09.01.2003 Troublesome Times

Word of the Lord:

09.01.2003 Woke hearing “Troublesome Times”


09.01.2004  (1 year to the day) Russia’s 9/11 — Beslan, Russia school massacre
09.02.2004  (1 year later) U.S. Hurricane Ivan is born
07.07.2005  (2 years later) London’s 9/11 — 4 bombings in London
07.10.2005  (2 years later and 3 days after London attack ) to 10.24.2005 Four record breaking   hurricanes hit the U.S.

AND WHY Troublesome Times for these three nations? Along with the United Nations, these three nations (Russia, the United States and the European Union of which the U.K. is part) the “Quartet”–mediators of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process with the goal of establishing a Palestinian state within the state of Israel–came into being in 2002.

06.24.2002  U.S. Pres. George W. Bush officially unveils The Road Map for Peace
06.04.2003  U.S. Pres. George W. Bush mediates in The Red Sea Summit (note: see warning on 06.04.2007, 4 years to the day later, to Prepare for the Shaking)

09.01.2005  The forceful evacuation of Israeli settlers is scheduled to be completed.
08.15.2005–08.23.2005 Israel’s Disengagement begins and is completed ahead of schedule.
08.23.2005  Hurricane Katrina is born on the day the disengagement is completed in Israel with the last Israeli removed from the settlements.

Labor Day in the U.S., September 1, 2003

At 2:30 A.M., September 1, 2003, I was awakened hearing the words “TROUBLESOME TIMES”.   I got up immediately and went into my study to seek the Lord.  Obviously, my first thought was for my family.  I sought the Lord concerning this.  I had to have clarity in order to understand how to pray.  If the Lord was warning me of something my family would be faced with, then I definitely needed to heed the warning.  But I had to have understanding.  As I prayed, I was led by the Lord to look up this term in Scripture.  Daniel 9:20-27 speaks of Daniels vision and visitation from the angel Gabriel speaking of the time of the appearing of Messiah and these things taking place during troublesome times.

I then did a search on the Internet for September 1 and was quite amazed and troubled when I saw some of the things that took place on this date in history.

According to Wikipedia.com:

  • 5509 BC – The world was created, according to the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1939 – World War II: Nazi Germany attacks Poland, beginning the war
  • 1968 – Mohammed Atta, leader of the 9/11 terrorists was born

RUSSIA’S 9/11 …on 9/1

As I studied and prayed, I sensed that this warning was not for me personally but concerned the nations of the world.  Exactly one year to the day after I woke hearing this warning, a most horrific attack took place in Beslan, North Ossetia, in Southern Russia.   Muslim terrorists, including Arab mercenaries, violently took control of  a school. What happened to the more than 1,200 hostages–school children of all ages, teachers, parents and even infants, over the three days that followed, and the end of the siege, can only be described as barbaric and horrific…ending violently with 394 deaths (more than half being children), and more than 700 wounded.

I sensed strongly that THIS was THAT…that this unbelievable attack was indeed the TROUBLESOME TIMES that the Lord spoke to me one year to the day earlier.  One year to the day of the Lord speaking this to me, and almost 3 years to the day of America’s 9/11, Russia experiences their 9/11 on 9/1.

I admonish you to take the time to watch the documentaries of the Beslan massacre available on YouTube and other sources.  Then, read my post titled “07.21.2007 A Beslan Type Attack in the U.S.”. We can no longer afford the luxury of ignorance or apathy, and we cannot afford to be squeamish and turn away from the hard core truth concerning the very real threats to our own children…our own families.  As I continued to seek the Lord for understanding about this word and this date, and even the fact that it involved Russia, the Lord revealed to me that this ominous warning was not just for one nation, but for the nations…including OUR nation.  Something occured in the U.S. exactly one year after this word from the LORD.  Hurricane Ivan was born.  

HURRICANE IVAN formed on September 2, 2004 as a tropical depression, became a tropical storm on September 3rd, and a hurricane on September 5th.  It reached Category 5 strength…the highest possible category.  It caused approximately $13 billion dollars worth of damage in the U.S…making it the third costliest hurricane to date to ever strike the U.S.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA and NOAA, Ivan broke several hydroloical records.  It is believed to have caused the largest ocean wave ever recorded…a 91 foot (27 meter) wave that is believed to have actually reached as high as 131 feet (40m), and the fastest seafloor current, at 2.25 meters per second (5 miles per hour) ever recorded.  Ivan made landfall September 16th at Gulf Shores, Alabama with 115 MPH winds and a storm surge from 10-13 feet high, washing away as much as 164 feet of beach.  After the hurricane, the name IVAN was retired.  I could not help but notice that at the same time Russia was being attacked, a storm was born that would be named a Russian name “IVAN” and would bring destruction to the U.S. right behind Russia’s massacre by terrorists.  

After seeing this, I realized that the TROUBLESOME TIMES that the Lord had spoken to me was not just isolated to one nation or one event.  It was not only in Russia, but here in the U.S. and affected me personally. On the night that this hurricane made landfall and it’s forceful winds swept across the Alabama coast, they continued northward  into Mississippi.  We felt very strong gusts all through that night.  I was not fearful of the wind gusts from this hurricane, for by the time they reached 100 miles inland they were much weaker.  What did concern me throughout that night, was the vigil I had to keep in order to insure that my mother’s oxygen source was not compromised.  The “troublesome times” that I was experiencing was due to the deterioration of my 75 year old mother’s health.    Mother’s health had rapidly deteriorated over the preceding months, but most especially since the first of September.  On the eve of this hurricane, that was born on September 2nd, making landfall and becoming a threat to us, my mother suddenly came up out of a morphine stupor and declared, “I’m dying.” Her vital signs confirmed that she was at the lowest point in her life.  I did not leave her side.  I sat awake by her bed that night as Hurricane Ivan blasted through.   Repeatedly, the strong gusts would cause the large limbs from the huge oak hovering over her house to come down upon the power line connected to the house, causing a break in the power…thus causing her breathing machine to shut off.   I had a manual backup tank, but because of my inexperience with hooking it up I did not want to be forced to do so.  The Lord answered my prayers in that the power would return each time within only a few seconds.  I sat there by my mothers side, literally counting her breaths with a stop-watch.  I did not know if she would make it through the night…but she did.

This particular event concerning me and my mother would later tie in with other national and world events that would take place at her dying and her burial.  Mother lived another ten months under the care of the staff and myself in a nursing home.  On July 6, 2005, she had what appeared to be a massive stroke.  The only thing on her body that could move were her eyes, and she could not communicate.  For two and one-half days, between July 6-8, I stayed by her side as she lie dying.  I had no communication with the outside world,  and had no idea that my 02.18.2003 dream of the bombing of London had come to pass while I was isolated with mother on July 7th. This was England’s 9/11. This attack that God vividly showed me in a dream two years earlier can be read on the post titled: “02.18.2003 Bombings in London by Muslim Terrorists”. God would not allow me to know that this prophetic dream had taken place until two years later.

Three days after this attack on London, on July 10, 2005–the day I buried my mother–another record-breaking hurricane, Dennis, makes landfall on the U.S. and is sweeping across Mississippi.  Again, the Lord gave me much grace, for although the funeral director said the graveside service might need to be canceled since the forecast was that the hurricane would reach our area at the very time we were to be at the cemetery,  I refused his suggestion.  I prayed for God to hold back the wind and rain until the funeral was over, and He he graciously did as I asked.  He held back the wind and the rain until we were back home.

Like me, you might be wondering, “What on earth could your mother’s near death, and her death, have to do with these devastating events that were happening to these nations?”  Believe me, it was a mystery to me for some time.  But God is faithful, and in time, He gave me revelation. At one point, I mentioned to another believer the connection of my mother’s near-death and her actual death to the two hurricanes, Ivan and Dennis, and said, “I don’t know what it is about my mother and these hurricanes.”  Immediately, the woman looked at me and replied with revelation that could have only come from God, “The hurricanes are not about your mother.  They have to do with you.”    That’s all she said.  I didn’t question her, for I sensed she really didn’t understand what she had just spoken, but I knew that it was from the Lord.  With this revelation, the Lord began to show me how the dreams and visions that He had given me concerning these nations were indeed being fulfilled. The connection was the “timing” and there was much confirmation and revelation given me as He would have me see this timing.   Also, the Lord reminded me that He had told me that He had given me the “spirit of Ezekiel”.  Ezekiel was not exempt from what would happen to his nation…the nation of Israel.  He was indeed “among the captives in Babylon”.  Also, Ezekiel experienced personal tragedy (the death of his wife) as a sign of God’s judgment that was to come.  This that was happening to me…this troublesome time in my life…was part of the prophetic events that were unfolding.  Though they would appear to be unrelated events…they were definitely tied together prophetically and for a reason.  God’s judgment had come upon both the U.S.and the U.K. for what I believe was due to the influence they had in the affairs of Israel and her enemies.  Both nations had caused Israel’s leaders to trade God’s Covenant Land for the promise of peace…a peace that was no more than the pipe dream of two greedy and prideful nations who have no respect for the Word and the Will of Almighty God.

London had just had four bombs go off almost simultaneously, and three days later,  Hurricane Dennis was the first of four devastating, record-breaking hurricanes to hit the U.S…the second being Hurricane Katrina which was the worst natural disaster ever recorded in U.S. history. When you read the posts concerning the London bombings ( “02.18.2003 Bombings in London by Muslim Terrorists”) and the hurricanes in America (“06.11.2005 Hurricane Surge Drowning People in Building”), and see their connection to what the leaders of these two nations were doing against Israel, (be sure to also read: “03.06.2005 A Song in the Night”), you will understand how important it is that we believers are vigilant watchmen on the walls concerning God’s covenant land and people, and you will understand the importance of our intercession for our own nation.

If America continues on the path that she has taken…doing everything we can to influence and even try to force Israeli leaders to give up their land and split Jerusalem in the name of peace…then I believe we will feel the greatest judgment of God…a judgment I believe the Lord has shown me will bring complete devastation and desolation to this nation.   Our previous leaders followed after this pursuit and we as a nation have suffered greatly for even attempting to force Israel’s hand and for aiding her enemies.  But, we now have a new president and new administration who do not fear the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob nor His Son Jesus the Messiah, and their agenda is already clear.  They will do everything necessary to force Israel into go back to the pre-1967 Six Day War boundaries.  And for this, any nation that participates will feel the wrath of Almighty God. (please read the post: “06.02.2008 Jerusalem Day~Warning to the U.S. & the Nations”)

I truly believe that God created the United States to be a safe haven for His people Israel, to play a major role in the rebirth of the nation of Israel, and to be an ally–a protector of this new born nation.  In Hebrew, the name JERUSALEM is not spelled or pronounced as such, but as Yerushalayim. Do you think it coincidence that in the English translation of this name it is spelled JerUSAlem?  I think not.  God intended for the United States of America to be right up in the middle of Israel, as a strong link helping hold her together as a nation when all the enemies around her will settle for nothing less than her utter destruction.  And, as long as we blessed Isarel, God has blessed us.  But, God did not intend for the USA to be up in the middle of her business in such a way as to rip her apart one piece at a time!  God has declared that the land of Israel is HIS LAND and Jerusalem is HIS CITY for HIS NAME.  It was HIS decision to cut covenant with a people he called out and set apart from the rest of the world…the Hebrews…the Jews…and give them this covenant land…for all time.  How pathetically foolish is man who would dare to touch this and bring a curse upon himself.  How pathetically foolish is a NATION who claims to be God fearing and Christian and would do such as we have done and continue to do.   It baffles me how so many who “claim” to be Christian in this nation, have been so beguiled by the evil one.

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