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The Surrender of Ethan Moses

29 May

May 29, 2011
It is with great joy that I can recommend this book to my subscribers and visitors to my site.  Terry Goetz is a precious brother in the Lord and dear friend.  I loaned Terry’s first novel, “The Surrender of Ethan Moses”, to a friend last week.   She walked up to me at church this morning and stated emphatically,
“Tell me this man is about to publish his second novel!”
That’s probably the best compliment one could give an author.
Terry doesn’t mention it, but what makes this novel so inspiring is the fact that many of the characters are based on real people that he knew.  In fact, the main character is based on a mutual friend of ours.  And though the story line is fiction,  the supernatural events that took place in the main characters life was in fact, real–some I learned first hand and some I actually witnessed.  This is truly a work of the Holy Spirit– filled with anointed teachings and powerful revelations from God’s Word.
I just want to make you aware of it and encourage you to pre-order your copy.  It is set to be released mid June and you can find it at the Books-A-Million and Amazon web sites by simply following these links.  You will be blessed.
You can also find the books Facebook page by its title.
The following synopsis is from the books website: http://terrygoetz.tateauthor.com/

My name is Levi. I am an angel prince sent to Earth to protect the fold, ensure God’s providences, retaliate against God’s foes, and do God’s bidding for the redeemed in Christ. This is the story of one of my charges as he endeavors to glorify God and humbly serve man.

Ethan Moses does not live the typical sedentary Christian life. In his quest to serve God, Ethan meets with many obstacles. He builds a church only to see it burn to the ground. He encounters racism and bigotry of the worst kind. He struggles to find his soul mate after losing her once before. But through all this, Ethan never loses sight of God’s wonderful ability to turn what seems disastrous into a marvelous blessing.

The Surrender of Ethan Moses, in a story that spans almost a century, follows Ethan through mysterious rendezvous in Venice, bait and switch scams in Chicago, and even a few chance meetings with the angel Levi himself. Even when Ethan finally settles into his golden years, there is still adventure ahead as he mentors energetic young pastor Hudson Taylor. Hudson discovers, just as you will, that there is much more to this old pastor than meets the eye.

The Surrender of Ethan Moses is a truly inspirational story, told by one of God’s angels about one of God’s humble servants. It offers a compelling, intriguing account of how all of us should endeavor to live our lives as Christians.

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