10.09.2010 Revisiting 9/11–A Vision

Before I even opened my eyes when I awoke on October 9, 2010, I was immediately given a vision.


As I lay in my bed I suddenly felt a sudden shake and heard a deep loud boom–yet muffled as if the sound came from a distance outside my house.  Immediately, I saw an elevator full of people in a large building.  It made me think of 9/11 and how the people in the Twin Towers must have felt to have been standing in those buildings, especially in the higher floors, and felt this and heard this when the planes hit each tower.  I then saw the people from the elevator running onto the roof of the building.  Then, it was as if I was standing there on the roof with them.   I was facing them and suddenly the building began to collapse, pan-caking downward underneath us.  I could feel and hear this just as I had felt and heard the initial shaking of my bed and the boom from a distance.  I was not fearful, for I knew I was witnessing a vision, but I could see their expressions and feel what they were feeling.  I can only describe it as sickening.  As I lay there witnessing this I wondered if the Lord was trying to show me something that was coming.  After I felt about three floors collapse beneath us I opened my eyes and got up.  (This was about 5AM)

The fact that I was revisiting 9/11 is one thing, but this boom sound that caused my bed to shake has happened two other times over the past few months, and each other time it happened it was in the middle of the day and I was awake. I was standing in my kitchen the first time and sitting at my desk the second time when I heard the sound and immediately felt my house that is off the ground jolt beneath me.  The thoughts that came to me each time was of the warning the Lord spoke to me years earlier to “Prepare for the shaking.”   The first time it happened a few months ago (I did not document it so I do not remember exactly when) I wondered if a jet had broken the sound barrier.  The second time it happened I really wondered what was up because jets breaking the sound barrier was not a normal occurrence where I had lived for the past forty years–the last ten of which I’ve been retired and at home most of the time–and more importantly because the day it  happened on, just happened to be 9/11/10.  And now, a month later almost to the day, this third one was followed immediately by the vision of 9/11.    I  sense this is not just a revisiting, but a warning to our nation that what is to come will be as another 9/11.  Also, at the time of this vision, I had totally forgotten about my vision from two weeks earlier of the airplane tail (see 09.23-24.10 The Tail of an Airplane–Visions) for I had not posted these most recent dreams and visions from the past six weeks.


UPDATE 11.01.10

Confirmation of Visions of 09/23 & 24 and 10/09/2010

U.S. Intelligence Admits ‘Dry Run’
Parcel Bomb Discovered in September

I find it very confirming that the “dry-run” for the foiled terrorist attempt was carried out in mid September, considering that the Lord gave me the two visions of this on September 23 & 24.  The government has decided that the plot was to detonate the bombs while still in the planes over Chicago.  They saw that the “dry-run” let the terrorists who were tracking the packages know where they would be in transit in order to detonate, or set the timing of the detonation of the bombs, at their choosing.

Read article and watch video of ABC news report.

There was another “dry run” discovered that would have involved Washington Dulles airport on September 1st. Here is that report from a Canadian news source.  I don’t know about you, but as one who pretty much stays on top of the news, I did not see or hear one word about this until now, and only through a link from the current report.

As I was adding this update to my September 23 & 24 visions, the Lord had me notice the vision He gave me on October 9, two weeks after these.  He had me revisit 9/11 when the planes hit the towers and the towers fell.  I had already considered that these were all connected, and now realize that they were.  If the bombs had been detonated while in the planes and while over Chicago, it would indeed have been akin to 9/11–Islamic terrorists using planes as WMD’S.  Government officials state that if this had happened, it would have proven devastating to the city.  It occurring in the home city of our current president would have been a great victory for the terrorists and sent a powerful signal to the world.

All said and done, I still have great concern about all that has happened–or should I say has NOT happened–for I cannot forget that the Lord told me in ’07 that what He shows me will not be thwarted–that it WILL come to pass.  Are we only seeing the tip of the ice burg?

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