12.10.2006 Race War in America


Jihadist style race war between blacks and whites in America


December 10, 2006


I had an awful dream early this morning just before I woke up. I dreamed that I was in Heidelberg, Mississippi. I was standing in the middle of the street in a residential section of town. I looked up and saw both blacks and whites.  I saw black males doing to people what I have read that radical Islamists do to people in other countries. A large black man with a very large machete was standing in the front yard of a house.  A pick-up truck pulled up in front of this house. I was standing only about ten feet away and walked toward the back of the truck so I could see what was happening.  The large black man with the machete walked over to the truck. I could see that a man was lying inside the back of the truck. His body was up on the truck bed and his legs were lying on the tailgate with his feet hanging off.  It appeared that the man was wounded and unconscious.  The man with the machete walked over to the back of the truck, raised the machete in the air, and hacked the man’s feet off. Then this man with the machete walked back into the yard. There was a small table in the yard. He grabbed a man standing in the yard, held his arm down on the table, and whacked off his hands at the wrist. It appeared that  he was cutting off the limbs of anyone he wanted to without any provocation.

I was shocked that this extreme Islamic kind of violence had come to the U.S.,  to Mississippi, to a small town like Heidelberg that was too close to home.  It was sickening and threatening. It was the kind of barbaric violence we have heard of and seen in documentaries in places such as Rwanda, the Sudan, and other Islamic ruled nations.

Then, I saw what appeared to be a gang war.  This man with the machete began to be threatened by another guy, and then a third man was involved.  The power switched and the other man with his machete was threatening this big guy. As I was seeing this up close, I could tell that it was going on throughout the entire town.  I turned and saw that this big guy, exhausted from all the fighting, was lying on the ground on his stomach with his arms stretched out away from his body.  He still had the machete in his right hand.  I looked up, and from behind him another man was coming through the yard pushing a big lawn mower, headed straight for him.  I knew that this man was about to run over his arm that had the machete, with the mower.  This other man was just as barbaric as the big guy. Both blacks and whites were barbaric in their violence. Just as he got near the man on the ground, I could not bear to watch it, and turned my head away.   I woke up.


When I woke up and documented my dream all I could wonder and ask the Lord was if He showed this to me literally to reveal to me that a race war such as this was coming to America–not necessarily to this particular small town, although it could, but across many cities and towns regardless the size.

Heidelberg is a sleepy little town of about five square miles in South Central Mississippi.  Of a population of less than 1,000, 75% are black and less than 25% of the remaining population is white.   To my knowledge, there has never been any racial uprising in that little town.

When I had this dream in December 2006, I had never heard of Barack Obama.  I had no idea there would be a black candidate for the 2008 Presidential elections.  I had no problem with a black, or any other race being voted into the presidency as long as their polices and beliefs were not in direct opposition to mine.  Until I learned of Colin Powell’s attitude toward Israel, I even considered that he could very possibly be a great president after Bush.

The election of Barack Hussein Obama has split this nation down the middle.  I pray for his safety, for I know that if there is an assassination attempt or success on his life, then this dream will find fulfillment.  The changes that he, his administration and a democratic controlled house have brought about in the first eight months of his presidency, has polarized the people of this nation even more.  The changes that most Americans are rising up against have absolutely nothing to do with the color of this president’s skin.  Sadly, that is not what is perceived by others, especially blacks.  They see it as purely racism.  The democratic  party is so determined to get their way and push their agendas down the throats of everyone else in the nation, that they are the ones most guilty of playing the race card.  They know the truth.  In fact, many democratic representatives in congress have begun to buck their own party, but they continue using black American’s like pawns to get their way.

Black Americans as a whole were so proud to finally have someone in the most powerful position in this country to be their voice.  Rightfully so!  I can understand that.  I can also understand the feelings of many whites who hate racism as much as I do, who felt that the burden of shame placed upon our nation by our forefathers acts of slavery, barbarism of fellow humans of other races, and injustice even to today would somehow be lifted through the election of a black president. However, due to the absolute conflict of the policies of Barack Obama to the Word of God, I was sickened to witness so many Christians of all races rallying to his cause.  I do not even pretend to understand the conflict this must have caused for some–especially for some black Christians.  Howbeit, everyone made a choice. Some chose to see truth and stand firm in that truth.  Some chose to ignore the truth.  Some refused to believe the truth. Some twisted (perverted) the truth.  And some, well, some just turned the truth upside down and convinced the multitudes to believe a lie.  As I watched this unfolding, and after the Lord had answered my prayers and revealed and confirmed TRUTH concerning this man, I understood that this election outcome would be God’s doing.  God would allow the people of this nation–yes, many Christians–to be blind to the truth so that the rod of God’s judgment would come upon this nation.  In the course of time, ungodly, radical policies and associations have proven true–changing the hearts and minds of many to the truth while others continue to hold onto the lie.

As I have watched and listened closely, I have witnessed many troubling things, but the most troubling is not what is happening to the nation internally, but what this administration is doing externally TO ISRAEL.  When I heard Obama’s UN speech, I could hear the hoof beats of the Red Horse.  It is clear that this administration’s goal is to try to force Israel to split Jerusalem and the nation of Israel into.  For that, God will split THIS nation into. It may be with civil war.  It may be with massive earthquakes.  It may be both.  But you can be assured of this one thing,  it WILL happen to us.  And when it does, everything that has already happened will pale compared to it.

Because the Lord has told me that the things he has shown me will come to pass, it sickens me to see these things.  All I can do is cry out to God’s people to repent and join me in seeking God’s undeserved mercy on this nation.

I would not ever think that our citizens of any race would resort to such barbaric violence as I saw in my dream—the kind used by radical Islamists.  However, according to reports, Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, and much of this growth has come from blacks being converted to Islam in prisons and jails.  What would have never entered into the heart of these black American men in the past, is now, according to the Koran, a part of their religious DUTY.  The following reports are just a few examples of what is stirring in America racially.



UPDATED 10.27.2008

The following portions of a news article brought this dream back to mind:

WASHINGTON – Two white supremacists allegedly plotted to go on a national killing spree, shooting and decapitating black people and ultimately targeting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, federal authorities said Monday.

In all, the two men whom officials describe as neo-Nazi skinheads planned to kill 88 people — 14 by beheading, according to documents unsealed in U.S. District Court in Jackson, Tenn. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community.

The spree, which initially targeted an unidentified predominantly African-American school, was to end with the two men driving toward Obama, “shooting at him from the windows,” the court documents show.

“Both individuals stated they would dress in all white tuxedos and wear top hats during the assassination attempt,” the court complaint states. “Both individuals further stated they knew they would and were willing to die during this attempt.”

However, the reported threat of attacking a school filled with black students worried Fielder. Helena-West Helena, with a population of 12,200, is 66 percent black. “Predominantly black school, take your pick,” he said.
Associated Press writers Erik Schelzig in Nashville, Tenn., Jon Gambrell in Little Rock, Ark., and Eileen Sullivan in Washington contributed to this report.

The thing that troubles me so in relation to this thwarted plot and my dream is that God told me that the things He showed me would NOT be thwarted…thus, it will still happen.   The barbarism I saw in my dream was nothing that I would have ever thought the people of the US would have ever stooped to, until I saw the very plot to do so revealed on the news.  And, just as in my dream, it was not just blacks, but whites that were planning to carry out such barbaric acts of violence.

UPDATED 10.31.2008

The following is an email that I received from some friends who live in the outskirts of Atlanta.  It was sent to them by a relative who is a friend of the nurse that reported witnessing and being the object of the racist abuse Halloween night.

Sent: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 16:20:07 +0000 (UTC)

Subject: Halloween at the Grady  Hospital ER.

This was sent to me by a relative who is a friend of the nurse that experienced this.Report of Atlanta’s Grady Hospital ER nurse on Halloween night.Girl, I worked last night and I tell you, I am scared for our country.

Atlanta is a black town……and I didn’t realize just how much simmering
anger and hatred has been stored up.

All night long most of us whites were called white motherf—-,
and white bitches, and white hos……and told over and over again
in very loud angry voices that our time was over and our nigger president
was gonna take care of them and we would see how it feels.

I know this is only a segment of the black population, but I swear we heard
it over and over again……so many drunken blacks were in the dept last night,
and even the black women suddenly seemed much more aggressive than usual.
So much hatefulness directed against us.  It was a horrible night, and I fear it
will get worse.

I am so glad that I am now off for the next five days, and
pray that the violence that we heard promised last night does not
actualize.  I had the psych observation rooms and kept getting pulled into
trauma, and one of the things that struck me with the drunks and the psych
patients was many of them kept saying they were ready to die for the
world………that we white mother f—– would pay and they would die.

Was a really weird night.  Didn’t see a single patient in
costume……..but many patients were victims of violent crime.  Almost all
were black.  So yes, prayer is needed…….and I really do trust that it
will all be well, but my ears are still ringing and my heart is still stinging
from all of the hatred that was spewing out everywhere last night.
So glad it is over.

UPDATED 11.04.2008

America voted and a nation split down the middle elected the first African-American, Barack Hussien Obama, to be the 44th President of the United States.

I considered the significance of his being the 44th president of this country and looked at the numerical meaning in Scripture.  40 is the number that represents TRIALS and TESTINGS….and 4 is the number that represents the WORLD.  I am not surprised.  For when America is judged by God, it will affect the entire world.  But, because this new American leader has plans to align himself with radical and ungodly leadership all over the globe, the effect it will have on the world is far greater.  Only time will reveal what awaits us.  With this said, I must also say that I await with hope, for God is sovereign and God is faithful.  He is full of mercy toward those who love Him and trust Him and obey His Word.

I believe that those that elected this man are very deceived.  Their pride and their greed has caused them to embrace a man who claims the name of Christ but does not walk in His ways.  (See the post: Woe to America) He was voted in by a generation of people who have a mind-set of entitlement.  This is a spirit of greed.  I have no racist agenda.  I have no problem with any race or gender being the leader of this country.  But I do have a problem with one whose ideas, whose beliefs, whose policies and associations are in direct opposition to the Word of God.  There is no way that I can believe that GOD would call such a one “a righteous ruler”.  If such a one is allowed to rule this nation, then I believe that they do so as a rod of chastisement in the hand of a Holy God.  Just as God gave Israel over to those who would take them captive and hold them in bondage because of her sin…so it is with us.  God has been so very gracious and long-suffering with America.  My prayer now is that His judgment be tempered with His great MERCY when He hears the cries of the righteous in this land.

UPDATED 06.27.2009

“Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ”This is our world” and ”This is a black world” as they confronted Marshall and his family.”

This is a quote from the following article of a white family being attacked physically by a gang of about 50 blacks on June 27, 2009 while watching a fireworks show in a public park in Akron, Ohio.  Please take time to read the entire article at http://www.ohio.com/news/50172282.html

UPDATE 07.01.2007

When I received this information from ACT! For America, I could only see my “Race War in America” dream of 2006, where I saw blacks and whites in a race war with the blacks carrying out barbaric, Islamic, Jihadist style atrocities.  When God gave me this dream in 2006 I had no way of knowing how radical Islam would infiltrate and influence so many black Americans, and white Americans to convert and turn against their own country.  I had no idea that Islam would make such rapid inroads into America politics, society and culture.  I would have never dreamed that such as what you are about to read would ever be allowed in the United States.

This is a lengthy post, but I admonish you, I beg you to read every word.  Then, after reading, do your own homework.  Begin investigating the things connected to this and make yourself aware of what is going on in this country.  And, most importantly, seek God concerning these things.   He does not want us His people to be ignorant.  He has commanded us to watch and be sober–especially as we see the DAY approaching!

ACT! For America


There are over 750 “no-go zones” in France, Muslim enclaves where non-Muslims, even law enforcement officers, do not enter for fear of their lives.

There are dozens of sharia courts in Britain.

And now there appears to be a “Muslims-only” enclave in Philadelphia – financed with your tax dollars!

This must-read story (below, highlights added) didn’t get coverage in the major media.

Exclusive: ‘Muslims-Only’ Enclave Thrives In Philadelphia

Paul Williams, PhD
May 20, 2010

www.familysecuritymatters.org | Thanks to U.S. taxpayers, an Islamic enclave is being carved out of the heart of the City of Brotherly Love. And how generous have you been with your tax dollars? You just gave $1.6 billion for the privilege of turning over all this cash to the Islamic community.

The person doing the carving is Kenny Gamble, the author of such hit songs as “Love Train” and “Me and Mrs. Jones.”

So far Americans have shelled out $1.6 billion in federal grants, loans, and “charitable” gifts to create an alleged “Muslims-only” community.

A convert to Islam, Gamble, now known as Luqman Abdul Haqq, is affiliated with the National Ummah Movement which seeks to establish sovereign Islamic enclaves ruled by shariah (Islamic) law within major cities throughout the U.S.A. The movement was started by Jamil al-Amin (the former H. Rap Brown), who is now serving a life sentence at a maximum security prison for killing two police officers in Atlanta.

Gamble managed to collect the $1.6 billion through Universal Company, a so-called “charitable organization,” which he formed in 1993. Gamble and his spokesmen say that the non-profit company provides a public service by cleaning up a blighted section of the south Philly, but local residents say that Universal has really used the $1.6 billion to create a Muslim ghetto. This allegation is supported by Gamble himself. Speaking to his fellow Islamists, the former songwriter quipped: “We are not here for Universal, we are here for Islam.”

The proof is in the pudding. The 800 block of South 15th Street now contains the United Muslim Masjid, an Islamic center, and a madrassah (charter school). All of these organizations have been created and sustained by Gamble’s enterprise. Rotan Lee of the Philly YMCA says: “You look up and down the street and see men, women and children in traditional Muslim dress everywhere; you see the masjid right across from Kenny’s house and security guards on the corners in kufis.”

On the website of the Muslim Alliance of National American, the directors of Gamble’s company made the mistake of betraying their true intent by saying: “By the Blessing and Mercy of Allah (SWT), the efforts of Universal Companies serve as a national model for what can be done with commitment, compassion, focus and careful planning and execution. Just another proof positive of the words of the Qu’ran where Allah (SWT) states: ‘Let there arise from among you a small group of people, inviting to all that is good. They enjoin the good, and forbid the evil, and it is they who attain success.’ (3: 104).”

Proof of Gamble’s ties to National Ummah Movement was provided by a conference call from Jamil al Amin to the United Muslim Masjid., a mosque G founded on 15th Street. A transcript from the mosque reads as follows: “…A highlight of one meeting was when we had Imam Jamil Al-Amin on speaker phone talking to us from his Georgia prison. MANA (Muslim Alliance in North America ) and its members have raised and donated several thousands of dollars to his family and legal defense team. Imam Jamil has recently been transferred to a “supermax” prison in Colorado, and we ask that you make du’a for him.” [source]

Further proof of the Ummah connection comes from Gamble’s role in the creation of theMANA, an organization formed to free Jamil al-Amin from federal prison and to advance the Islamic take-over of the United States by “cultural jihad” – – pushing for black/Muslim privileges under the guise of equal opportunity and civil rights.

Some of the Ummah mosques maintain armed militias. Others provide training in martial arts and guerilla warfare. Almost all operate beneath the radar of local, state, and federal law enforcement officials.

On October 28, 2009, the FBI raided a warehouse and two houses in Detroit and arrested eleven Ummah members on charges of mail fraud, the illegal possession of firearms, trafficking in stolen goods, and altering vehicle identification numbers. In the course of the raid on the warehouse, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, the ringleader of the group, opened fire on the federal agents and was killed in the ensuing gunfight.

Luqman Abdullah was the imam of the Masjid al-Haqq in Detroit, a mosque that was part of the Ummah network. He sought to claim a section of blight-ravaged Detroit for his group in order to establish a sovereign Muslim enclave governed by sharia (Islamic law). In his sermons, Imam Abdullah called upon his followers to launch an “offensive jihad” against U.S. officials and to carry and use firearms.

Imam Abdullah, along with Kenny Gamble, was a founder of MANA. Another founder was Siraj Wahaj, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and imam of Masjid al-Taqwa in Brooklyn.

So…how did Gamble squeeze $1.6 billion out of Uncle Sam?

Stay tuned.

NOTE:  I will include this information concerning the $1.6 billion of taxpayer money when it is posted by ACT! For America.

09/09/2011 UPDATE

When I saw the following video clip from a training session taught by the new head of the Philadelphia chapter of the New Black Panthers, King Samir Shabazz, I immediately thought of my “Race War in America” dream from 2006.  Never before had I seen anything from any black American’s advocating, much less instructing and provoking other blacks to use a machete to attack and kill (to hack to death, cut off limbs and behead) fellow American’s.  Watching this video was bad enough, but it became absolutely vile as the camera panned back, revealing very young girls and boys sitting right up front watching this very graphic demonstration.  I’ve only witnessed indoctrination such as this filmed by Islamic groups.

If you are deceived in thinking that this is simply instruction on self-defense, watch this next clip that reveals this same Black Panther leader’s motive.  Samir Shabazz, representing the New Black Panthers, publicly spews his hatred of the entire white race, and is intent on inciting blacks to kill “crackers” (whites) and their “cracker” babies. (There are numerous videos on youtube.com of his hatred of whites and his call to kill whites and to destroy America as we know it.)

This troubles me greatly, for just as American’s ignored the words of radical Islamists before 9/11, American’s, black and white, are ignoring the rantings of such radical black American’s as this man with just as much hatred in him as Osama bin Ladin.   I could not help but notice in the video, that not one single black man or woman hearing him, denounced this man for all the hate filled rhetoric he was spewing out about whites and any black who befriended a white–going so far as to call out blacks over his bull horn, using racial slurs not tolerated from a white toward them. Why?  Why would they tolerate such that disparages their race?  Why would a group of people, who far outnumbered this group of Black Panthers, allow him to speak to them or for them without any recourse,  if they in fact did not agree with him?  It takes you back to 9/11.  Where were all the “peaceful and patriotic Muslims” after 9/11?  Where was their voice of disgust and public protests against radical Islamists?  It wasn’t there.  I listened to one “moderate” Muslim leader who did everything he could to rally his fellow “moderate” Muslims to publicly stand up and be counted against such evil acts in the name of their religion–even calling for it on Fox News–but he garnered almost no support and his efforts failed.  There is no difference between these two, for it matters not what is wrong or right, godly or evil.  Their silence is deafening.  Their silence is not only consent, but solidarity.

Another thing that troubles me is that the Lord showed me this happening in a small, sleepy, southern town in America near my home.  This, coupled with what recently took place in yet another small southern community near my home town, I can see the very real possibility that this dream could indeed play out in what would appear to be an unlikely place.  The radical, racist, Black Liberation Theology preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s former pastor of twenty years) came and spoke in a country church not far from me.  He not only incited anger toward whites, but sparked racial tension through his negative comments toward three college students (2 white and 1 black) who dared to attend the meeting.  I was appalled to witness what I did from the members of this local church. Call me naive, but I had no idea that such racism was taught and promoted in churches in this rural area.  I can easily see the very real possibility that this dreams scenario could indeed play out just like I saw it and where I saw it. 

How grievous it is to witness the mess the “church” is in.  I truly believe; so goes the church–so goes the community, the state, the nation, and the world.  What can you expect from the world when they witness hate and racism within the church, and such blatant sin and debauchery in its members and its leadership? We should not be surprised that God is bringing and will continue to bring and escalate His judgment upon America.  If you are living in outright disobedience and rebellion to God’s Word, or if you are part of a church or group that promotes lifestyles that God calls SIN, and promotes hatred and retaliation of others, GOD calls you WICKED.  You are very deceived if you have believed the LIE that you are God’s child, for Jesus called those who do such, the sons of Satan. I don’t care who you are, what color your skin is, how long you’ve been the pianist or deacon in your church, if your race or your religious traditions trump God’s Word, you have made it your god.  This is IDOLATRY and it is an abomination to Almighty God.

Those who truly are God’s children, regardless of race, I admonish you to PRAY like you’ve never prayed before.  Then, when the opportunity arises, TAKE A STAND and LET YOU VOICE BE HEARD!

This nation has reached a CUSP, and we have turned in a direction so contrary to God that I believe His righteous judgment will not be averted.  We must repent for our sins and the sins of our fathers.  We must cry out for God’s mercy in the midst of His judgment on this nation.  We must cry out as King David and ask that God not give us over into the hands of our enemies.   It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God, but better His hands than of those who hate us.  God’s judgment is to bring about righteousness.  He is full of love and tender mercies and desires that we be reconciled to Him.  Please, turn your face to Him now.

UPDATE 09/12/2012


On December 10, 2006, the Lord gave me a dream of a race war in America.   The dream itself was very disturbing, but that it was happening in a very small, rural town was even more disturbing.  Since 2008 we have seen an escalation of black on white, and black on Jew attacks.  It would be bad enough if these were isolated incidents where one or two attacked another, but these are actual mobs of large numbers, and most of them are black youth.  At a time that they should feel empowered by the election of a black president to be the best they can be and take advantage of every opportunity afforded them, we are seeing just the opposite.  It appears that instead of being led to greatness, these are being incited to violence, and this most base of human emotions drives them.  As we see these unprovoked attacks increasing, America has begun to resemble countries where radical, violent sects are a daily threat to society.  Instead of moving “forward”, this generation of black youths and young adults are being led backward–as far back as fifty years.

I read an article on WND (World Net Daily) by Colin Flaherty this morning that is very revealing of how there has been a surge of black on white attacks and how the media is ignoring or misrepresenting it.  The media’s deliberate act to keep Americans in the dark, makes them complicit.  I encourage you to take time to read Mr. Flaherty’s article and its hyperlinks to the actual reports by clicking here.  I also encourage you to click on the multiple headline links at the bottom of the article to read other reports of the violence.

These events are only precursors to what could be in our near future–where our nation, from the largest metropolis to the smallest rural town, are awash with racial violence.  Yes, every time I read or hear of another racially motivated attack, I remember my dream.

Pray for our country.
Pray for our leadership.
For the Word of God says:

    When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:

but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. 

Proverbs 29:2 

UPDATE 11.02.2013

There has been such an every growing increase in racial violence (especially black on white) in America since my last update a year ago that I chose to wait about posting more on the subject, else I would be posting updates on it almost daily.  However, some of the most recent articles I’ve seen concerning it has caused me to decide to add another update.  The following is just one such article from World Net Daily (WND.com). Please follow the link below to read the entire article.

Allen West: America ‘on verge of race war?’
Points to black-mob violence plaguing more than 100 cities across nation


On his personal website, West, a tea-party favorite, wrote: “We were supposed to be living in a post-racial America since we elected the first ‘African-American’ president. But esteemed scholar Thomas Sowell fears we’re almost on the verge of a race war.”

…West asked: “Are we on the verge of war?” 

He answered, “I hope not, but just this past week in Brooklyn a white couple was attacked, dragged from their car and beaten by a black mob.”


UPDATE 08.19.2014

While watching the ongoing news of the mayhem caused by many of the protesters in Ferguson, MO after a policeman shot and killed an African-American, of course my thoughts went to my Race War dream from 2006–a dream of barbaric Islamic style violence in a small, mostly African-American populated town.  What brought my attention to the dream more than just the protests was what I witnessed as I watched the footage of the looters. Many of the Africa -American looters had their faces covered, and some covered their heads as well.   This reminded me of the violent Islamists, Hamas and ISIS, that have also been in the headlines for the past weeks.  These cowards also cover their faces and their heads so as not to be recognizable while committing unspeakable crimes against humanity.  After noticing this I contemplated bringing attention to the Race War dream, but felt I should wait.  Now I understand what I was waiting for.  Tonight I read multiple articles showing someone in the crowd of protesters carrying a sign that read, “ISIS HERE”.

Screenshot from CNN footage

Screenshot from CNN footage

The bearer of the sign followed closely behind a CNN reporter as he was interviewing another protester.  Also, there has been many posts on social media declaring that ISIS is in America and are calling for all fellow comrades in America to converge on Ferguson in order to dominate the town in the name of Allah.  Ferguson ISIS

Notice the guy waving the Palestinian flag.   And you thought they were protesting on behalf of slain Michael Brown?

Screenshot from FoxNews video

Screenshot from FoxNews video

When you consider the unspeakable atrocities committed by ISIS in Syria and Iraq–especially targeting Christians–then yes, such threats warrant rehearsing my 2006 dream.

I find it also interesting that the small southern town where my dream took place is very similar to Ferguson, MO.  Heidelberg, MS is about 5 square miles.  Ferguson, MO is about 6 square miles.  Heidelberg, MS is about 75% African-American.  As of the 2010 census, the population of Ferguson, MO was about 70% African-American.

UPDATE 10.10.2014



Back in September a friend forwarded me an article by Rick Joiner that was published on the Elijah List.  In his attached video he shared a horrific prophetic dream of a war coming to America that exceeded the barbarism that is happening in the Middle East. It was confirmation of my 2006 Race War in America dream.  I just received an update on Rick’s dream in which he recaps what is in the video message and expounds on it.  The following excerpt from his update caught my attention.

Rick said, “When the Lord was asked about the signs of the end of the age, one of the first things He said was, “Nation will rise against nation” (see Matthew 24:7). The Greek word translated “nation” in these verses is ethnos from which we derive the English word “ethnic.” He wasn’t talking about countries fighting each other, but that one of the biggest events at the end of the age would be ethnic conflicts.”

Even if you have seen his video, if you haven’t read his update I encourage you to take the time to go HERE and read Rick’s dream and updated commentary on it.

UPDATE 08.06.2015

Between Ferguson and Baltimore and many other racial uprisings and attacks that have happened since my last update, and most notably since the first of the year, there have been multiple times that I could have updated this prophetic dream.  Many things have happened to confirm it even more and show just how close we are to it being literally fulfilled.  Instead of doing all they could to bring about justice in our nation, our nations black leaders from city mayor’s, state D.A.’s and all the way up the ladder to President Obama and his administration have race baited at every opportunity.  This has brought more racial division and unrest and has generated violent riots instead of peaceful protests. It’s as if they WANT to ignite a race war.  It has become common-place to hear news commentators use the word “race war”.

There is something else that is very noticeable in the midst of the uprising and violence–how Islamist leaders and black Muslims are using this racial divide to fuel their own agenda.  More and more they are seen in the midst of the protests–not with signs relating to the racial issue, but with signs against America, calling for domination by Islam and demanding Sharia law while waving flags of jihad.  You can click on the headlines below to read more concerning this topic.


Muslim groups seek to co-opt Ferguson protests, says watchdog group

Baltimore Uprising: Is ISIS Using The Riots To Recruit Black American Muslims?

Seeing this continues to remind me of my dream, for it was barbaric Islamic style violence that I witnessed in the race war.

With this in mind, we truly need to pay attention to the racial hate preaching of Louis Farrakhan.  Below are excerpts from WND of his recent sermon.


Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks, where is outrage over incendiary call to racial violence?

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has declared war on white America.

Did anyone notice?

The unparalleled racial incitement to violence came, shockingly, at a service last Sunday at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Miami.

Citing the Quran as his inspiration, Farrakhan, 82, called for the rising up of an army of 10,000 black male volunteers to kill white Americans.

In his fiery speech, Farrakhan said he was looking for “10,000 in the midst of the million … 10,000 fearless men who say death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny” to retaliate against white Americans because of their alleged oppression of black people.

The content of Farrakhan’s sermon was published on his Facebook page and at his website Final Call, which promotes the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Million Man March on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. That event will take place in October, the culmination of his national “Justice, or Else” tour.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/08/farrakhans-declaration-of-war/#6TgcHRTPVzXrS5Wp.99

I hope you will read the full article and watch the clip from the sermon at WND’s link above.  Also, go HERE to watch what Farrakhan is calling a “press conference” for the “Justice, or Else” march in Washington, D.C. on 10.10.15.–the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.   At the 20 minute mark, Rev. Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore kicks it off by giving the purpose for the “Justice, or Else” march.  Listen closely at his viral rant against whites and his call to violence against them.  Farrakhan begins quite benign, but when you reach the 1 hour mark, his sermon changes from preaching a mixture of Islam and from the Bible to a racist rant much like Jamal Bryant’s. I sat and watched this video in amazement for two reasons: (1) How a protestant Christian church embraces the teachings and leaders of the religion of Islam. (2) How both of these leaders preach hatred for not only the white man but for the nation of America itself by preaching history as if slavery is still current today, and that the events up through the 1960’s are happening now. They speak of these events in the “present tense”.

All you need do is go to YouTube and type in “race war” and you will find plenty of videos where people–from the press, the politicians, to the preachers–are declaring that we are either on the edge of a race war or that it has already begun.  What is even more troubling is the infiltration and the acceptance of radical Islam into the black churches in America and into black protests in the streets of America. Persons who incite and call to violence–literally a call to KILL–another race by a black Islamist should be at the very least be charged with a threat of domestic terrorism by Homeland Security.  However, the silence by this administration is deafening.

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