06.11.2010 Who Is Douglas Kysar?

About 4:30 Friday morning, June 11, 2010, I was in prayer in my study.  After awhile, I began to drift off and I suddenly heard the name, Douglas Kysar.  It caused me to become alert.  I personally only know one person named Douglas, I know no one with the last name Kysar, and I had never heard this name before.  I asked the Lord why He was giving me this name as I did a Google search.  The only hits I got on it was of a young Yale professor of law.  His expertise is in tort and international environmental law.

Douglas Kysar  wrote “Regulating From Nowhere: Environmental Law and the Search for Objectivity.”  His work on environmental regulation is possibly key to why the Holy Spirit spoke his name to me. You can watch a panel discussion of his book here.

I know that God spoke this mans name to me and revealed what He did about him for a reason.  I sense that we will hear his name and see him appear from obscurity, and very possibly as part of the Obama administration.  I will update this post as the Lord reveals more concerning this man.