09.23 & 24.2010 The Tail of an Airplane–Visions

Just before I woke up on September 23, 2010 I was shown a vision.  I was dreaming something and suddenly it went from a meaningless dream to a snapshot type vision.  I suddenly saw just the tail of what looked to be a commercial airline.  On the white tail was a wide red stripe and a wide black stripe in a specific pattern where the red and black lines connected or intersected one another at the bottom of the tail.  The black strip was horizontal near the bottom of the tail at an angle  to the  back of the tail, and the red stripe was vertical  at an angle and coming up from the rear of the plane.  What I saw was very close up of that intersecting (as shown in this photo), and I saw only a portion of the stripes.  The vision disappeared quickly and I was left feeling that I had not seen everything I needed to see in the markings for I did not see the ends of the stripes, nor did I see the top portion of the tail.  I immediately sensed that these colors represented an Arab country and that I was being shown this as a prophetic warning of  either a  terrorist attack on a commercial airline or another 9/11 type attack where a commercial liner is used as a weapon. I felt that the stripes and their colors represented the country that would perpetrate the attack and/or the country or airline attacked.

I looked on the internet for the colors of the Arab nations.  The only one that had only red and black on white was YEMEN.  I could not help but notice that the order of the colors from top to bottom is the same.  Yemen is known for training and dispersing Islamic terrorists that have attacked many nations. Almost ten years ago to the day, on October 12, 2000, the USS Cole, a U.S. Navy destroyer making a routine fuel stop in the port of Aden, was bombed by a small craft filled with explosives.  Seventeen U.S. sailors were killed and thirty-nine were injured.   By 2010, Yemen was labeled the new Afghanistan due to it becoming a breeding ground for Al-Qaeda, jihadists, and other Islamic terrorists.  In January of this year, world leaders held a summit in Britain to discuss how to counter the radicalization of Yemen after  a 23-year-old Nigerian who failed in his attempt to blow up a US-bound jet on Christmas day 2009 told investigators that he was trained by Al-Qaeda in Yemen.  After reading this and knowing what I sensed after seeing the vision, I wondered if the Lord was revealing that there would be another attack on an airline by a Yemen produced terrorist–which would not fail this time.

Some other Arab nations have red, white and black stripes, but they also incorporate a green stripe, or lettering in green or other insignia such as green stars.  I looked at as many air force and airline airplane tails I could find.  I was intrigued when I saw the tail of the Emirates Airline, for it was  very  close to what I saw in my vision.  The only difference was the green stripe near the top of the tail that trailed off of the red stripe. The UAE is not considered a threat to other nations and has a good relationship with the U.S. in trade and cooperation with our military in our dealings with Iraq, Pakistan and Iran.   Because I felt in my vision that I was missing something–that I did not see the top portion of the tail and did not see the ends of the stripes–I could not totally dismiss the Emirates airline. I prayed and asked the Lord to give me clarity.

I awoke the next morning, September 24, from a dream that I felt I should remember, but by the time I got to my computer it slipped from my mind like sand through my fingers.  No matter how I tried, I couldn’t remember what I had dreamed.  I never dream the same dream twice, and I did something I don’t normally do.  I asked the Lord that if this was from Him that He would let me go back to sleep and see it again with clarity and understand what it means.  I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes, quickly fell asleep, and began to dream.  Several minutes later I awoke from another dream that I couldn’t remember, but what I did remember was something that I had never had happen before.  Before I awoke, I had again seen the tail of the airplane.  But this time, I saw all of the tail, and along with the red and black stripe was a green stripe.  I  did not realize it until I woke, but I was seeing the tail of the Emirates airline.  When I prayed and went back to sleep wanting the Lord to let me see what I couldn’t remember, I was not even thinking of the vision from the morning before of the airplane tail, I was only thinking of the vague dream from a few minutes before.  But,  I couldn’t help but wonder if I saw this simply because I had seen the planes tail the day before in my researching.  However,  I had never had the same vision twice.  I had asked the Lord both mornings to show me what I was supposed to see–and I believe He did.

If you’ll notice, the bottom portion of the planes tail that I saw  on the 23rd looked just like the bottom half of the Emirates airliner.  Then, the next day, I saw the full tail.

Because the U.A.E is not a known terrorist threat, I felt that this Emirates airline was the possible target.  I would assume that the radical jihadists and Al-Qaeda are certainly not pleased with the friendly relations the U.A.E has with the U.S. and its aiding in the war on terror.  I wondered if I possibly saw both visions, the first with only the colors of Yemen (the possible terrorists) and the second of the identical tail of the Emirates airliner (the possible target).  As I continued to research, I found that the leadership of both Yemen and the U.A.E consider the people from their countries as “brothers” and have good relations.  They also both claim to be against the Al-Qaeda network and are part of the war on terror.  Nevertheless, Al-Qaeda does have a stronghold in Yemen, just as it does in Pakistan, regardless of the declared policies of the Yemeni government.

Please know that all that I’ve just shared is speculation based on what I saw and my research and what I felt in my spirit that the Lord was showing me.  Without the Lord revealing it clearly, I do not know for certain who the stripes represent and why on the tail of a plane.  I just know that He has given me glimpses of such in the past in which the fulfillment has proven fatal for many. I am sharing this as a witness to any future event that would line up with this vision.

UPDATE 10.29.10

This vision from just over one month ago definitely came to mind as I watched the ongoing breaking news coverage regarding suspicious packages originating from Yemen aboard UPS cargo planes.  The U.S. was notified when a suspicious package was delivered to Dubai (part of the U.A.E–United Arab Emirates) and England.  This set off intense searches by homeland security for not only UPS but also FedEx cargo planes.  It was not until I heard them say that the packages were shipped from Yemen and that one had been found in Dubai that my visions from last month came to mind.  Yemen and the U.A.E are the two countries in my visions that the colors on the tail on the plane represented.

The tracking of suspicious packages spanned at least six states and four countries.  It was reported that Homeland Security had earlier theorized that this was an apparent terrorist probe–a possible dry-run, but by days end, it was confirmed that the two suspicious packages that were found aboard planes in Dubai and the U.K. were  both bound for Jewish synagogues in the United States, contained a massive amount of explosive material, and had the terror plot not been thwarted their detonation would have been devastating.

What still concerns me greatly is that as I watched multiple car bombs being found and the attacks thwarted in London on June 29, 2007, and I asked the Lord why He didn’t show this to me in advance, He told me that what He shows me will come to pass and will not be thwarted.   Because of this that the Lord spoke to me,  though this that happened today involved airplanes and involved both countries that the colors on the tail of the plane in my vision represented–Yemen and the U.A.E, I do not know that this is the fulfillment of the visions.

As I am sitting here writing this at 2 p.m. CST, breaking news was announced that U.S. military fighter jets are escorting a passenger jet, Emirates flight 201 en route to JFK airport, NYC.  I could only hope and pray that they would land safely.

It was announced that this Emirates passenger plane contains a package from Yemen, and due to the other threats, extreme caution is being taken.   It is quite surreal to sit here and watch the Emirates flight landing at JFK and seeing it’s tail–the tail that I saw in my visions.  I’m so thankful that our prayers were answered and the passengers have disembarked the plane safely. Praise God for His great mercy!  I pray that nothing more comes of this, and can only hope that the visions have found fulfillment today.

One other tidbit of information I found interesting that was told concerning this particular flight 201 from the Emirates airline.  This was the same flight that the “Times Square Bomber”  attempted to use to flee the U.S. after his failed attempt to detonate a car bomb in the heart of New York City on May 1, 2010.

UPDATE 11.01.10

Confirmation of Visions of 09/23 & 24 and 10/09/2010

U.S. Intelligence Admits ‘Dry Run’
Parcel Bomb Discovered in September

I find it very confirming that the “dry-run” for this terrorist plot was carried out in mid September, considering that the Lord gave me these two visions of this September 23 & 24.  The government has decided that the plot was to detonate the bombs while still in the planes over Chicago.  They saw that the “dry-run” let the terrorists who were tracking the packages know where they would be in transit in order to detonate, or set the timing of the detonation of the bombs, at their choosing.

Read article and watch video of ABC news report.

There was another “dry run” discovered that would have involved Washington Dulles airport on September 1st. Here is that report from a Canadian news source.  I don’t know about you, but as one who pretty much stays on top of the news, I did not see or hear one word about this until now, and only through a link from the current report.

As I was adding this last update to my site, the Lord had me notice the vision He gave me on October 9, two weeks after these twin visions.  He had me revisit 9/11 when the planes hit the towers and the towers fell.  I had already considered that these were all connected, and now realize that they were.  If the bombs had been detonated while in the planes and while over Chicago, it would indeed have been akin to 9/11–Islamic terrorists using planes as WMD’S.

All said and done, I still have great concern about all that has happened–or should I say has NOT happened–for I cannot forget that the Lord told me in ’07 that what He shows me will not be thwarted–that it WILL come to pass.  Are we only seeing the tip of the ice burg?

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