07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium



And the horror I witnessed as something devastating happened.

Night Vision of July 19, 2007

I had just woke up, but didn’t get up immediately.  I lay there for a minute and closed my eyes again as I began talking to the Lord–telling Him good morning as I usually do.  As soon as I told him good morning, I immediately had the following vision.  It was not a dream, for I was not asleep, and it only lasted a few seconds.


I was standing in what looked like the interior entrance to the upper seats of a very large football stadium.  It was  a long, dark tunnel, several feet wide.  This tunnel was dark in contrast to the bright light at the end where it opened up into the stands.  I was standing midway and in the center of this entrance and saw the back of two very tall men with broad shoulders wearing black, floor-length trench coats. A black hat or hood covered their heads.  They were standing side by side, facing the field, in the middle of this tunnel right where it opens into the stands and in the edge of the light.  I was standing in the middle of the darkened tunnel about ten feet behind them.  There was no one in the tunnel besides me and these two angels.

Suddenly, the people from the stands, with terror in their eyes and on their faces, were stampeding on both sides of these two men, running toward me as they were frantically trying to get out of the stadium.  Even though I saw this, and could see that they were screaming, I heard no sound. Just as these people began running past these men, in one motion, the men pivoted inward toward each other and around and looked back straight at me. They were identical as if identical twins. The man on my left and I looked straight into one another’s eyes.  I then could see that he had no eyes–only deep sockets where his eyes were supposed to be.  I knew that he knew who I was, and I knew within me that these were death angels–angels of destruction.  I felt no fear for myself for I felt no personal threat from them, but I knew that whatever had just happened was caused by them.  It was as if they knew I was there to witness this. I felt sad for the horror and devastation that was happening to the people in the stands. The vision ended before the stampeding crowd reached me.

All this that I saw and have explained only lasted a few seconds.  I immediately opened my eyes.  I sensed strongly that the Lord had let me see something that was coming. I sensed that what I was seeing was in the U.S. and that either some explosion or devastating disaster of some sort happened in a large football stadium filled with people.



What happened next:

The next morning, July 20, 2007

California has a 4.2 earthquake near San Francisco.  A 4.2 is considered minor to Californians, but was strong enough to wake people up around 4AM and knock things from their walls and shelves.  When I checked to see which fault this earthquake was associated with, I found it was the Hayward Fault that runs almost the entire length of California several miles inland off the Pacific coastline.  This photograph from Google Earth is showing this fault going right through the middle of the football field from goal post to goal post at Memorial Stadium at Berkley.  http://earthquake.usgs.gov/regional/nca/haywardfault/

I had not even considered a connection of this earthquake and my stadium dream until I saw this photo.  When I saw it, it made me sick to my stomach, for I felt  that this was what God had shown me the morning before.  I felt then that it was not a bomb that caused the people in the stadium to flee in horror, it was an earthquake.  In my continued research concerning the Hayward Fault and this stadium I found so many things that confirmed what I had seen both in my vision and in the connection to the earthquake of the next day.  I felt sure that this confirmation and revelation concerning my vision was from the Lord.

Memorial Stadium was modeled after the Coliseum in Rome–a place where countless Christians were brutally tortured and killed–who were fed to lions as entertainment.  I do not consider it a coincidence that the Coliseum in Rome was brought to ruin by a great earthquake in 1349.

The following is an article I read concerning the danger of this little known Hayward Fault.

from California Geology, July 1986, Vol. 39, No. 7.



A major earthquake within the densely populated San Francisco Bay area, such as the event postulated in this planning scenario or an equivalent event in the urban Los Angeles area, would constitute one of the most devastating natural disasters that could conceivably strike this nation. The damage caused by such an event could well exceed that of a larger earthquake (a magnitude of 8.0) in lesser populated regions along the San Andreas Fault.

So as you can see from this article, a strong earthquake on the Hayward Fault could not only bring great destruction in the area due to the density of the population along the fault line, but considering what I saw in my vision–that this would happen at the time of a ballgame in Memorial Stadium–multiple thousands could be in danger in this one location.  It is stated that on more than one occasion, this stadium has been packed with more than 80,000 fans.

As I researched, I recalled reading a dream that three men in Romania had the same night about a devastating earthquake in the San Francisco area.   A prophet named Michael Boldea and two other men he knew all had the same dream on the same night. This dream of  Feb. 3, 2006 of a great earthquake that would be so devastating that it would transform the geography of America was given these men just over 2 years after the Lord gave me a dream Nov. 25, 2003 of a great earthquake splitting America into.  And now, July 19, 2007, a year later (4 years after my earthquake dream), God gives me a vision that is confirmed the following day to be a great earthquake in this same area.  This is 3 confirmations that I personally know of.  I encourage you to read this other earthquake dream in its entirety at: http://www.handofhelp.com/vision_54.php , and also read my earthquake dream as well at https://janmeador.wordpress.com/prophetic-2/11252003-volcano-massive-earthquake-split-the-us-into/.

I pray that the born again believers in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God in this nation, especially those in the area that these dreams and visions speak of, will repent and intercede for themselves, their families, their neighbors and for this entire nation.  I pray that those who are not believers will receive this testimony as a warning to repent and believe in Jesus, the Son of God and receive Him as Lord and Savior of their lives.  I pray that God will, in His righteous judgment of our nation, show mercy.

Some, even Christians, will read this and balk at the thought of God bringing such judgment to this nation.  But do not be deceived.  God is not mocked. (Gal. 6:7) And God’s Word says that judgment BEGINS at the house of God. (1 Peter 4:17) Christians cannot blame unbelievers for the judgment that has come and will continue to come upon our nation.  God also said that if HIS people would pray and turn from their wicked ways and seek His face that He would heal the land.  (2 Ch. 7:14) Much greater judgment than this nation has ever experienced is coming because of the sin and idolatry of God’s own people.   The greed of this nation has caused its leaders, even professing Christian leaders, to come against God by coming against Israel.  And for this, greater judgment will come.  (Gen. 12:3) I have believed for several years that the day the U.S. pressures Israel to give away more covenant land to her enemies and allow Jerusalem to be split, is the day, or shortly thereafter, that God will split this nation into–not only geographically but also from within. I believe that because America will not willingly fall on her knees in repentance, that the Lord is going to bring such devastating judgment upon her that she will be brought down to her knees.  Only then will this nation experience true revival–a purging by fire that will purify the Bride of Christ from her filth and will bring repentance across this nation.

After finding out what I did concerning Memorial Stadium at Berkeley, I searched repeatedly for what I saw–the long dark entrance that I was standing in.  I searched for the entrances in Memorial Stadium, and even just any stadium that might look like the vision, but to no avail.  I tried to draw it, but have no skills in depth perception.  I even tried to Photoshop a picture but it just didn’t produce the results I wanted.  A few months ago, the Lord put it back on my mind and told me to search the net again.  I thought, “Lord, I’ve exhausted this.  I can’t even think of a phrase that I haven’t already tried to search.  But yes, at your command I will look again.”  And I did.  I don’t recall exactly what I typed in for the search, but it had to do with Memorial Stadium at Berkeley’s interior entrance, and there it was.  There before me was the very same thing that I saw in my vision (minus the people flowing through).  There was the long dark tunnel with the light at the end.  I was beside myself.

Memorial Stadium north tunnel 2009 Cal Fan Appreciation Day Photo by Broken Sphere/Wikimedia Commons

Of the hundreds of photos I saw of entrances to stadiums, none looked like this one–none looked like what I saw in my vision–until this one at Berkeley’s Memorial Stadium.  You know, I do not know for certain that this is where the fulfillment of my vision will take place.  God didn’t “speak” this to me, but I find it more than a mere coincidence that I saw what I did the day after the vision.  Finding this photo is also very confirming of what I saw.

May the Lord show great mercy in the midst of His righteous judgment of our nation.  May the people of this nation see the hand of Almighty God and repent.  May they turn their faces toward Him and not their backs.

UPDATE: 12.14.2007 (5 months after the vision)

California’s Hayward Fault Revealed: Most Dangerous Urban Fault In America?

Dec. 14, 2007 Science Daily

Please go to this link and read the full article.  Here are excerpts.

As the 140th Anniversary of the last big earthquake on the Hayward Fault approaches, new U.S. Geological Survey studies provide mounting evidence that the San Francisco Bay Area should get ready for another big quake soon.

The Hayward Fault has ruptured about every 140 years for its previous five large earthquakes. October 21, 2008, marks the 140th Anniversary of the 1868 approximate Magnitude 7 earthquake. Two and half million people now live along the Hayward Fault and seven million people in the region would feel a repeat event of the same magnitude.

The average interval between the 10 earthquakes before 1868 is 170 years, with the last five earthquakes having an average interval of only 140 years.  The population at risk from a large Hayward fault earthquake is now 100 times greater than in 1868 …

UPDATE: 10.15.2013
Two earthquakes near Berkeley 

There was a 3.1 quake centered at Tilden Regional Park near Berkeley on October 7 and another set of quakes in the same area on 10.15.2013.  A 3.2 followed by several after shocks, then was followed by another 2.6 quake.  These may seem minor, but considering the most dangerous Hayward fault is overdue for a much more powerful rupture, it is worth paying attention to.  Could these be warnings of what is soon to come?

The thought that this could be the precursor to a much stronger quake in the Berkeley area caused me to be curious of the football schedule at Memorial Stadium where the fault runs from goalpost to goalpost.  And sure, with this quake activity on the Hayward in the Berkeley area, it concerns me that there is a home game this weekend, October 19, another on November 2nd and another on November 9th.  Do I predict this is when this vision will be fulfilled?  NO.  I learned that even when everything is pointing to the probability such as it did on 9/11/2010, I cannot warn of such unless the Lord specifically says it.  I’m just being aware of all that is taking place and watching the signs in order to pray.  I pray that all is safe throughout the year, and I pray that God remembers mercy when this vision finds fulfillment.

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