11.25.2003 Volcano & Massive Earthquake Split the U.S. In Two

Dream: America’s geography transformed by volcanoes and a great earthquake.


Just before 3:30 A.M. November 25, 2003, I dreamed my husband and I were walking down the street of an unfamiliar city with tall buildings on each side.  It was night and I was carrying my granddaughter on my hip.  Suddenly, I could see a large amber glow from behind some large buildings across the street as if something was on fire.  I mentioned it to my husband  and began to walk down the street toward the light to see what it was. When I got to the corner of the building I saw that the city was on fire.  The street was violently exploding  in multiple places caused by a volcano erupting beneath.  These explosions were moving quickly up the street toward us.  The ground began to shake and the street began to split from a massive earthquake.  I turned and began running back the way I came, yelling for my husband to run.  The street we were on began to explode violently with fire shooting high into the air and the earthquake continued to move toward us.  Though this was frightening, I was not horrified, but just knew we had to get away from this.   We ran t0 seek safety  in a church we had belonged to and I had led worship years earlier.  In the dream (not reality), the church was at the top of a steep hill.  All the while we were running for safety, the volcanic explosions and splitting earth was right behind us.  As soon as we reached the foot of the hill and started the incline, I knew that we were safe and did not have to run.  As I walked up the incline I did not look back, but began to sing praise choruses to the Lord.  A lady walking on my right began to sing them with me.

Still carrying my granddaughter on my hip, we made it to the church at the top of the high hill and I walked inside.  A man was standing in the church that reminded me of my former pastor of that church, but as I got closer I realized it wasn’t him. I spoke to this pastor and told him that I used to be the worship leader of this church.  I then stepped back outside alone and looked back toward where we  had come from.  At that instant, I was lifted high above the Untied States and could see all of it as if looking down at a map of the  U.S.  My viewpoint from above was as if I was northeast of California and facing southwest.  From this vantage point, I saw that the state of California and the land just east of it had split off from the rest of the U.S..  This massive volcano and earthquake had split the nation in two from top to bottom and the ocean had filled in between causing the U.S. to be separated into two continents.  I knew this had something to do with the end times and wondered if this was the separation of the saved and the unsaved, but then I remembered that I knew one of the men in the church and knew that he was either not saved or was very backslid.  I knew I had to witness to him, and from that moment on, my focus was on witnessing and causing people to realize that their time was VERY SHORT. I sensed strongly that Jesus’ return was very near–that we didn’t have much time to win souls to Christ.  I was again standing inside the church and saw that most of the people were still scurrying around in fear.  All I wanted to do was warn them–and I did.  As I was sharing what the Lord had shown me to one of the people there,  I woke up.

In my dream I knew it was the “end times”–that Jesus’ return was near and this earthquake was a sign of it.  I knew that this volcano and earthquake literally transforming the geography of this nation was very significant.

When a friend read this dream, she asked me if I felt that this earthquake that split the nation in two could represent a civil war.  She said that she keeps hearing the Lord saying “civil war” to her.  I told her it could.  It could represent both.  In fact, such a disastrous event could trigger civil unrest and cause an already divided county’s government to collapse.


Six months after having this dream, on May 2-3, 2004, the mini series 10.5 aired on TV.  In this made for TV movie, massive earthquakes devastate Seattle and parts of California, causing a chasm to be filled with water, separating the state of California from the rest of the U.S.  Then, two years later, May 21 & 23, 2006, the sequel, 10.5 Apocalypse, aired.  It picks up where the first left off, and this time, the quake sets off a chain reaction of fault lines causing a quake to split the U.S. from top to bottom east of California, ending with the waters from the Gulf of Mexico flooding into the chasm and breaking the U.S. into two continents.  I cannot tell you how I felt sitting there watching my dream play out through these movies.  Before my dream, I had never seen or heard of anything even similar to my dream.  Then, within six months of the dream, I’m watching it unfold before me.  Then again, two years later, I watch the rest of it unfold on the screen.

UPDATE   11/01/2008

The number “5” in Biblical Mathematics represents GRACE.  God is FAITHFUL and always gives man a TIME or season of GRACE to repent.  On 11/04/2008 the U.S. will choose either Barack Hussein Obama or John McCain for President.  It has been 5 years since this earthquake dream.  I did not realize until today, 11/01/2008, that on 11/03/2002 the Lord woke me with 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”, six years (6 representing mans sinfulness) to the day before our presidential election–an election that has already split this nation in two and of which the results could bring about a civil war.  Also, I did not realize until today that on this same day, 11/03/2002 , the strongest earthquake to hit America in 150 years struck Alaska and had an effect from Alaska to Texas and Louisiana–from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.  The following is an excerpt from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center (AEIC) at http://www.aeic.alaska.edu/Denali_Fault_2002/

The largest inland earthquake in North America in almost 150 years struck Alaska on November 3, 2002. It ruptured three different faults ending with a total rupture length of ~330 km. It started on the previously unrecognized Susitna Glacier Thrust fault, a splay fault south of the McKinley strand of the Denali fault system (DFS). Then the rupture transferred onto the main strand of the DFS and continued as a right-lateral strike-slip event for ~220 km until it reached the Totschunda fault near 143oW longitude. At that point, it right-stepped onto the more south-easterly trending Totschunda fault and stopped after rupturing nearly 70 km of it. A team of geologists surveyed the total length of the ruptured faults and reported maximum vertical offsets on the Susitna Glacier Thrust of 4 m and maximum horizontal offsets of 8.8 m west of the Denali and Totschunda fault junction. The estimated magnitude of this earthquake ranges from the body wave magnitude mb of 7.0 to the moment magnitude MW of 7.9 to the surface wave magnitude MS of 8.5. While the fault rupture lasted for approximately 100 sec from its initiation to the arrest, its distal effects were felt for many days. Of the population centers, the hardest hit were the villages of Mentasta and Northway, located at the eastern end of the rupture zone. This event caused significant damage to the transportation systems in central Alaska. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline suffered some damage, but no oil spills occurred. Multiple land slides and rock avalanches occurred in the Alaska Range with the largest slide on the Black Rapids Glacier. The Denali Fault event was felt as far as Washington and caused seiches in pools and lakes as far as Texas and Louisiana. There were reports of triggered seismicity in volcanic and geothermal centers in Washington and California and regional seismicity in Utah. The M 7.9 Denali Fault event was preceded by the magnitude 6.7 Nenana Mountain event on October 23, 2002. Its epicenter was located on the Denali fault 22 km east of the M 7.9 event epicenter. In response to the magnitude 6.7 and 7.9 events, the Alaska Earthquake Information Center (AEIC) staff installed a network of temporary instruments for the aftershock monitoring. The temporary network was dismantled in June, 2003″.

I do not know if this earthquake dream is literal or figurative.  Maybe it is both.  I do not see all of this as mere coincidence, nor do I ignore the fact that this earthquake took place in the state of Governor Sarah Palin–the running mate of Presidential candidate John McCain.   But, I do know this.  Something very important is taking place this year and much is directly linked to this years presidential election.  America is split down the middle in this election and many who claim the name of Christ are embracing an ungodly man and his ungodly policies out of pure greed.  (See the post: Woe to America)  America’s season of God’s grace in these matters is about to come to a close and His judgment is near–for the Day of the Lord is near.  And just as I was trying to warn people in this dream to repent and get right with God, I tell you again:

REPENT!  For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.


I find this article posted on “The Blaze” by one of Glen Beck’s contributing journalists very relevant to this dream because of the location.  In this dream, I was taken far above the earth, looking down from NE of California (where Yellowstone is located) and saw that the nation split from top to bottom, east of California.

Is America Headed for Yellowstone Super-Volcano Eruption Catastophe?

  • Posted on January 25, 2011 at 7:07am by Meredith Jessup Meredith Jessup

“It would explode with a force a thousand times more powerful than the Mount St Helens eruption in 1980,” the UK’s Daily Mail warns. The world’s largest super-volcano located underneath the United States’ Yellowstone National Park is set to blow.”

“Scientists have reportedly watched as the super-volcano situated underneath northwestern Wyoming rose at a record rate from 2004-2008 — an average of three inches every year.  This rate of movement is more than three times greater than ever observed since such measurement records began in 1923.”

I encourage you to read the full report here:  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/is-america-headed-for-yellowstone-super-volcano-eruption-catastophe/

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