07.22.2015 “ATTACK!” “This Saturday”

FULFILLED 07.25.2015

Palestinians on Temple Mount in Jerusalem attack Jewish worshipers at Western Wall on 9th of Av.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015, 5:33 a.m.

I was dreaming something insignificant when, in the midst of it, I suddenly heard a loud voice yell “ATTACK!” and then I heard a voice calmly say, “This Saturday”. The instant I heard this, while still asleep, I knew that today was Wednesday. My eyes popped open and I could not even remember what I had been dreaming–only that it had nothing to do with what I had just heard. My first thought was that it would be an attack on America.

Saturday is July 25, 2015–three days from the revelation.

I researched Saturday’s date to try to gain understanding of anything that may have taken place in the past that would have any connection to such an event.  I also searched for things that are to take place currently on this date.  In doing so, I found that President Obama will not be in the country this Saturday, July 25th.  He will be in his father’s “homeland” of Kenya on Saturday and Sunday, July 25-26 to co-host the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).  This raised a red flag in my mind concerning an attack within our homeland while he is out of country.

It also is a concern considering that Kenya has been a “hot-bed” for terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorist group Al-Shabaab, who only days after Obama informed the Kenyan president that he would be co-hosting the GES in July, Al-Shabaab militants attacked a local Kenyan university, separated the Christians from the Muslims, slaughtering 147 Christian students and security personnel on April 2nd of this year.  Some believe that Al-Shabaab would not attempt an assassination on the U.S. president or a high-profile figure, but instead, attack a soft target while Obama is in Kenya.

Something else that I noticed.  Israel’s 9th of AV, a date connected to multiple tragic events throughout the centuries of the nation’s history, falls this year on Saturday, July 25th.

UPDATE: Confirmation 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Because the LORD has never given me a “date” of a when a prophetic event is to happen, I had great trepidation in sharing that part of what I heard.  However, I knew I needed to be faithful in all that the LORD revealed to me.  I prayed for confirmation, for His Word tells us that we are to let everything be established out of the mouth of two or more witnesses.  He is FAITHFUL.  I stepped out in faith and posted what I was told–including the date–and the next morning He gave me confirmation through a sister in the LORD.

A prophetess that I highly respect, Penny Castro, (who posts her prophecies/revelations via NotzrimWoman on YouTube) shared a vision the Lord gave her this morning while in prayer and gave me permission to share it with you.

In the vision, Penny saw a female newswoman in the TV studio.  She had her face in her hands.  When she looked up at the camera, her massacre was running down her face from her crying and she announced that she had just received some very bad news.  Then she sadly stated, “And tomorrow is Saturday.”

UPDATE: Fulfillment

Sunday, July 26, 2015

When I woke Wednesday morning from hearing “ATTACK!” and “This Saturday”, I immediately thought of an attack on America. The LORD warned that there was an attack coming and when.  However, He chose to not say WHERE.  Because I have sensed for so long that something big and very bad was coming to America, my mind immediately went there.  When Sunday came and nothing had happened on Saturday in America, I didn’t understand.  Later in the day however, I found out that Palestinian Arabs had attacked a procession of about 1,000 Jews who were walking around the Old City of Jerusalem Saturday night to commemorate the 9th of Av.  I now know that THIS is that “ATTACK” for Saturday that I had been shown. The LORD had not told me where, and I totally missed it when I posted that I felt that the attack would be on America.

The Jewish “day” begins at sundown, therefore, the 9th of AV would begin at sundown on Saturday July 25th and end at sundown Sunday evening July 26th.  I saw a strong significance in that Saturday began Tisha B’Av–a day in Jewish history that became synonymous with tragedy for Israel.  Both temples were destroyed on this day as well as many other attacks against the nation of Israel and the Jewish people throughout centuries.  Hearing of an attack that is to happen on the 9th of AV should have been significant enough for me to see it, but I failed to.

Arabs Attack 9th of Av Procession,
Police Injured as
Larger Attack Foiled on Temple Mount 

 Just after midnight on Saturday night (Tisha B’Av), Arabs on the Temple Mount, from inside the Al Aqsa Mosque, attacked a large group of Jews who were walking around the Old City in commemoration of Tisha B’Av.

The walk was organized by Nadia Matar, Yehudit Katsover and the Women in Green, and is held every year in remembrance of the destruction of the Jewish People’s two Temples in Jerusalem, which happened on the Hebrew date of the 9th of Av.

It’s estimates that a thousand people participated in the procession.

Towards the end of the walk, as the tail end of the group passed by the southern wall, below the Dung Gate, Arabs who were inside Al Aqsa mosque fired some fireworks, and then began throwing rocks down at the Jews walking on the main road, including at the editor of JewishPress.com, who watched as the rocks flew by.

As a result of the Saturday night attack, police realized that there was terrorist activity being organized inside Al Aqsa Mosque.

Early Sunday morning, police spotted 30 masked Arabs men inside the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli police enter Al Aqsa Mosque

Israeli police enter Al Aqsa Mosque Photo Credit: Israel Police /Tazpit News Agency

Terrorists caught on camera before the attack.

Terrorists caught on camera before the attack began. Israel Police / Tazpit News Agency

As the police approached, the Arabs attacked them with fireworks, rocks and cement blocks, and sprayed police with an unknown liquid. The Arabs were also preparing firebombs to throw.

Injured police officer

Four policemen were injured in the attack. Two were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital. Two were treated on site.

At present time, the police managed to lock the Arab terrorists inside the Mosque, where they can’t attack anyone.

The Arabs were apparently planning to attack Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount with the firebombs, fireworks and cement blocks, and if they had succeeded, far more people would have been injured.


Though we know that more is coming to America, I truly believe that this attack in Israel is what I was being shown.  I looked at several news sources this morning to see if anything happened in America overnight. There was nothing, and there was nothing on this attack in Jerusalem either.  It was not until mid afternoon Sunday that I saw this headline in my email from WND (World Net Daily).

It’s on!
Arabs attack Jews on Temple Mount.

I then searched for Israeli news sources and found others like the one I posted above.

 Even in this one news article, the word “attack” and “attacked” is used repeatedly.  I truly feel that this attack in Jerusalem is what I was being warned about.  God’s Word tells us that prophets see in part and prophesy in part.  (1 Corinthians 13:9 “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.”) We never see the whole picture.

I praise Yahovah that the Israeli police were able to get control and stop a much larger attack from happening.  Please remember to pray for these injured police, and as God’s Word instructs us–pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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