07.27.2006 Massive Death of Americans~Dead & Desecrated Bald Eagle

Dual Dream

Dead Americans stacked high on a flatbed trailer

A dead bald eagle hung disgracefully


At 4AM I awoke from a disturbing dream.

I was outside in our yard with my husband.  There in the yard was a long flatbed trailer–the kind you see as an 18-wheeler.   Stacked high and packed tightly row after row on the trailer were the dead bodies of fully clothed American men and women.   I did not see their faces, but could see that they were head to heel and shoulder to shoulder.  It appeared that they had all died suddenly from something catastrophic and had not been dead long for their bodies had not begun to decompose.  I had no idea what had killed them but whatever it was, it was something that had affected a large number of people at once.

The scene changed.  Several yards from the trailer was a small tool shed.  I opened the door and stepped inside.  It was old and dirty and cluttered with tools etc. on the tables and hanging on the walls. I looked up, and there, hanging from the wall above a work table, was a dead bald eagle.  It had been killed and was suspended from the wall by fishing line tied around its wings.  Instead of being stuffed and mounted by a taxidermist, someone had just run fishing line through its wings and had it hanging there disgracefully like a limp puppet with strings with its head hanging down.  I stood there thinking that whoever had done this had not only committed a crime in killing our national bird, but had deliberately hung it in a most disrespectful manner.  And, because it was hanging in a tool shed in America, I sensed that the attack that I had just seen the bodies from, came from within the nation itself.


When I woke up, I realized that my seeing the dead Americans and then the dead bald eagle which represented my country, were connected.  Seeing the dead Americans represented an attack on this nations citizens.  But even worse, seeing the dead eagle and the degrading manner in which it was hung,  represented an attack that brought defeat, death and shame to America.  Seeing the dead bald eagle and it hung this way caused me to feel that the nation had been taken over by others.  It was a sickening feeling.  I remembered seeing a photo of the Holocaust similar to this of the flatbed trailer.  It was a trailer stacked high with emaciated  Jewish corpses being hauled off to bury in a mass grave or burn in the ovens.

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