in celebration as the band played. I was SO EXCITED! From the moment that I witnessed what I did on the video camera, I KNEW that God was not through with me and my violin. I knew that if this band was playing in the plaza and if this mass of people were in such exuberant celebration, then I could play my violin freely without being asked to stop. And, because I play by ear, I could not wait to get to where I could hear the band and play along with them. The only question in my mind was how on earth I would be able to play my violin in such a sea of people. But I knew that somehow I could, or was at least willing to try.

(The photo below was taken by my UK friend, Roger Toye, just prior to my going to the Kotel.)


Jerusalem Day 2008-Nights final celebration in Kotel by Roger Toye UK

Again, I came up to the guarded entrance to the Kotel, only this time it was the upper entrance.  Again, I held up my violin and bow and the guard didn’t hesitate to let me through with it.  As soon as we got through the metal detectors and stepped into the plaza, I wondered how I would have room to play my violin in such a sea of people.   As we walked toward the women’s section (the section on the right of the wooden dividers in the center of the crowd in the picture above) I suddenly saw a large opening in the crowd.  I know this will sound melodramatic, but it was as if God had just parted the Red Sea for me!   It was exactly where God had shown me that I would be standing and playing in the Plaza–the same area I had played earlier–and in all of the thousands that filled the plaza, there was this hole in the crowd–a hole that would have held at least a dozen people.  I quickly got there and began to play along with the band. The music was so loud that I could barely hear myself.

After dark, the wind picks up and the temperature drops. It’s especially windy in the expanse of the Kotel. I still had on the same clothes from the day, and the jacket and extra clothes were definitely needed. As I played, the strong gusts swept my twelve colorful ribbons straight out and made them flow as if they were dancing in the wind.  THIS was exactly as I had seen in my visions before I went to Israel.  I noticed that Valarie had stopped several feet away and was dancing with some young Jewish girls.  She was having a glorious time. Suddenly I looked up and a group of about five young Jewish girls, still dressed in their school uniforms, rushed toward me. They looked to be about twelve or thirteen.  If they had not had big smiles of excitement on their faces I would have felt threatened. When they reached me, they began to push each other to jockey for position.  It was obvious they didn’t speak or understand English as they began to motion with their hands and the excitement in their faces that they wanted to play my violin. My first thought was NO!  How could I let these over-excited young girls take hold of my 200-year-old violin–a copy of a Stradivarius? Yet, I did not want to offend them at this, their celebration. Instantly, the Lord so calmly said, “Help them.” I instantly understood what He meant and what He wanted me to do.  I smiled and motioned for one to come and stand in front of me with her back to my body.   I wrapped my arms around her and let her take hold of the neck of the violin as she placed it under her chin. I continued to hold onto the neck of the violin as I handed her the bow and placed my hand on hers to help her stroke the strings. She was elated as I helped her play along with the band and caused her to sway with the music as she played. It didn’t matter that it was only screeching, for it couldn’t be heard above the band.  She was so excited, and all the other girls were giggling with glee as they watched her.  It was at that moment that I understood why God had me do this–why He made sure that Valarie was there waiting for me at the hotel when I came in, why he would not let her leave without me, and why he saw to it that Roger came in and showed me the footage. All I could think was, “Where’s Roger when I need him?!” What I would have given to have had THIS that was happening, on video, or at least in a photo. I was brought to tears when I saw what I was doing. This that was happening was truly a glorious thing that God was allowing me, a Gentile Christian, to do.  There I was, standing in the middle of the most sacred place in all of Israel, embracing this generation of Jews–literally holding these young orthodox Jewish girls in my arms and close to my bosom as if  they saw me as  one of them.  For you see, I WAS.  God says in His Word that when I became a Believer in Yeshua, I was grafted into the True Vine and was an Israelite indeed!  Jew and Gentile, Jew and Christian as ONE–embraced, worshiping, dancing, laughing–family.  How awesome it was, that God would see to it that these young Israelites would be playing this Christian’s instrument of worship on this most important day of Israel’s celebrations. We could not even communicate with one another, but what had transpired, transcended anything communication could have produced. I knew that something truly miraculous was taking place and it was all part of God’s plan. Again, I would not begin to understand the ramifications of all of this until after I returned home a few days later.  No one could hear the screeching she was making and it did not matter. What mattered was that she was having fun and what mattered most was that the WILL OF GOD was being accomplished.  Something very prophetic was happening at that moment in time–something I may never truly understand on this side of heaven. One by one, each girl took her turn. Suddenly I looked up and they all had stepped backward, several feet away from me. They were just standing there looking at me. I put the violin under my chin and began to swirl in circles as I played–the ribbons standing straight out and dancing in the wind. It was while I was doing all of this that I came to understand some significance of the ribbons and why God had me to dress as I did. The ribbons caught the eye of the girls and possibly the two Jewish men earlier in the day. My attire of long sleeves and a long skirt was very respectful and acceptable to the Jews at the Plaza, and that I had pants on under my skirt allowed me to stand on tall platforms and dance with my violin in the wind at the Kotel, and remain modest.

The music stopped and Valarie and I came back together. I noticed that she was dancing alone.  I asked her what happened to her friends and she replied, “One of them found out that I was a Christian and got ugly. She began shouting at me and telling me that I had no business there–that this was THEIR celebration–not mine.” I felt so bad for Valarie and it was obvious that it grieved her, but in her quite, gentle way, she said that it was okay–that she understood. Of all people to understand the orthodox Jews, it would be Valarie, for she has worked as a maid for a family of Orthodox Jews for years. With great humility and gentleness, she has won their hearts and their trust, and God is using her to minister the love of God to them even when they don’t realize it. As we stood there in the center of the plaza talking, a man announced from the microphone that the celebration was finished. Some were leaving and many were still milling about visiting as Valarie and I stood there talking in the middle of the plaza. We were not really nearby anyone else, but kind of out in that space to ourselves. I was listening intently to her telling me about how the girl had acted toward her when I felt someone bump into me. I really did not pay it any mind considering all the people and kids running around. Then what happened next that I actually witnessed DID cause me to take notice. As Valarie was talking to me, one of those young girls she had been with came running behind her and deliberately ran into her almost knocking her down. The girl continued running up the plaza and I watched as she turned around and paced back and forth as if she was about to make another run. She would not look toward us, but off in the distance so she did not see that I knew it was her. I realized then that the hit that I had received a couple of minutes earlier was not an accident. What really irritated me was that she hit the arm holding my violin and it could have knocked it to the stone floor of the plaza. Moreover, it made me angry that she physically assaulted a frail 75-year-old woman who had done nothing to her but good. Instantly I wondered what we should do. I assured Valarie that I would not allow the girl to hit her again. Here we were in the middle of a mass of Jews, being physically attacked by a rude teenager.  These kids are taught to feel this way toward Christians by their parents.  I knew that I could not retaliate or even complain, but I kept my eyes on that kid and knew that if she came running again that I would simply step between her and Valarie.  I did not want to leave the plaza because of this.  I didn’t want to feel that we were “run off”.  I didn’t feel that GOD wanted us to be run out of the plaza.  HE had taken us there.  He had provided a place for us and the freedom to worship there and HE had placed us with those Jewish girls.  I knew the enemy had just raised his ugly head against the work of God.  Just at the moment that I was about to ask Valarie if we should just leave, I looked up and to my amazement we were literally surrounded by the army of the LORD!  One of the dance troupes from the U.K. that we had become friends with over the past couple of weeks had suddenly appeared and the seven of them had us completely encircled. We didn’t see them walk up. They were just suddenly standing there, encircling us.  I looked back up toward where the girl had been standing and she was walking away. HALLELUJAH!!!  They just “happened” to see us standing there and came from across the plaza to visit with us. No, this was no coincidence.  GOD had sent them to us at the perfect time.  We stood there talking for several minutes laughing and sharing. God saw to it that the night did not end in oppression or defeat.  HE was in control of all that happened.  The nine of us walked together out of the plaza in complete victory and complete joy. We walked across the city back to Jaffa Gate and joined in the music that was taking place in the upper plaza outside the gate.  Some Orthodox Jews were playing and selling CD’s of Jewish music and the dance team made a circle and began dancing in worship together.  I was thrilled as others would walk up and hear the music and see the dancing and join in the circle of worship and dance.

I had no idea that God would use this little seventy-five year-old woman to see to it that I fulfilled all of what He had for me to do that day.  I did not know when I befriended her in the hotel dining hall and then allowed her to store her belongings temporarily in my room twice during the month–aiding her in her journey to and from Jerusalem–that this was all according to God’s sovereign plan.  We’ve always heard people quote the Scripture of entertaining angels unaware.  Well, I know that Valarie is a mere mortal as I, but she was a vessel sent by the Lord to aid me in fulfilling my destiny in Jerusalem.  I am so thankful for this dear little saint’s faithfulness to, and love of, the Lord.   I am thankful for her spiritual depth and wisdom she walks in.

I have shared all of this with you so that when I tell you the rest of the story you will understand the magnitude of all that happened that day.  When I returned home I was pondering on all that happened and asked, “Lord, what was all that about?  Why did you have me do what I did?”  “Why Zion’s Gate?”  “Why Jerusalem Day?” The Lord immediately answered, “Look it up.”  I knew He meant for me to research this on the internet, so I did.  And what I read blew me away. I sat there and wept when I saw what God had me doing that day and that night. Though I still do not have the full revelation of why, I understand in part, and what He revealed to me was staggering.

In my research, I have read that Jerusalem Day is more important to many Jews than their Day of Independence. It is called Jerusalem Day because it is the celebration of the Day that Jerusalem was reunified. In 1948 when Israel became a nation again–the fulfillment of the prophecy of a nation being born in a day–though the Jews took back Jerusalem, East Jerusalem remained under the control of the Jordanians.

                  Jewish families leaving the old city through Zion’s Gate. June 1948.         Photo by John Phillips

The Arabs had taken over the Jew’s homes in the Jewish Quarter and destroyed multiple synagogues.  They divided the city with wire and barricades to keep the Jews from having access to their most holy and ancient locations such as Mount Zion and the Temple Mount.  (I encourage you to visit this link http://www.think-israel.org/hadarisrael.jerusalemday.html  and view several pictures such as this, that were taken of the forced expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem and the sacking, looting and burning of the Old City by the Jordanian’s.)

On the 3rd day of the Six Day War in 1967, Israel’s military stormed ZION’S GATE. They fought hard and lost men, but they won the battle and took back control of East Jerusalem for  the first time in the 19 years since their nation had been restored in Jerusalem in 1948.  A generation of Jews had grown up and had never even seen the Western Wall.  It is told, that when Israel’s soldiers took back East Jerusalem, they had to ask an Arab man, “Where is the place that the Jews used to go and weep and pray?” He  then walked with  them from Zion’s Gate to the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.  These young Jewish soldiers stood there in tears as they were finally able, for the first time in their lives, to see, and be at the most holy place of their faith.

On June 7, 1967, IDF paratroopers advanced through the Old City toward the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, and for the first time in 2000 years, Jerusalem’s holiest sites were under Jewish control.  This storming and victory at Zion’s Gate and them going from there to the Western Wall was the same path that God had me travel and play on this, the 41st anniversary of this supernatural victory for Israel.  I knew when I read this that what God had me do there with my violin that day was indeed significant, and I believe, prophetic.  When I found the photo from 1948 of the Jews fleeing their homes through Zion’s Gate in a mass exodus, I understood even more the significance of my playing what I played, where I played.  Not only was it significant because of the victory of the Six Day War, but because it was the same path that the Jews took in fleeing the city in 1948.


  • If you have read this and can still think that it is okay with God that the United States has, and is still trying to force Israel to GIVE BACK all that GOD SUPERNATURALLY won for them during the Six Day War–THINK AGAIN!
  • If you think that God is pleased that the United States is pressuring Israel to relinquish COVENANT LAND given to them by GOD HIMSELF in order to have some pseudo peace agreement that will serve to only put a feather in the hat of the U.S. president that accomplishes this–THINK AGAIN!
  • If you think that God would: take a NOBODY such as me who didn’t even have a clue what I was doing, from half way around the world, give me visions of what I would be doing years before I did it, supernaturally provide me with the means and the way to not only go to Israel but also stay there for a month–just so I could be there ON JERUSALEM  DAY (which was 2 days before my date to leave), have me worshiping before God with my violin in the very gate where the IDF took back Jerusalem in the Six Day War, and then have me follow the same path that the IDF took on Jerusalem Day 1967 and go straight to the Western Wall and play there, and at both places see to it that Jewish men intervened and commanded me to play–God’s confirmation that I was to do this, then see to it that I get to the Western Wall during the closing celebrations, play my instrument and literally embrace the youth of this Jewish generation as they played my instrument with me–Jew and Gentile worshiping as one, if after all of this, you still think it’s okay with God that the U.S. is party to creating a Palestinian state on this COVENANT LAND, giving away the West Bank, the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem by splitting the city in two again–THINK AGAIN!!!!!

I truly believe that IF GOD ALLOWS IT, the day that the U.S. causes Jerusalem to be split in two is the day, if not soon after, that GOD HIMSELF will split the U.S. in two!

God reveals through His servants the prophets how He feels about Israel and those who come against HIS WILL for Israel. READ IT! God will not excuse our IGNORANCE.

(Emphasis mine)
Joel 3:1-2 (NASB)
1 “For behold, in those days and at that time, When I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have divided up My land.

Obadiah 1:15 (NASB)
15 “For the day of the Lord draws near on all the nations. As you have done, [TO ISRAEL] it will be done to you. Your dealings will return on your own head.

Zechariah 2:8 (NJB)
8 For Yahweh Sabaoth says this, since the Glory commissioned me, about the nations who plundered you, ‘Whoever touches you touches the apple of my eye.

Genesis 12:3 (NASB)
3 And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

Sadly, too many Americans–even American Christians–do not know the Word of God or have not connected the dots. They have not seen the handwriting on the wall, and each president has pushed us closer to destruction than the one before.  I knew that the Lord has been showing me this for years now, and this thing that he did with me in Jerusalem confirmed it.  Barack Hussein Obama has already in the first month of office, proven by his appointment of anti-Semites into key political positions detrimental to Israel’s security and sovereignty, that he could very well be the one who takes us over the edge and brings God’s ultimate judgment on this nation.  His speech to the Muslim world from Egypt not only revealed his bias toward Arab Muslims, but his proclamations against Israel will, in themselves, bring God’s judgment on our nation.

This story with all its detail is only a small part of a much larger story. Several other things such as this happened while I was in Israel–things God had me do–but it is not about me.  Some will wonder what the purpose was in God having me do such as this. They might say, “I just don’t get it.” All I know is this. God told me years ago that He had given me the spirit of Ezekiel. He showed me that I would operate in the same manner that Ezekiel did–and I have. If you read the book of Ezekiel you will see that God had Ezekiel do some really odd things that in the natural just did not make any sense. He said through the prophet Amos that He does nothing without first showing it to his servants the prophets. It does not matter to me why God chose to have me do this. Like I said, it’s not about me. It is about GOD and HIS WILL FOR HIS PEOPLE. I am just humbled that God would use me for his purpose in any way whatsoever. May we ALL be yielded to HIS WILL and PURPOSE that HE may be glorified in this earth.

If you read my other posts, you will see how God has already judged America repeatedly for touching HIS covenant land. If you do not understand such as this, I admonish you to get into the WORD and search the SCRIPTURES. It’s there. To our shame and detriment, very few churches in the U.S. teach anything about Israel. Israel is never even mentioned in its halls, its classes or its pulpits. Jesus specifically instructed that we are to “watch the fig tree” (Israel) in order to know of his return. He said that He could come as a thief-in-the-night to those who were caught up in the world and not watching. I’m afraid that is a majority of the church today. We who have access to God’s Word are without excuse. We cannot plead ignorance before God. God’s Word tells us that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. May Almighty God, in His righteous judgment of America, show mercy to those who love Him and who love Israel.

Other Relevant Revelations:

As I mentioned earlier, it was not until I returned home that I understood any of this. And, it was not until the Lord began to pull back the curtain that I saw other things that took place long before Jerusalem Day that truly amazed me. I stated in this article that I had only gone so far down that street and that I didn’t recall ever going through Zion’s Gate before. While looking up photos of Zion’s Gate on the Internet, I saw that God had me not only passing through this gate, but worshiping atop it before Jerusalem Day. Both of these occurrences were ordained of the Lord and significant to what I would do on Jerusalem Day. I believe it was all ordered of the Lord and for a purpose and preparation.

The Ramparts

My first time to pass through Zion’s Gate.


My first view of the ramparts. I felt as if I had just come home.


The stairwell descending from atop Zion’s Gate into the gate below.


Top of Zion’s Gate

In seeing several photos, I realized that I was on top of and traveled through this gate Tuesday, May 13th, my 5th day in Jerusalem. I had spent the morning in intercession for Israel atop David’s Tower–praying not only for Israel but for my own nation’s involvement with her. After this, I ascended the ramparts alone from the Citadel and spent a couple of hours walking and praying as a watchman on the wall. But, to my surprise and dismay, when I returned to the entrance I found the door closed and locked. It would not be until I returned home that I would realize that Zion’s Gate was the distance I had walked before turning around and heading back. I had not noticed a place to exit the ramparts, so I hurriedly made my way back down the ramparts looking for a place to descend. It was not until I made it back to this same location above Zion’s Gate that I finally saw people below that I could call out to for help. I leaned over the rail and yelled out to the people below but no one seemed to hear me. I kept yelling as loud as I could and finally, one of the men in the rear of the crowd looked up. I yelled and asked how to get down from the ramparts and he yelled back for me to come on down. It was then that I looked up and realized that this flat roof I was standing near was my way down. I walked upon the roof and saw the dark opening and descended through the dark stairwell that opened into the gate. There, waiting for me was a Jewish man. I thanked him for helping me and told him I had no idea how to get back to Jaffa Gate where the hotel was. He very graciously escorted me back to Jaffa Gate via the sidewalk just outside the city walls.


Jacob who helped me find my way off the ramparts through Zion’s Gate.

As we walked, I found that the reason he spoke such fluent English was because he was from California.  He had made Aliyah eight years earlier. But what I found most intriguing was his name. After spending all day in intercession for Israel, God saw to it that a Jew named JACOB, (named after the patriarch whom God changed his name to ISRAEL, and of whom was born twelve sons–the twelve tribes of Israel) would rescue me from the rampart and guide me safely back to my hotel.


U.K. Christian Dance Troupe in spiritual warfare atop Zion’s Gate.

My second time on Zion’s Gate.

Also, as I looked at these photos, I realized that not only had I come down through this Gate once, I had danced before the Lord in intercession of Israel on top of this gate eleven days later, on Saturday, May 24th. I know I’m going to sound really dense by sharing this, but sometimes the Lord won’t allow us to see the obvious until it is time to see it. Many times I’ve found in my prophetic walk with the Lord that the less I know about something, the more I can trust that what is taking place is of God and not preconceived by me. This again is one such time. I had earlier met a Christian dance troupe from the U.K. who invited me to join them in worship on the ramparts. I felt a bit out-of-place when I realized that the group of ladies was dressed in their beautiful, bright-colored dance outfits–for I was dressed in black. But again, this too was God. They had on the color of FIRE and I had on the color of RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT. When we reached this flat-topped roof, the ladies filed onto it and I followed. They began to read from prophetic Scriptures, prayed, and danced together in prophetic worship. They were in no hurry to leave. As they did this, I would dance and worship outside their choreographed circle. At one point, they laid a David’s Star tambourine with colorful streamers in the center of the roof and began to march around it, singing proclamations of victory for Israel.  (You can see the tambourine in the picture above)  When they stopped, the Lord instructed me to dance around it alone.  I began singing a Jewish song that He had given me years earlier, and as I danced, the ladies encircled me.  Without me even realizing that I was literally dancing atop Zion’s Gate, He had me singing from Psalm 24:

“Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory: The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory.”

Nine days later, He would have me enter this same gate–not even recognizing that I had walked through it when I came down from the ramparts or that I had danced on top of it before–and would cause a chain of events to take place so that I would fulfill HIS prophetic purpose. Not only had “I” done this, but these women from the U.K. had also fulfilled their destiny in this. It was no coincidence that representatives from the U.S. and the U.K. would be a part of this, for it has been the U.S. and the U.K. who have been most guilty of pressuring Israel to give back the land that was won during the Six Day War. It was the 24th day of the month, I was singing from Psalm 24, and 24 is the Biblical number that represents the Priesthood.  Here we were atop Zion’s Gate and the ramparts of the Old City of Jerusalem, ministering in spiritual warfare in the office of God’s prophetic priestesses.  This was Divine design!

This warfare  that God had me doing did not come without a price. That same evening, I would be verbally assaulted, yelled at, and judged as being spiritually inept, by a fellow Christian in my party.  This person did not have a clue, and God did not oblige me to explain.   This assault proved to be a time of great testing for me, for I was strongly tempted to pack my bags and leave.  I spent the night in great grief and wept through the night as I seriously contemplated flying home the next morning.  However, God gave me the grace to stay, and the ability to walk in love and “give grace” to the offender.  For if I had left, I would not have been there on Jerusalem Day nine days later (9 represents the fruit of the Spirit and Divine completeness from the Lord).  I would not have fulfilled what God had sent me there to do on that day.  I would not understand the magnitude of that spiritual warfare until I returned home and saw all of this, and it blew me away.  It was sobering, even frightening, to realize how close I came to aborting what God sent me to Israel to do.  I learned a lot through all of this, and was made stronger and wiser by the warfare.



Months and even years before May 2008, the Lord gave me dreams and multiple open visions of me being in Israel and doing specific things in specific places—places I had never even seen pictures of before.  He even told me that my first visit to Israel would last a month.  Considering I knew no one in Israel and knew no one who would go with me—much less that could stay a month—this all would seem in the natural, very improbable.   But the workings of God and the realm of faith is SUPERNATURAL, and nothing is impossible.  I saw the dreams, visions, and words of the Lord manifest before me while I was there, and I learned their purpose.  Of the many things that He fulfilled, I believe what transpired on Jerusalem Day 2008 is the most crucial for us to understand.  I hope you will take the time to read this in its entirety so that you can see in the details what all God did to insure that I accomplished His will.  Otherwise, here it is in a nutshell.

  • God had me play my violin inside Zion’s Gate.
  • Then He took me from Zion’s Gate, led me down the street straight to the Western Wall and had me play it there.
  • This all took place on Jerusalem Day 2008.
  • The significance is that during the Six Day War of 1967–a war won supernaturally by GOD–Israel’s military stormed Zion’s Gate and took back East Jerusalem that had been occupied and controlled by Jordan.  The Temple Mount and the Western Wall–Jerusalem’s holiest sites–were under  Jewish control for the first time in 2000 years.
  • They then had to ask an Arab where the place was that the Jews used to go weep and pray, and he took them straight to the Western Wall. It was the first time these men had ever even seen the Western Wall or the Temple Mount. They did not even know how to get there.
  • At both of these places I sought confirmation from the Lord that I was where He wanted me and that it was His will that I play my violin publicly–especially considering that musical instruments are not allowed to be played in the Western Wall plaza.  At both places the Lord had Jewish men command me to PLAY!
  • All of this took place on Jerusalem Day 2008–the day Israel celebrates the reunification of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War–and I had no knowledge of any of this.
  • If you think Almighty God is pleased that the U.S., the U.K., and other nations continue to pressure Israel to give back this Covenant Land to her enemies–this land and this city where God put His Name–THINK AGAIN!  Do not forget what God’s Word tells us concerning the nations who do this:

“I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.”  Joel 3:2

UPDATE 04.23.2010

God is so good and so kind.  He is so generous with confirmation to what He is doing and has done.  I was looking through past journals and documents to find some stories to add to the testimonies and the teaching pages, when the first document I opened was something I did not realize I had written.  As I was driving home from work, I was meditating on an upcoming ladies three-day conference I was to attend.  I was on a lengthy fast and it would end at the close of this conference.  I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do while the other ladies would be eating their meals and He gave me a vision of me playing my violin in worship before Him.  What followed in my journal was something I spoke prophetically that would come to pass ten years later–indeed, on Jerusalem Day 2008.

From my journal 09.14.1998

“…I will take it [my violin] to the coast and play before my Father, just as one day I will take it to the streets of Jerusalem and walk through the Holy City worshiping my Lord.”

To read the testimony of what happened when I played my violin before the Lord at that conference, read “Take My Music on the Wings of Your Wind”, located under TESTIMONIES–The Voice of the Bride.


You will find multiple blog posts on the home page and posts on the prophetic pages of my site confirming things that this current Obama administration is doing against Israel.  As I watch and listen to this administration, I now understand why God had me do what I did on Jerusalem Day 2008.  This took place just five months (5 represents grace) prior to our nation electing a man as the leader of our nation who has proven to be openly hostile toward Israel and sympathetic to Israel’s enemies–enemies whose greatest ambition and desire in life is to kill every Jew and take the land of Israel for themselves.  Yes, what I did and when I did it was ordered by the Lord.  God spoke through the prophet Amos and said,

Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing
without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.
The lion has roared– who will not fear?
The Sovereign LORD has spoken–
who can but prophesy?

Amos 3:7-8

Obama is not the first president to try to force Israel to give up God’s land to His enemies and split Jerusalem.  President Bush did much to harm Israel.  President Clinton caused Israel much grief in his attempt to force a peace treaty that would trade land for peace.  And before him, Bush Sr. set some groundwork for such concessions from Israel.  I was there at the close of the presidency of George W. Bush–the first president of the United States to call for a Two-State Solution (a recognized Muslim state within the state of Israel), the division of Jerusalem, and whose peace plan founded the “Quartet”, whereby the U.S., the U.N, the E.U and Russia would oversee the peace process and dictate to Israel what they must do.  Howbeit, 3 of the 4 nations (at the time) were not friends of Israel, and before the close of Bush’s terms in office, he proved himself likewise.

Five months after God had me doing what I did in Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day, America would elect a man who would manifest as the most hostile U.S. president toward the nation of Israel in the history of America.  The groundwork that prior presidents set regarding dividing God’s land among the enemies of His people would quickly be escalated by President Obama.  I know what I sensed as I walked out this prophetic day, and I know what the Lord showed me concerning it when I returned home.  I shudder as I watch and hear all that is being done by this current administration.  God have mercy on His faithful in America, for surely, His anger is kindled against this nation.  If our leaders continue on this path, our nation will continue to suffer greatly.  If Jerusalem is divided and given to Israel’s enemies because of U.S. intervention (or failure to intervene on behalf of Israel), I believe that the most horrific of the things the Lord has shown me prophetically will come upon this land.

The thing that is so troubling to me is that so many of God’s people are not the least bit concerned with what is happening to Israel.  But, most troubling of all is that many who profess to be Christians are anti-Semitic and sympathetic to those who desire to destroy Israel.  For those who think that God will not punish America for what we have and are doing to Israel, you are either willfully ignorant to God’s Word or totally deceived.  It DOES MATTER TO GOD where you stand concerning His people and His Covenant Land.  This is not political, it is SCRIPTURAL.

Acknowledgment: A special thank you to my beloved sister in the Lord and precious friend, Patsy Shoemaker, for supplying the photos of Zion’s Gate.  After hearing my testimony, Patsy and her husband visited Israel.  While touring the Old City, she recognized that this was where I played, and took photos of it–photos that I am so grateful to have.

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