06.13.2007 Terrorists in Rural America

Double dream of nukes detonated in small-town America


At 4AM I awoke from a double troubling dream.

1st Dream: I dreamed that I was in a room in a large building. There were two or three other people with me, but I did not know them. Terrorists had strapped nuclear bombs on innocent women.  We knew that they were going off soon and could do nothing to help the women.  We took anything and everything around us to build a barricade that would protect us from the blast and some of the fallout. There was a thing that held folding chairs and we took them and circled the chairs and got in the middle of them and put something over us for there was no time to escape the area.

2nd Part: I was in Taylorsville Mississippi–a very small country town in South Mississippi with only a few stores. It was like I knew that there was going to be a nuclear blast directly in the town.

Both these blasts were planted inside–nuclear attack from within our borders.


We have been warned by those in Homeland Security and other specialists in this field that it is not if, but when, we will be attacked with either a nuclear or dirty bomb within our borders.  They have also confirmed recently that we are very vulnerable to be  attacked in what is considered “soft targets”–places other than metropolitan areas–areas that are less guarded and easier for terrorists to infiltrate.

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