06.29.2007 What I Show You Will Not Be Thwarted

I asked God why He didn’t show me multiple foiled terror attacks.

I was stunned by His answer.


Word of the Lord:  God answers why He didn’t show me the thwarted London car bombs.

On this day, June 29, 2007, I watched and listened to the news coming out of London off and on all day.  Two car bombings inside the city had been thwarted–I believe miraculously.  How else would London’s officials find both of these vehicles before they exploded?

That evening I watched as the news recapped the entire account of what had happened that day.  As I watched I suddenly wondered and asked the Lord curiously, “Why didn’t you show this to me?”  Now you must understand.  When I say that I ask the Lord a question, it is not that I am “questioning” God, for I do not.  I do not “question” His motive or justice.  I simply ask Him questions for clarity–for information in order to gain wisdom and understanding.  True worshipers do not “question” God.  But those who truly worship and seek God, do ask and expect God to answer when they ask out of sincerity and in faith.  And I truly expected Him to answer as I was very accustomed to Him doing.  But, I wasn’t expecting His answer to be what it was when He immediately replied,

“What I show you will happen.
It will not be thwarted.  It will come to pass.”

Suddenly, it was as if all the air was sucked out of the room.  I stood there breathless for a few seconds, stunned by what He had just revealed to me for all I could think of was the dreams and visions He has given me that have NOT YET been fulfilled, and they are some of the worst concerning the U.S.  When I got my breath back, His answer also gave revelation to something that had troubled me for so long.  For the first time in all these years of Him showing me things that would come, I finally understood how to pray.  I said, “Then all I can do is cry out for mercy.”   I immediately thought of when King David disobeyed God and numbered his army.  When the prophet gave David God’s ultimatum, even in His righteous judgment God showed great mercy by giving David three choices of how that judgment would be fulfilled.  David chose to trust the mercy of God and God did indeed show mercy to Israel when He saw David and all of Israel repenting for their sin.  As you read some of the dreams and visions concerning our nation that haven’t been fulfilled, pray.  For truly God is a God of great mercy and does not give us the judgment we so deserve.

When the Lord would give me these dreams and visions and words of lamentations and woe concerning the nations, I would try to pray, but could never get peace.  It was only for these things that my prayers seemed futile.  God has shown me many things concerning me or my family or other individuals and He has shown me how to pray and I’ve seen the hand of God supernaturally protect those I love even in the midst of the event I was shown.  But concerning the nations, though I would diligently ask the Lord what I was to do with what He had shown me, it was only at these times that He was silent.  I kept asking if it was just me–if I was somehow at fault.  And when the dream or vision would be fulfilled I would seek even more to understand.  But this day, at a time when what had happened had nothing to do with me, at a time of relief that the attacks were thwarted and no one was maimed or killed, and at a time of an increase of dreams and visions from the Lord, the Spirit of the Lord had me ask simply out of curiosity why He didn’t show this one to me.  He chose this particular time to give me revelation and understanding, and for that I am so grateful.  This revelation has given me peace and a sense that I CAN do something about it–that I CAN ask God that He show mercy in His righteous judgment.

To this day (October 1, 2009) God has not shown me anything that has been thwarted, and more than half of the revelations He has given me have come to pass.  With this said, I admonish you to PRAY.  Pray for yourself.  Pray for your nation and its leaders.  Pray for the Church to wake up!   Pray for the Body of Christ to CLEAN UP!  Jesus is coming, and as He told me the morning before 9/11, His coming is much sooner than anyone realizes.  He is coming for a spotless bride, a bride who is not in bed with the world, a bride who has trimmed her lamp and is watching for her Bridegroom with great anticipation.  How will His appearing find you?  Are you prepared for what could happen BEFORE you leave this earth?  While sitting there praying and watching the smoke billowing out of the twin towers after the 2nd plane flew into it, the Lord spoke to me and said, “It’s not over.” (in reference to the events of that day) and, “This is just the beginning.”  (in reference to what was to come in the future.)  We do not know what we will live to witness and experience before the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.

“The Spirit and the Bride say COME!”
May the Spotless Lamb of God come and take His rightful place as KING of kings and LORD of lords!

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